Anyone who loves action movies looks forward to the intense pivotal scene that has you on the edge of your seat. It’s the one in which the main character is sweating holding a pair of clippers to a series of wires. Then, he turns to another character and asks that nerve-wracking question “Which wire do I cut? Red or blue?”. We’ve all held our breaths as he chooses. Furthermore, some of us have even closed our eyes as he actually makes the cut.

However, when we open our eyes and start breathing again we notice there was no explosion. Therefore, no loud boom sounded out from our speakers. Also, the characters are usually laughing making jokes about that “being a close one”.

Is this realistic Bomb Defusing? We have no idea. However, we do know it is very suspenseful in the movies.

Action Movies: Which Wire Gets Cut?

Below we have chosen several action movies with the scene we described above. Some will be older classics that you look at and think “I loved that movie. Why haven’t I watched it in so long?” Meanwhile, others may have you wondering why you have never seen them.

**Either way, this is your warning: SPOILERS AHEAD.**

Die Hard with a Vengeance

To start off our list we have chosen a classic. Everyone who loves action movies has watched the Die Hard series, probably more than once. Also, the scene in Die Hard with a Vengeance has itself gained its own cult following.

Throughout the movie, the hero John McClane has to solve a series of bombings in order to arrive at the location of the main bombing. Then he discovers it is a school. Therefore, the question arises of how do they disarm this bomb without the children getting injured or worse. Luckily McClane has a bomb expert named Charlie on his side.

Why is it a fan favorite? Due to the ending result of the bomb explosion of course. It is not every day that you see a movie with a bomb scene where the result isn’t a loud BOOM. However, that is exactly how this scene went. There was an unexpected result that was not an explosion.

Lethal Weapon 3

Another fan favorite is Lethal Weapon 3. As movie buddies go the team of Martin Riggs and Roger Murtaugh is unique. They are more like frenemies. What makes them frenemies? Roger doesn’t really like Martin’s leap before you look attitude. Also, Martin doesn’t always appreciate Roger’s overly cautious personality.

Throughout the entire bomb scene, you hear Roger questioning Martin’s decisions. He disagrees with Martin’s choices from the very beginning. However, when Martin goes into the building to check out the bomb Roger follows him. Roger’s actions show that deep down he really does care about Martin and his well-being.

Once the duo gets into the building and they both have eyes on the bomb, things begin to move rather quickly. Martin takes a closer look at the bomb and is able to see that the time left is under 10 minutes. With the option of a red wire or blue wire to cut Martin tries to convince Roger that he knows what he is doing. However, Roger notices that halfway through his explanation Martin changes his mind. Originally the blue wire was the chosen one to be cut. Unfortunately, Roger’s fears came true when the red wire was cut and the countdown increased in speed and their time ran out even faster.


Everyone knows about the movie Armageddon. Along with the action scenes, there was drama, romance, and even humor. Also, just like with all of the best action movies, there is a series of scenes that lead up to the very memorable iconic “Save the World” scene.

For starters, the countdown on the bomb starts unexpectedly. This adds tension among the crew. Not only are they afraid for their own lives but for the fate of the world. In order to continue the work that they were sent to the asteroid to do they need to find a way to stop the countdown. Unfortunately, they are not in control.

They are given a few minutes of hope when the countdown is turned off. However, it is short lived when government agents arrive at the space station and turn the countdown back on. This leaves the crew with just over a minute to come up with a plan to stop the bomb from going off and killing them all.

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Relatable Manufacturers That Could be Your Best Friend

As we continue our blog series on American Manufacturers in the Movies, today we discuss “Movie Manufacturers That Could Be Your Best Friend.” You know the type. Characters who are outrageously funny, lovable and a bit on the crazy side. Those individuals who bring energy, excitement and lots of laughter into your life.

We narrowed down our selection to three movies that particularly that fit the bill. In each case, the protagonist encounters many challenges along the way. Yet, they find a way to succeed in the end. Enjoy!

Movie Manufacturers That Could Be Your Best Friend

  • Tommy Boy

Tommy Callahan III (Callahan Auto)

Relatable Manufacturers That Could be Your Best Friend: Tommy Callahan III

The first of our favorite relatable manufacturers is Tommy Callahan III. Tommy is a slacker who works in his family business, an automotive component manufacturer. However, after his father passes away, right after remarrying, Tommy is left with a decision.

He has to choose to either fight for his father’s company or let a rival company take over and lose everything. Therefore, Tommy chooses to make a deal with the bank holding his assets. Tommy is forced to get creative with meeting the requested goals. Furthermore, Tommy has to battle with his new family members who are plotting against him and who are not who they claim to be.

  • Gung Ho

Hunt Stevenson (Assan Motors)

Relatable Manufacturers That Could be Your Best Friend: Hunt Stevenson

Another favorite relatable manufacturer is Hunt Stevenson. Hunt is facing a predicament that will affect his entire town. The automotive plant where most of the townspeople work has been closed for 9 months. The town is officially getting desperate. Therefore, Hunt feels like he has to do something. However, Hunt’s efforts don’t come without a price.

While the plant reopens there is a lot of sacrifices. New Japanese ownership brings cultural differences as well as many challenges. The workers that are brought back are forced to work longer hours for less pay. Also, they are asked to perform crazy exercises with their new Japanese coworkers. The American workers and their new coworkers and bosses do not see eye to eye on a lot of things. Also, due to the American workers’ lack of a work ethic, the new plant owners and Hunt try to make a deal.

If Hunt can convince the workers to meet the Japanese owners’ goal they will change how they run the plant. However, after the workers find out that Hunt lied to them they stage a walkout and all seems lost. Not only will the plant not survive without the workers coming back but neither will the town. With nothing else to lose Hunt goes back to work. To his surprise so do the rest of his coworkers.

  • Christmas Vacation

Clark Griswold ( A Chemical Company)

Relatable Manufacturers That Could be Your Best Friend: Clark Griswold

Clark Griswold is one of the most well-known relatable manufacturers on our list. He works for a chemical company that produces food coloring and additives (but not preservatives). As Christmas approaches Clark is preparing to celebrate with his family. However, after unexpected guests arrive and share their hardships with Clark he feels the need to help them out.

However, after the Griswold’s discover that Clark did not receive his yearly bonus all of his plans come to a crashing halt. He already put down money on a grand present for his family. Also, he helped his relatives with presents for their children. Therefore, Clark does not take the news of not receiving this extra money well.

Due to Clark’s determination to get his bonus he kidnaps his boss. However, he is unaware that his boss’s wife has called the police. Therefore, Clark has to explain his actions not only to his boss but to the police as well. Luckily, after explaining the situation, his boss grants him the bonus.


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As we continue our blog series on American Manufacturers in the Movies, today we take a look at movie characters who became “Accidental Manufacturers”.

What do we mean by “Accidental Manufacturers”? Those who stumbled into manufacturing by accident. In some cases, they actually created accidents with their manufactured products. Read ahead and you will see what we mean.

We selected three classics that you are most likely quite familiar with. The clips below might even inspire you to go home tonight, fire up some popcorn and enjoy one of these movie adventures!

Accidental Manufacturers

  • Back to the Future Series

Doctor Emmett Brown (The Time-Traveling DeLorean)

Accidental Manufacturers: Doc Brown

The “Back to the Future” series is well-known for their use of the now famous DeLorean. However, the DeLorean is not just a car in these movies. It is a time-traveling machine that not only brings people to the future but also the past. Doc Brown is the brains behind the time-traveling DeLorean. Along with his trusty dog Einstein and their friend Marty they manage to do the impossible. They travel through time.

