Metal Mafia + Above the Fray = Manufacturing eCommerce Success

Metal Mafia + Above the Fray = Manufacturing eCommerce Success. 

As a manufacturer, taking the plunge into eCommerce brings many challenges as well as lots of possible stress. Partnering with the RIGHT eCommerce firm plays a critical role in Manufacturing eCommerce Success. 

Vanessa Nornberg, the founder and CEO of Metal Mafia (an INC Top 5000 company) shares a powerful case study on how to partner with an eCommerce firm and built a strong relationship based on trust and healthy communication. 

Clearly communicating goals, fears, concerns and objectives helped Metal Mafia hit success quickly by teaming up with Above the Fray.  Founder & CEO Noah Oken-Berg built Above the Fray into a 50 person strong eCommerce firm that focuses on manufacturers.

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Above the Fray = Manufacturing eCommerce Success

Above the Fray, Metal Mafia + Above the Fray = Manufacturing eCommerce Success

1. The language barrier between business owners and tech teams—how to create a common language so expectations can be set and met with minimal friction.  As a business owner looking to create a successful website experience both on the customer facing side and the admin/backend side, there are business processes which must be explained such that the developers can understand not just the transaction but also the ends the company is looking to reach in order to choose the right technology to meet those needs. On the flip side, web developers have specific tools at their disposal that business owners must have an understanding of in order to help decide which of those tools are best suited to the processes they want to bring to life digitally. 


2. What All Manufacturers need to understand about website creation: Many things you might ask for are firsts, fixes can lead to breaks, and how to manage your expenses during a rebuild. Developing a website involving custom creation is not like purchasing a standard, out of the box product. It is a living, changing creation that requires ongoing maintenance and stewardship. Businesses must be prepared for this, and web developers should be able to explain what that kind of sustained attention looks like and costs. 


3. Business owners and web developers must establish trust in order for a relationship to be mutually beneficial. Vanessa describes how Noah, for example, has been a clear, direct, and honest communicator, but also someone willing to listen and make change where needed. Vanessa also tried to be as transparent as possible surrounding our finances, goals, and fears. In addition her staff also learned from the Noah and his team about what are legitimate expectations vs erroneous assumptions. 


Above the Fray Steps for Manufacturing eCommerce Success 

Specific steps to build that healthy relationship for eCommerce success:

a. Importance of the discovery process when building a new website

b. Relevance of detailed communications regarding project  expectations

c. Financial logs/journals and their integration in the website

d. Interstate Sales Tax Rules as well as Solutions

e. Importance of specificity in support tickets as well as communications 

Wrapping It Up 

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