Doc Brown becomes one of the “accidental manufacturers” when he creates this time machine and then comes up with some unique ways to make it work. With the use of lightning and going the specific speed of 88 miles per hour, Doc, Marty, and Einstein are able to travel back in time to meet Marty’s parents. Before they were his parents of course. This is just the first movie in the series.

In the rest of the series, Marty and Doc take on other adventures. Traveling to the future and even further back in the past to the wild west. However, during each of these adventures, there are situations that they can’t control. Each of which changes their lives.

  • Forrest Gump

Benjamin Buford (Bubba) Blue and Forrest Gump (Bubba Gump Shrimp)

Accidental Manufacturers: Bubba Blue

Forrest Gump is the lovable well-meaning main character who not only narrates his story but lives each of the exciting adventures. However, he can’t do it all on his own. Much like any good movie, there is a strong friendship. Forrest befriends Bubba Blue and they eventually decide that they should go into business together.

Bubba loves shrimp and along with his best friend, he believes he will live his dream. However, before Bubba is able to make this dream a reality he is killed during The Vietnam War. Forrest knowing that he wants to carry out his friend’s dream starts the shrimping company in Bubba’s memory. Therefore, Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. is born and Forrest becomes one of our favorite “accidental manufacturers”.

  • Honey, I Shrunk the Kids

Wayne Szalinski’s (The Shrinking Ray)

Accidental Manufacturers: Wayne Szalinski

When every attempt goes wrong with his invention, the shrinking ray, Wayne Szalinski is on the verge of giving up. However, his children accidentally prove that his invention does work. They prove this by shrinking themselves and their neighbors. Furthermore, it takes some time for Wayne and his wife to realize that their children are not the size they should be.

After discovering what has happened to them, all of the children realize that they have to work together in order to not only become their normal sizes but to also survive. It is not easy being tiny specks in a busy world. Therefore the children have to avoid different types of obstacles ranging from escaping a deadly lawnmower to swimming in a cereal bowl. In the end, they are able to return to their normal heights and their families are reunited. However, this is just the first time that one of Wayne’s inventions cause mayhem. There are still many more adventures to come with the Szalinkski family in the rest of the series movies.

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Real-Life Manufacturers

Last week we kicked off our blog series on American Manufacturers in the Movies. We started our series by identifying movies featuring Millionaire Manufacturers (who are most likely billionaire manufacturers by now). These fictional characters created incredible wealth in manufacturing. This week we discuss three movies based on Real-Life Manufacturers who also found massive success in manufacturing.

Real-Life Manufacturers Who Made an Big Impact

The Founder

Ray Kroc (McDonald’s)

Real-life Manufacturers Who Made an Impact: Ray Kroc

McDonald’s is an international franchise giant. However, if you are a millennial like myself, you may not know the name, Ray Kroc. Ray Kroc is one of the Real-life Manufacturers who truly changed the American landscape.

Why did we select a restaurant franchise as a manufacturer? Glad you asked. Ray Kroc and the team at McDonald’s perfected the art of mass production of the hamburger.

Ray Kroc saw potential in a small California restaurant run by the McDonald brothers. He, in turn, took that potential and created something massive. The McDonald brothers had instituted an assembly line concept similar to that of Henry Ford with the Model T. By manufacturing something as small as hamburger, McDonald’s was able to create an incredible legacy.

While McDonald’s has expanded around the world there are some differences from the McDonald’s we all know. Other countries were leery at first of McDonald’s. In some countries, they have had to redesign certain foods that they are famous for. Particularly their hamburger. There are countries where eating beef is not acceptable. So, in order to prosper in those countries, McDonald’s had to replace that particular ingredient. By working with locals, they were able to come up with more acceptable replacements. Some of these replacements included vegetarian options with local spices along with a chicken version of the Big Mac we have in the USA.

However, there are things that did not change no matter the location. Along with the golden arches McDonald’s has created an image that even small children recognize. They have well-known mascots and the brand recognition that other companies wish they could achieve.


Steve Jobs (Apple Inc.)

Real-life Manufacturers Who Made an Impact: Steve Jobs

What leadership is, is having a vision, being able to articulate that so that people around you can understand it, and getting a consensus on a common vision. – Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs had a vision for what he wanted Apple to become. Steve Jobs is one of the most well-known Real-life Manufacturers. Even since his passing the brand has stood strong. They have new developments and a following of customers who are deeply loyal to the Apple brand.

The greatest people are self-managing. They don’t need to be managed at all. What they need is a common vision, and that’s what leadership is.- Steve Jobs

With all of Steve Jobs’ hard work he never could’ve planned Apple‘s success to be what it is today. Much like many entrepreneur manufacturers, Jobs began with an idea. He then found a way to make it become reality. However, seeing what they have become it is hard to imagine that it all started in a basement. However, as the business grew so did his managing skills.

The Aviator

Howard Hughes Jr. (Hughes Aircraft Company)

Real-life Manufacturers Who Made an Impact: Howard Hughes

Howard Hughes was a manufacturer of aircrafts. He also piloted his own aircraft. However, Hughes’ beginning was in the film industry. His original dream was to make movies. However, Howard chose to follow in his father’s footsteps of being an inventor. Howard Hughes did not only create planes that broke speed records. He also created planes and helicopters for the military.

All of Hughes planes were impressive. However, one stood out from the rest. The Spruce Goose is still the largest plane to ever be built. Also, it was built using a surprising material, wood.

Hughes was well-known for pushing the limit. He broke many of his own speed records. Also, Hughes did what others viewed as impossible with his wooden plane. Along with all of his work with aviation he also opened the door to new explorations of space. While aviation was not Howard Hughes first choice of careers, he had many achievements. Especially with the otherwise impossible.

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Lovable Millionaire Manufacturers

Ever take note of the number of movies with characters in American Manufacturing? In particular, highly successful entrepreneurs. There are lots! Due to this interesting observation, we have compiled our favorite movies that include America Manufacturing. For this post, we discuss those lovable Millionaire Manufacturers who win over your heart.

Lovable Millionaire Manufacturers

Our team at Falconer Electronics works extremely hard during the work week. To blow off steam on weekends, we love catching up on movies. During a recent conversation on our favorite movies, the discussion led to the number of movies that include characters with careers in American Manufacturing. As a matter of fact, we thought of so many movies involving manufacturing, we decided to put together a blog series on the topic.

To kick off our “American Manufacturing in the Movies” blog series, below includes our selection of the Top 3 Movies with Millionaire Manufacturers (actually, probably billionaires):

**Spoiler Alert: Beware that there is a short synopsis of the movies within these descriptions. Therefore, if you have not watched them and intend to, you may encounter some spoiler material.**

  • Iron Man Series and The Avengers Series

Tony Stark (Stark Industries)

 Lovable Millionaire Manufacturers: Tony Stark

Tony Stark is one of the most well-known millionaire manufacturers. His main claim to fame is Iron Man. However, as CEO of Stark Industries, he is no a stranger to the spotlight. Before he was known as Iron Man, Tony was seen as the rich playboy who happened to be good at inventing things.

Most of his inventions were for defense contracts. However, Tony also took the time to manufacture an electronic personality named Jarvis. Jarvis quickly became Tony’s most important creation.  Not only does Jarvis have control of the Iron Man suit but he also has control of Tony’s other devices. Therefore, without Jarvis Tony would not be able to perform half of the tricks and rescues that he performs.

  • Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Willy Wonka (Wonka Chocolate Factory)

Lovable Millionaire Manufacturers: Willy Wonka

The main character, Willy Wonka is the most well-known millionaire manufacturers of candy. His specialty, of course, is chocolate. However, he does have other favorites to choose from. He creates amazing candies like edible wallpaper and everlasting gobstoppers. Furthermore, these treats could only come from a strong imagination.

While touring the factory a group of children experience all of Wonka’s creations. However, not all of the children enjoy the tour. One girl becomes a blueberry due to her inability to follow instructions. Also, a boy becomes part of a television. Throughout the tour, you begin to see a pattern develop. The children who disobey or believe they deserve everything for themselves begin to disappear. Meanwhile, a young boy, Charlie, who was just happy to be a part of it all gets the ultimate gift in the end.

  • Richie Rich

Richard Rich Sr. (Rich Industries)

Lovable Millionaire Manufacturers: Richard Rich

A lesser thought of of the millionaire manufacturers is Richard Rich Sr. He runs a very successful company, including United Tool, an American Manufacturer. However, the story does not focus on Richard Rich Sr. but rather his son Richie. Richie is missing something very important. He has no friends other than his dog Dollar and the butler Cadbury. Therefore, Richie desperately wants to make friends with kids his own age.

Richie gets his wish for friends. However, he soon realizes that his life is not as simple as he likes to believe. Everyone knows that with success comes threats and Richie finds that out. Furthermore, while trying to protect his family and their business he gets to know who his real friends really are.

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Everyone knows that summertime means outdoor activities. Also, it means trying to stay cool indoors. Summertime Gadgets are a must to get through the hot days and nights. Below we have compiled a list of electronic gadgets that are must haves for summer survival.

Summertime Gadgets

Indoor Summertime Gadgets

During the summer there are days that take all your energy away. The heat is too hot. The sun is too bright. Also, the air outside is too sticky. Luckily there are electronic devices that can help you enjoy your home during those unbearable summer days.

  • Fans: This may seem like a very basic Summertime Gadget. However, fans are very useful during hot weather. Without Air Conditioning fans are the difference between feeling like you are melting and feeling like you are still human.
  • Air Conditioning: Not everyone has an Air Conditioner. For those of us without we are very grateful for public places that pipe in cool air. It has been a long-time tradition to go to the movies in the Summer to suck up that “free A.C.”. Also, with the enticing smell of that theater popcorn, there is the added intrigue of the big screens.
  • Streaming Sticks: Summer is notorious for repeats on television. However, with a streaming stick like the Amazon Fire StickGoogle Chromecast, or Roku, you can get more apps with more options. These streaming sticks are the perfect gadget for those days where the outdoors are not your friend.
  • Ice Cream/ Snow Cone Maker: There is no better way to beat the summer heat then by enjoying a nice cold treat. Even better is when you can make them at home! With Summertime Gadgets like an ice cream or snow cone maker, you can create your own flavor combinations and always have an ice-cold treat available.

Versatile Summertime Gadgets

There are some gadgets that are not strictly indoor or outdoor. These are the gadgets that are easy to slip into a beach bag or pocket and take on the go. Furthermore, they are also convenient to have indoors to break up those hot days that you don’t want to leave the comfort of home.

  • E-Readers/ Tablets: Electronic readers are perfect for traveling in the summer. Instead of having to choose a few books that will take up room in your luggage you can download hundreds of books to fill your summer reading lists. These tablets and e-readers are compact enough to slip into luggage or a beach bag. They are also perfect for just lounging in a cool room of the house. Many e-readers or tablets have their own Wi-Fi. With this technology, you can continue communication with friends and family, even when you are enjoying the sun and water or when you want to chat to break up a quiet day at home.
  • Bluetooth Speakers: Whether at an outdoor cookout or doing chores inside the house Bluetooth speakers can change the mood of any day. Everyone has their favorite songs and what better way to enjoy them then to play them out loud.
  • Handheld Misting Fans: Misting Fans are convenient for summer trips to theme parks or just for those too hot days at home. They are small enough to travel with you anywhere. Also, they are battery powered so they won’t spike up your electric bill.

Outdoor Summertime Gadgets

There are days where the best place to be in the summer is outside. You can enjoy the fresh air while spending time with family and friends. There are electronics that can enhance these times.

  • Outdoor Theater Systems: It is becoming more popular for families to set up Summertime Gadgets that create outdoor theaters. Summertime is perfect for movie watching outside due to the warm weather. Also, there is no concern of the kids oversleeping their alarms for school the next morning, because there is no school.
  • Waterproof Speakers: Summer days are for the pool. Often families with pools do not keep them to themselves. Therefore, there is a need for further entertainment while enjoying the cool water. Speakers that can be near the pool can make a get together more festive. Everyone loves a soundtrack for their summer parties.
  • Electric Thermometer: It is difficult to plan any outdoor activities during summer. You need to be aware of the weather. An electric thermometer can help. With the new technologies available you can keep up with the local weather. Not only do these thermometers tell you the temperature outside and inside. Also, there are certain types that can tell you what weather is coming later in the day or even throughout the week.
  • Waterproof Digital Camera: Everyone has moments they wish they had been able to capture in a picture. With a waterproof camera, you won’t miss any moments on land or in the water. Also, many manufacturers are making kid-friendly cameras. Even the kids can record memories of their favorite outings.

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Wire Harness Manufacturer

Welcome to today’s discussion on outsourcing. In particular, outsourcing your wire harness assemblies for a critical project. Finding yourself in the beginning stages of searching for a new Wire Harness Manufacturer to partner with presents several  challenges. Let’s go on a buyer’s journey to help assist you with the selection process. 

Reasons to Outsource to a Wire Harness Manufacturer

First, outsourcing to a Wire Harness Manufacturer gets you in the game immediately without adding significant overhead and fixed costs.

Establishing the wire harness assembly process as a variable expense lends tremendous value and flexibility to your growth and profitability. This allows you to eliminate the financial risks of taking on the exorbitant investment required to build your own wire harness department.

In order to create your own wire harness assembly department, you would need a designated area in your facility. That is if you actually have the space to conduct these tasks.

Your next step requires purchasing all of the proper equipment, machinery, and crimping tools. This investment adds up quickly. Even into the tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Having a properly trained staff in place is another major investment of time and resources. For example, crimping wires safely and accurately requires extensive experience and a specialized skill.Wire Harness Manufacturer

Top 10 Tips for Selecting a Wire Harness Manufacturer

So if this sounds unrealistic and overwhelming, you need to consider what steps are necessary to find a Wire Harness Manufacturer that will serve as a trusted partner.

You now might be asking yourself:

  • Where do I begin my search?
  • What type of questions should I ask when interviewing a Wire Harness Manufacturer?
  • How can I determine that this Wire Harness Manufacturer is a solid fit with our company culture
  • and goals?
  • Is this a trustworthy candidate?

Well, we have you covered. Below is a 10 step process to consider when outsourcing to a Wire Harness Manufacturer.


Is it Time to Outsource to a Wire Harness Manufacturer? 

“Should we begin outsourcing our Wire Harness Assemblies to a Wire Harness Manufacturer?”

This is a common question our new customers typically ask themselves before reaching out to us.

Many times in life, if the question crosses your mind, then odds are it is time to act.

For example, is it time to discard those old ratty sneakers that offend everyone around you? Most likely, it is time to let go.

Do you eat the leftover seafood from Monday night…on Saturday? Probably not a good idea.

If you have been asking yourself if it is time to outsource to a Wire Harness Manufacturer, odds are the time has arrived. At the very least, it certainly doesn’t hurt to investigate further.

Start by identifying what event occurred or how this question arrived. Understanding when, how and why your internal Wire Harness Assembly Process became a burden is an important step.

What hold ups, hang ups, drag downs, hiccups, throw ups, headaches, heartaches, belly aches, or pain in the “you know what” occurred? Think about the moment where you said to yourself, “there must be a better way”.


Reasons to Start Looking  

Serving as a Wire Harness Manufacturer for over 30 years, we have found several scenarios where a customer approaches us for the first time. Typically the customer contacts us with excitement (or out of frustration) when they are Selecting a Wire Harness Manufacturer.

Let’s role play. Below are a few scenarios where a new customer finds themselves seeking a new Wire Harness Manufacturer…….

Scenario #1) New Product Design and Prototypes

Congratulations! You have just completed a brand new electrical product design. You and your team (or maybe you are a team of one) just exhausted weeks and even months designing your new product that is going to be a home run! Now what? You need a completed prototype. Also, an estimate to see if your new design can be produced at a competitive price.

For example (and a shameless plug), you can go to the Falconer Electronics Wire Harness Estimator for an estimate on your prototype. You will find the Wire Harness Estimator easy to use and works extremely fast. A quick estimate allows you to determine the potential cost and competitiveness of your new product. New customers love it.

Another concern with creating a prototype on your own includes the prohibitive costs. Purchasing the necessary quantities to begin the process can be cumbersome and not cost effective. A Wire Harness Manufacturer has the tools, equipment, staff, and infrastructure in place to create a prototype quickly and affordable.

Scenario #2) Jumping Into Electronics 

You are in the purchasing department of a company expanding into electrical products for the first time. Management has challenged you to seek out and find a Wire Harness Manufacturer that best demonstrates the ability to tackle this project.

Let’s say a mid-sized manufacturer is expanding into electrical wiring.  Two examples that fit this example. We recently began working with two separate companies:

1) One that specializes in handicap accessible transportation

2) An ATM manufacturer

They each produced a new proprietary product line requiring wire harnesses and printed circuit boards. It was a significant savings for each company to outsource the wire harness assembly process and printed circuit boards rather than to attempt to conquer the project themselves.

Scenario #3) Vendor Divorce 

Unfortunately, you and your current Wire Harness Manufacturer are no longer compatible. Who changed? It is like a marriage deteriorating quickly where “living like this” is no longer an option. Either quality has deteriorated, deadlines are no longer met, or prices continue to increase.

Whatever the case may be, it is time for a change.  Losing a customer is deeply disappointing and discouraging. Our team works relentlessly to maintain long-lasting and monogamous marriages with our customers. We also enjoy catching new customers on the rebound.

Scenario #4) In-House No Longer Working Out 

Your company no longer finds it efficient or profitable to produce wire harness assemblies in-house. The task falls into your lap to find a highly qualified Wire Harness Manufacturer. Selecting a company that you trust is essential!

This recently happened to a large customer. They found it much more cost-effective and profitable to outsource their entire line of wire harness assemblies by partnering with our staff. Our team went on full throttle to make this a smooth transition.

Try Our Custom Wire Harness Estimator

Receive an Estimate Sent Directly to Your Email Within Seconds


Perform an Internal SWOT 

The next step, start with a SWOT on your internal Wire Harness Assembly process. What are the company strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats? Especially if you are just starting up.  This step is critical to help determine financial risks.

Do the same procedure and create a SWOT if you were to outsource to a Wire Harness Manufacturer.

The next question becomes, “Who can solve this problem so we can focus on our core business”?

A key to building a successful business is partnering with experts in a given field. Successful companies exist by solving a problem. Solving a problem requires developing an area of expertise. A proficiency that stands above the competition.

Partnering with Seasoned Professionals 

You need to partner with a Wire Harness Manufacturer that thrives and works relentlessly to gain a competitive advantage. Also, one that creates economies of scale for you. Most importantly, a solution so valuable that it just doesn’t make sense to perform these tasks on your own anymore.

As a business owner or manager, you hire professionals to strengthen your business and protect your assets. This list includes hiring an accountant, attorney, or insurance broker who have invested the time and energy to educate themselves respectively on business law, tax codes or proper insurance policies. Especially since you rely heavily on these individuals to help you make critical business decisions. Surrounding yourself with highly trained and qualified professionals has the potential to pay huge dividends.

Outsourcing certain tasks within the manufacturing process offer similar benefits. Partnering up with a Wire Harness Manufacturer that maintains an all-star team creates a winning formula. This allows you to maximize profits while minimizing risks.


Where to Search for a New Wire Harness Manufacturer?

Once you determine that partnering with a New Wire Harness Manufacturer would be extremely beneficial for your company, now the fun begins.

Unless you already have a candidate in mind, most likely you will kick-start the search process by relying on connections within your network. A great place to start includes the list below:

  1. Vendors
  2. Suppliers
  3. Customers
  4. Chamber of Commerce
  5. Trade Associations
  6. Other local connections and business organizations

If you lack successful connections going this route, no fear. Call on your dear friend Google. Conducting a few Google searches will provide an array of companies that serve as a Wire Harness Manufacturer.

Is geography a critical factor? Not necessarily. Let’s say you were looking for a supplier of wooden pallets. You definitely need somebody extremely close. Otherwise, shipping costs would be brutal and cost prohibitive.

With a Wire Harness Assembly, shipping costs are typically not prohibitive and detrimental. Partnering with the right company in another part of the country can still be an effective and profitable relationship.

For example, we have customers throughout the entire U.S. We consistently ship to the west coast and Mexico as well. Shipping costs are particularly a non-factor compared to the quality of workmanship and consistently hitting tight deadlines.

Once you have discovered a worthy prospect, begin conducting company research and due diligence to see if this Wire Harness Manufacturer is a good fit for you.

Wire Harness Manufacturer


Due Diligence When Searching for a New Wire Harness Manufacturer

What can you determine from their online presence? 

Check Out the Company Website:

  1. First, explore the company website. Does the website represent the company as a partner that you can trust?
  2. Does the company reveal itself having the staff, tools, resources, and ability to tackle your project?
  3. Do they serve your industry?
  4. Do they have the experience and expertise to take on your project?
  5. Are company capabilities listed?

Check out their Social Media:

  1. Is the company active on social media with communicating their culture?
  2. Does it fit with yours?
  3. Does the company provide helpful tips?
  4. Communicate the company mission? Does the mission fit with yours?
  5. Can you easily submit a drawing of your wire harness assembly?
  6. When you contact them, do you receive a quick response?

Below includes a few additional questions to consider asking the Wire Harness Manufacturer:

  1. Types of customers they serve?
  2. What industry does the company target?
  3. Do they understand your needs?
  4. Do they have the flexibility to speed up during your busier times?
  5. Can they adjust to varying seasonal demands?
  6. Do you feel a chemistry and kindred spirit with this company?

Questions Regarding Vendor Relationships:

  1. Do they have outstanding vendor relationships?
  2. Do they have purchasing power?
  3. Are they willing to negotiate and fight for the lowest cost on products for you?
  4. Do they have strong cash flow and pay their bills on time so there are no delays in purchasing your product?

We will dig much deeper into questions to consider for your Wire Harness Manufacturer search, with #6 and & #7.


Asking Challenging Questions Captures Valuable and Critical Information 

At this stage, you have narrowed the field down. To either a single or hopefully only a few Wire Harness Manufacturer candidates. Now is the time to begin the interview process. Asking tough interview questions will help lead you to the valued partner that you desire.

This partnership will take your business to the next level. At least, that is the goal.


Being overly prepared and asking the right questions can save you a great deal of grief down the road. Hastily jumping into a new relationship with a custom manufacturer that turns sour can be devastating and difficult to recover. Depending on the severity. The divorce can get nasty and costly.

Having a list of tough questions prepared brings tremendous value to the process.

50 Questions When Interviewing a Wire Harness Manufacturer

To help discover if you are compatible with a Wire Harness Manufacturer that you are interviewing, below are a list of helpful questions to consider:

Round I: 

  1. What industries do you serve?
  2. Please describe your ideal customer?
  3. What has been your greatest victory in your business career or at your company?
  4. Biggest letdown or setback and how did you resolve?
  5. Could you share exciting changes taking place in your business?
  6. What are you absolutely best at?
  7. What are your weaknesses?
  8. How long have you been in business?
  9. Who are your key employees?
  10. Also, can you describe the experience of staff?
  11. Do I have access to the floor supervisor?
  12. Who is my main point of contact?
  13. Do I have a contact on weekends?
  14. Who do I contact for an emergency?
  15. Are you properly insured? (Check with your insurance company to confirm requirements)
  16. Can you supply 3 customer references?
  17. Are you willing to sign a non-disclosure form?
  18. What is your lead time for orders?
  19. Therefore, are you able to tackle rush orders?
  20. Should the customer supply parts or do you prefer to supply parts?
  21. Do you have aggressive discount programs with vendors?
  22. Furthermore, do you take advantage of early payment discounts with your vendors?
  23. Also, what are your payment terms?
  24. Do you accept credit card for payment?
  25. Are discounts available for early payment?
Round II:
  1. What type of equipment and tools do you use?
  2. What is your shipping policy?
  3. Could we compare discounts with UPS/FedEx to see who has the best rates?
  4. Who is responsible for damaged goods during shipping?
  5. Do you accept blanket orders?
  6. Will you inventory our raw parts or finished goods when necessary?
  7. Are you willing to purchase new tools or equipment to complete projects?
  8. Can we work with you on projections?
  9. What software do you use for inventory management and scheduling?
  10. Furthermore, is your company tech savvy?
  11. Do one or two customers represent more than 50% of your annual sales?
  12. Have you ever been sued or in a lawsuit?
  13. In addition, have you ever gone bankrupt?
  14. How do we handle damaged goods or parts not working?
  15. Can you describe your testing process and quality control?
  16. What is the company mission or vision statement?
  17. Do you have a succession plan or exit strategy in place?
  18. What makes your company stand above the competition?
  19. Also, are there facets of your business that demonstrate your commitment to your customer’s profitability?
  20. Any industry standards or certificates achieved?
  21. Do you also have a safety protocol in place?
  22. What is your capacity level?
  23. Have you experienced layoffs recently?
  24. Furthermore, are you profitable?
  25. Please explain the reason a recent customer stopped buying from you?

Asking thorough questions goes a long way with any relationship. This list is just a suggestive list of helpful questions to consider when Interviewing a Wire Harness Manufacturer.


Discreet Questions Can Save You Down the Road 

Outsourcing manufacturing operations can deliver tremendous benefits to your business. Unfortunately, there are many risks attached as well. Furthermore, let’s continue our discussion by addressing Discreet Questions to Determine Character Compatibility and Financial Viability. Asking tough questions will help narrow down your selection process.

So you have entered the interview process to select a new custom manufacturer to partner with. Therefore, now you are digging deeper into the due diligence process to see who is exactly the best fit.

Financial stability is certainly one of your absolute top concerns. If you are both small businesses, discovering actual financial figures or intimate information may be difficult to obtain. Even though this is information is critical. Especially if the project or product represents a significant portion of your sales.

So what steps or strategies can you take to discover the financial viability of this new prospect?

Important Questions to Ask Yourself 

Here are a few questions to ask yourself through this process:

  • Does the company represent itself well?
  • Do you have similar goals and a common business philosophy?
  • Also, is this a team of people with integrity that you can trust impeccably?
  • Is this a partner that is committed to your profitability and success?
  • Or are you another opportunity for the owner to support a lavish lifestyle?

Determine Character Compatibility and Financial Viability 

Here are a number of discreet questions to consider to help determine the financial viability of the company as well as the character level of ownership:

Check Spending Habits:
  1. Strike up a conversation on hobbies. Do they have expensive hobbies? Golf at Pebble Beach, mountain climbing the Himalayas, scuba diving in Thailand, flying a helicopter, bragging about their yacht… you get the point.
  2. Find out the type of car they drive. “My spouse is looking for a new car. What type of car do you drive or recommend?”
  3. If you live near the prospect, casually ask what neighborhood they live in. Sorry to get overly “stalkerish”, but finding out their neighborhood will let you know their lifestyle. Also, Google Earth may assist.
Ask for References: 
  1. Ask for bank reference
  2. ……business references
  3. ……also, character references
  4. …… as well as customer references

Do Some Research on Google and Social Media: 

  1. Google the owner to discover any past felonies, convictions or other bad news.
  2. Additionally, you may want to check their Facebook page & see what they do in their personal time.
  3. Also, check any other social media – Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, and Pinterest.
  4. Look for Videos on YouTube.
  5. Furthermore, check mutual connections on LinkedIn.

Going the extra mile with your due diligence process will save you a tremendous amount of grief and frustration down the road.


It is Now Time to Plan a Visit and Take a Tour

So you continue plunging through the due diligence process to select a Wire Harness Manufacturer.

You have performed dozens of Google searches of “Wire Harness Manufacturer” to narrow down the field.

You have evaluated plenty of websites and social media pages until they all start to blend together.

Hopefully, several companies are standing out from the crowd.

Emails have been exchanged and phone calls have been made to break the ice.

You have also been asking plenty of tough questions and pleased with a majority of responses.

Also, there may be one or two candidates that really seem like they are head and shoulders above the rest.

You are feeling good.

Finally, it is time to plan a visit and tour each facility.

A physical visit to top candidates in person is vital to your decision. You might even want to consider a surprise visit (“Hey, I was in the neighborhood” – even if 500 miles away).

Here is an excellent article from the Harvard Business Review regarding plant tours (Even though this was written 20 years ago).

Eyes Wide Open and the Attitude of a Harsh Critic

It is extremely important to go on the tour with eyes wide open and the attitude of a harsh critic.

(Actually, this was just a great excuse to get Judge Judy into one of our blogs).

What to Look for When Touring a Wire Harness Manufacturer

Below is a list to consider when Touring a Wire Harness Manufacturer:

  1. Do you find the building and property presentable or unkempt? (Unmowed grass, disheveled parking lot, garbage, broken windows, etc…)
  2. Additionally, is the office presentable or unkempt? (Top of the line everything or dated to the 1960’s)
  3. Are you warmly greeted?
  4. Additionally, are the management, staff, and employees pleasant and welcoming?
  5. Also, do employees look happy and hustling?
  6. Are tools and equipment organized and well maintained?
  7. Furthermore, are the warehouse and inventory efficiently organized?
  8. Is the shipping dock clear of clutter?
  9. Also, are you impressed or underwhelmed with the team and operation?
  10. Are there any red flags that make you uneasy?
  11. Additionally, do employees have cell phones out?
  12. Check the kitchen area – is it clean and organized or dirty?
  13. In addition to the kitchen area, are the restrooms clean?
  14. Are there any key employees that do not come out to meet you?
  15. When evaluating the quantity and quality of staff, does the company seem to be top heavy?
  16. What are the years of service of the management team?
  17. Be prepared with tough questions regarding your product and process to determine if they are indeed experts in their field (see #6).
  18. Is the Wire Harness Manufacturer management team short and brief with you? Is this a good sign that they are focused and busy or are they rude and distracted?
  19. On the other hand, if they meet with you for a long period are they too lackadaisical or not busy?
  20. Furthermore, do they seem eager to earn your business or desperate?
Bonus Round 
  1. Look for matching or mismatched priorities: expensive office furniture, overstaffed, excessive non-business essentials (foosball table, video games, keg parties, etc).
  2. Get a gauge on morale at the company.
  3. Does the owner wear an expensive wardrobe or jewelry?
  4. Finally, ask the owner for an opportunity to have a mutual meeting with their accountant to view audited financials. In addition, if necessary, offer to have the meeting at your expense. Could offer great ROI.

Outsourcing your production to a custom manufacturer is similar to finding quality daycare for your child. Therefore, you need to find a company that you Trust, Trust, Trust!

As the saying goes, if something is not a “HELL YEAH” then it is simply a “No”.


Supply Parts or Not to Supply Parts?

That is the Question 

(OK, that was our pathetic attempt to sound like Shakespeare).

Anyway, a common question with new customers: “What if we would like to supply our own parts?” With many custom manufacturers, this is the equivalent of bringing your own food to a restaurant and asking them to prepare you a meal.

Supplying your own products to a custom manufacturer offers several positives and negatives. Consequently, it works best to communicate clearly with the manufacturer on the pros and cons of either option.

The question is do you really save money?  Also, one-size fits all does not apply here. Furthermore, there are many variables to consider which option makes the most sense (or more importantly, makes the most CENTS).

Pros and Cons 

Let’s take a look at the Pros and Cons of supplying your own parts and components: 


Several benefits fall in your favor by taking the initiative to order and supply your own parts when outsourcing:

  1. You control the ordering process and supply chain. 
  2. Ordering your own parts allows you to also have full disclosure of pricing on the cost of goods.
  3. First-hand knowledge of availability or stock-outs of your product.
  4. Furthermore, you have better control over delivery times. 
  5. Negotiating your own discounts with the vendor. 

Ordering or supplying your own parts may be welcomed by the Wire Harness Manufacturer. On the other hand, this approach could be disruptive to the manufacturer. Furthermore, there are a few negatives to consider:

  1. The time you spend ordering parts.
  2. As well as the time you spend coordinating deliveries.
  3. Lost opportunity of volume discounts available to the manufacturer due to their purchasing power.
  4. Product knowledge and expertise that the manufacturer possesses.
  5. Also, the variety of shipments arriving at the manufacturer on different days throws off their production schedule for your product.
  6. The receiving department at the manufacturer must be informed of delivery. This communication is crucial for the manufacturer in order to properly schedule the production of your products.
  7. The manufacturer must implement a means to monetize the receipt of your goods that you have delivered. It is in neither parties interest to not account for labor, handling, and the overhead expense of receiving and storing goods. So, are you really saving money?
Where is Your Time Best Spent? 

Wire Harness Manufacturer

An important question to ask yourself: Is your time better spent focusing on other areas of the business? Furthermore, did you partner with a company that you trust enough to delegate the purchases?

In addition, you partnered or hired the custom manufacturer due to their proficiency, expertise, and ability to deliver a quality product on time. Is it worth your time, hassle and energy to locate new vendors and product? Especially in areas that are either new to you or where you are lacking purchasing power and strong vendor relationships.



 New Wire Harness Manufacturer  

Selecting a Wire Harness Manufacturer does not need to be a stressful process. Outsourcing Your Wire Harness Assembly can generate significant profits for your business.

Especially partnering with an experienced company with a seasoned staff. This decision lends a tremendous competitive advantage for your company. Also, selecting a Wire Harness Manufacturer that completes projects with the highest quality, effective pricing, and on-time delivery dramatically boosts to your bottom line. Therefore, teaming up with a company dedicated to your success is critical.

Wire Harness Manufacturer Checklist 

To recap, here is a checklist of company traits to pursue when finalizing your search for a new Wire Harness Manufacturer:

  1. Superior Quality
  2. Maintaining an Impeccable Customer Scorecard
  3. Also, fast Turnaround Times
  4. Competitive Prices
  5. Seasoned Staff
  6. Company Experience
  7. Short Lead Times
  8. Agile and Flexible
  9. Company Culture Dedicated to Customer Satisfaction
  10. Lastly, a Deep Commitment to Safety

Wire Harness Manufacturer

Ok. Hopefully, you are now happy as can be with your new Wire Harness Manufacturer.

Furthermore, as with any outsourcing partner, work diligently to maintain healthy and constant communication. Also, be clear about goals and expectations. This will also help guarantee a long, happy and prosperous marriage.

Thank you for taking the time to read our Tips for Selecting a Wire Harness Manufacturer.

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1. In this holiday display, Something just doesn’t seem right….?

Poor Blitzen- Holiday Display

2. They always say the simpler the better…..but this is just taking it to far!

Sad Tree- Holiday Display

3. LIGHTS…. Maybe just a few too many…

Lights- Holiday Display

4. Ketchup is good on everything, right? Just maybe not as a gift?

Whats the return policy?- Holiday Display

5. Is he part of Santa’s Reindeer?

Fancy Leg Work- Holiday Display

6. Everyone needs some batteries to go with their toys right?

Where's the Toy?- Holiday Display

7. Shatterproof? I THINK NOT!!!

"Shatterproof"- Holiday Display


"Shatterproof" Holiday Ornaments- Holiday Display








8. Yrrem Samtsirhc Aka Merry Christmas! Head Stand!- Holiday Display

9. The Easter bunny wants his part in the Holiday season as well!


10. One of these things is not like the other….. Looks like the Grinch Stole Christmas!


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The Holiday Tree  

Image result for christmas tree

Everyone knows Christmas isn’t the same without a tree. There are things you can do this holiday to ensure that your tree stays a beautiful decoration and does not become the subject of your disaster holiday stories. If you are purchasing an artificial holiday tree make sure that it is listed as being “Fire Resistant”. Therefore, making it more likely that in the case of an electrical shortage within the lighting a tree will not burn so quickly.

Also, if you have a real tree you want to make sure that you keep it watered. Due to the nature of trees if they are dry they have a tendency to catch fire easily. Some lighting can create heat and a dry tree is susceptible to heat damage.

Holiday Lighting

Related image  Image result for christmas lights

Using lights for decorating can add an extra flair to any holiday. However, you want to make sure that you are using them properly. Check lighting for breaks in the electrical lines. If there is a broken electrical wire there is a heightened chance of a fire or electrical shock. Also, if there are any broken or bents plugs do not use them. These broken plugs can not only short out the light string or any other lighting but, can cause damage to the socket they are plugged into.

Outdoor Decorations

  Image result for outdoor christmas decorations

When decorating the outside of your house for the holidays there are some things to remember. Do not touch overhead power lines. They can electrocute you. Also, you could fall a long distance which could result in a serious injury.

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Last week, we discussed creating a positive work environment. Music certainly helps the cause. Whistling while you work keeps the day humming along.

What do you listen to while you work? We have compiled the top 20 songs that the Wire Harness Department listens to while building wire harnesses.

It is this collection of songs that keep our workers focused while they work.

Check out our variety of songs and you may just find a new favorite for yourself!


20: White and Nerdy- Weird Al Yankovic

 Related image

19: YMCA- Village People

 Related image

18: Drift Away- Dobie Gray

 Image result for dobie gray drift away

17: Hand Clap- Fitz and the Tantrums

 Image result for fitz and the tantrums handclap

16: Wanted Dead or Alive- Bon Jovi

 Image result for wanted dead or alive bon jovi

15: Love Boat- Jack Jones

 Image result for who sings the love boat theme'

14: Purple People Eater- Sheb Wooley

 Image result for purple people eater

13: Amish Paradise-  Weird Al Yankovic

 Image result for amish paradise

12: Jumping Jack Flash- The Rolling Stones

 Image result for rolling stones jumpin jack flash

11: Carry On My Wayward Son- Kansas

 Image result for carry on my wayward son kansas

10: Love Shack- B-52s

 Related image

9: I’m Gonna Be (500 miles)- The Proclaimers

 Image result for 500 miles

8: Sweet Caroline- Neil Diamond

 Image result for sweet caroline

7: Fight For Your Right- Beastie Boys

 Image result for fight for your right to party

6: Eye of the Tiger- Survivor

 Image result for eye of the tiger

5: Hey Jude- The Beatles

 Image result for hey jude

4: Me and Bobby McGee- Janis Joplin

 Image result for me and bobby mcgee

3: One Week- Barenaked Ladies

 Image result for 1 week barenaked ladies

2: Simple Man- Lynyrd Skynyrd

 Image result for simple man lynyrd skynyrd

1: Bohemian Rhapsody- Queen

  Image result for bohemian rhapsody

Now that you have checked out our Wire Harness Department’s favorite songs you may be interested to do some wire work of your own! Check out our Custom Wire Harness Estimator for a fast quote to get you started on your next project!

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Retail Display
Do’s of Retail Display

1. Do change your displays: In order to keep interest in the products that are being sold, retailers need to change what they are displaying in a timely manner. Products can be out of date and need to be updated.

retail display

2. Do give enough space: retail displays should have enough space to move freely around. Consumers should be able to have access to the whole display. 

Retail display

3. Do create eye-catching window displays that will pull customers into the store: A retail display is the first thing a consumer sees when walking up to a store. They need to be intrigued to come in and buy the product that is being sold. 

retail display


4. Do stay on top of maintenance: Even the best-designed displays will lose their appeal if they look dusty or worn out. Displays should be checked regularly, throughout the day, so they never appear picked through or messy. Retail Display

Don’ts of Retail Display

1. Don’t sacrifice functionality: An eye catching display is only good until it gets in the way of consumers. A retail display should never be so big that it stops the functionality of the store. This can become a fire hazard if exists are blocked. 

retail Display

2. Don’t Set it and forget it: Consumers need to be drawn to the display. If the display is forgotten then a consumer is less likely to buy the product that your advertising. Retail Display

3. Don’t have a messy entrance: Messy entrances will be a turnoff to consumers looking in. The more cluttered an entrance display is the less likely a consumer can find what they are looking for. 

Retail Display


4. Don’t show a product on display that isn’t in the inventory: This is a huge turnoff for consumers. Products on display should be the ones that are sold in the store. Your retail display shouldn’t be false advertisement. 

retail display


Thank you for reading this post. For more info on electronics manufacturing, please connect on FacebookTwitterGoogle+, and LinkedIn.

10. Don’t Overload Your Power Strips

When you overload your power strips there is potential for a lot of danger. Not only can it cause fires. Also, if you get too close to this mess you may never see those you love again.

overloaded power strips

9. Don’t Use A Power Strip With A Damaged Power Cord Or Receptacles

Damaged power strips can cause a lot of problems. They can start themselves or whatever appliance you have plugged into them on fire.  Check all of your outlet strips before you use them or you could be wishing for the days when burnt toast when you’re late for work was the worst of your issues.

Burning plug in outlet Burnt and melted power strip

8. Don’t Use Power Strips If There Is Water On Or Near Them

Electricity and water do not mix. Water can cause a power strip to short out which can cause electrocutions or fire. Real life electrocutions are not like the funny cartoons of Tom and Jerry and they aren’t as easy to recover from either.

When power strip are streaming water

7. Don’t Place Power Cords Or Outlet Strips Of Any Kind Under Carpets Or Rugs

If cords are under rugs or carpets they are easily out of view. People often think that if it is only temporary nothing bad will happen. If it is only for Christmas decorations then that cord will be there such a short time it will be alright. Cords can receive damage from being walked on. This is especially true around holidays. This is due to the extra people in the home. Also, if a cord is hidden under a rug that means you can easily forget that it is there and trip over it causing injury. No one wants to be the star of the next commercial with the famous line “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up”.

A dangerous fall A broken cable

6. Don’t Put Metal Wear Into Receptacles

Metal conducts electricity. Your body can easily be electrocuted by electricity. Do the math here and don’t put anything that isn’t a plug into any kind of outlet.


5. Don’t Pull Cords Out Of Power Strips Except By Their Plugs

When you pull on a cord you have the potential of breaking that cord. You can short out the wires internally or you can even break apart the outer insulation of the cord leaving wires exposed to the elements and loved ones. We all know unplugging something from across the room takes that extra effort and that it’s so much easier at the moment to just yank the cord free. However, the few seconds of movement you saved will not be worth more than the potential cost of replacing whatever that power cord was attached to before you just pulled it apart.

Broken power cord  Broken and charred power cord

4. Don’t Plug A Power Strip Into Another Power Strip

Power strips are not made to be hooked together in series. There is the potential of overloading one or both of the strips and then causing a fire or electrocution. Just move your appliances around to other wall outlets and save yourself the hazard of damages.

Multiple power strips plugged into each other

3. Don’t Force Plugs Into None Compatible Receptacles

Everyone who has ever traveled to another country has experienced this dilemma. They sell adapters so you don’t have to go without your precious hair dryer or curling iron while you travel the world. Everyone knows while traveling you take more pictures, those pictures will last a lifetime. If you try to plug in that hair drier without an adapter your dryer won’t make it through that first day.

Wrong plug for the wrong outlet Another wrong plug for the wrong outlet

2. Don’t Use Power Strips Or Their Cords As A Rope To Tow Objects Or Yourself

Power strips are not made to hold or tow any type of weight. Even in desperation using a power strip or its cord could result in serious injury or damage. If you’re really desperate to move something literally choose anything else besides electrical devices. The cords will break and you will just end up looking like a fool for not using the rope that you have in the basement.

 Always use proper equipment for towing or recreation

1. Don’t Use Indoor Power Strips Outdoors

Indoor power strips are not meant to be in the elements. Therefore, rain, snow, or high winds could cause damage to your power strip. Damage could affect anything that is plugged into to that power strip. Furthermore, anything that the strip is plugged into could be damaged as well, like your house. As we said before water and electricity DO NOT MIX! You could get electrocuted, short out your power strip and devices, or even start a fire. High winds blow things all around like cows and trees. Debris could be blown into the outlets causing dangerous conditions as well.

Power cord and strip in a pool Burnt and melted power strip

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When Importing Goes Wrong!


#1 These chairs look like they might be for dolls!


#2 Uh oh! Always read the measurements!


#3 That cat looks great!! So stylish! Importing

#4 New doll house accessory!


#5 These pants don’t seem right!Importing

#6 Well the design is right…importing

#7 Apple might not be too happy with this one!Importing

#8 At least your toes are warm!Importing

#9 That cat is making a fashion statement! Importing

#10 All he wanted to do was lay down! Importing



Top Ten Retail Display Disasters

      Retail displays are a must when trying to sell products. Retail Display disasters are more common than anything else! Here are the top ten disasters that are sure to make you laugh!

  #1 Is this really a special deal? Display

#2 This doesn’t seem right!Display

#3 I didn’t realize cats were made in factories? Display

#4 Should ice really be hot?Display

#5 The phone might be broken….?Display

#6 The bread prices must be really good! Someone had to fly in from out of town!Display

#7 You might stick the landing!Display

#8 Best sale I’ve seen in my life!!Display

#9 Isn’t there only 7 days in a week?Display

#10 What if I only want the left one?



Avoiding Grief and Pain When Using Your Soldering Iron

In a recent blog post, we discussed soldering safety tips. Our team brings over 100 years of experience with soldering circuit boards. Over the years, we have learned the best practices on how to efficiently and safely solder a variety of electrical products, particularly printed circuit boards. Through our vast experience, we have also gained a clear grasp on what NOT to do while holding a Soldering Iron.

10 Things NOT to Do While Holding a Soldering Iron

Below is a helpful list that may spare you lots of grief and pain when using a Soldering Iron:

    Something in your eye? Please put the soldering iron down first. Thankfully your safety goggles are in place for absentminded events such as this. Singed eyelashes will be the least of your problems without your safety glasses securely fastened.
    Scratching an itchy nose with a soldering iron in your hand is typically not a good idea. Unless you are eager to add that new nose ring that you have been putting off. If that is the case, then the soldering iron will cut right through the victimized or targeted area. Viola! A new hole available for your new nose ring.
  3. OUCH!
    Absolutely under no circumstance should you zip up you fly if you notice it is down. No adjustments, fixing, or any other engagement in that general area while holding a soldering iron. Results could be disastrous. Plus you will have an extremely difficult time trying to explain this accident to the emergency room staff.
    Feel water floating in your ears from the early morning swim? This is not the time to clean out your ears. Set down your soldering iron and grab a few Q-tips.
    Tell everyone around you no jokes if you are one to slap your knee when laughing. Yelling, “Hey Johnny, that’s a knee-slapper” can turn painful real quick once the soldering iron hits your knee.
  6. SEE #1
    Soldering is not a time to apply mascara or eyeliner. Please refer to rule #1.
    If you suddenly feel a piece of popcorn stuck in your teeth from that movie you watched three nights ago, please do not try removing the kernel while soldering. A soldering iron is not a replacement for a toothpick and this could quite easily be more painful than a root canal without Novocain.
    Holding or using your cell phone while soldering typically falls under the category of a “Bad Idea”. If you find it necessary to Facetime or Go Live on Facebook while soldering, please have someone else hold the phone to film your activities. You will be glad you played it safe.
    Please under no circumstance do you want to apply lipstick or Chap Stick while holding a soldering iron.  You may end up looking like the Joker from Batman….permanently.
    Last but not least, if you are sitting next to someone while soldering, please keep them beyond arm’s length. Especially if you like to speak with your hands, point when making a point, flail your arms when emotional, stretch frequently or tend to smack people on the shoulder when speaking. All of the above can cost you a friendship real quick.

Soldering Iron

We had fun putting together this list even though burns and injuries are a very serious matter. Please use extreme care and caution when using a soldering iron. Hopefully, these tongue-in-cheek comments convey the message. We use the safest measures possible when soldering printed circuit boards at our facility. Falconer Electronics has proudly participated in the SHARP program since 2005 to proactively maintain a healthy and safe workplace.


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Wire harnesses have the capability to connect multiple points through the use of their terminals and connectors. They can provide a channel for electrical power and even information, making the connections electronics need to function.

We use electronics every day to make our lives easier and most of them contain wire harnesses. Much like our blog 5 Things That You Didn’t Know Contain PCBs we have compiled a variety of objects that contain wire harnesses.


5: Trains, Planes, and Automobiles

                       Image result for automobiles

It may not be every day that you ride in an airplane or a train. However, it’s a safe bet almost if not every day you are in a car. If you are anything like the majority of people your begin hitting buttons as soon as you get into your vehicle. Whether it is the radio, the windows, or air controls all of these buttons work because of wire harnesses. Even the ignition of the car is functional due to wire harnesses. Think of how different a car ride would be without someone constantly changing the radio station or turning the heat or air conditioning up and down. Ok maybe that wouldn’t be so bad but when you’re the one doing all that it’s pretty nice.

4: Construction Machinery

They built houses and buildings before they had construction machinery, but it took a long time and a lot of man power. Now a day we get frustrated when there is road construction and we’re stuck in traffic for an extra few minutes. Without wire harnesses all of the machinery and vehicles that help do these jobs quicker wouldn’t be here. Can you imagine being stuck in traffic for weeks while they built a building? Maybe that’s a good way to not get frustrated “At least they have machinery. I could be here for days”? That’s probably not realistic.

3: Microwaves and Ovens


When you need a snack or dinner cooked you more than likely turn to either the microwave or the oven. (Especially in the winter months there is nothing like a nice hot meal right out of the oven). In the days before the modern ovens and way before the microwave, meals took all day. Now we can cook a pizza in under a half an hour and it can taste just like delivery. We can also heat up breakfast in the matter of a few minutes and be on our way. None of these foods that we find convenient would be available without the wire harnesses that help ovens and microwaves have the power that we are used to.

2: Computers, Printers, and Copiers


Computers have made lives easier by giving us information at our fingertips as well as being a tool to accomplish many different tasks (sometimes all at once).  Where would we be without social media and email? We would all still be stuck in a world of paper cuts and actual phone calls, can you imagine? Next time you log onto your computer give a silent thank you to the wire harnesses that have made your life so much easier.   

Printers and copiers are a staple in any office space. Without them time would be wasted writing everything by hand; especially if it’s a business that needs multiple copies of the same document. Printers and copiers have come a long way with changing technology. They now have wireless options so that you can make copies without being hard wired into them. Even with the new technologies wire harnesses are still a huge part of what makes copiers and printers work.

1: Televisions, DVD Players, and Blu Ray Players


Think of any form of entertainment that you have that involves a screen. Now picture if none of those things existed. That’s what the world would be like without wire harnesses. Wire harnesses make televisions function even throughout their many stages of development.  Without wire harnesses, there wouldn’t be any movies or shows to watch and there wouldn’t be any Netflix!

Without wire harnesses, there would be no reason to rush to buy the latest movie because there would be no way to watch it. Yes before there was T.V. there was radio, but those radios also had wire harnesses in them to make them work properly.  Next time you pop in a movie on a rainy Saturday or bundle up for some Netflix just remember that those things wouldn’t be possible without wire harnesses.

Wire harnesses do so much to keep our everyday lives running the way that we are used to. Most people don’t know how many everyday things wouldn’t be the same.

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How often do we really think about the electric makeup of everyday objects? We use things every single day that contain printed circuit boards and we don’t realize it. We’ve collected a list of everyday objects that may surprise you by containing PCBs.

PCB is short for Printed Circuit Board. These boards are the object within electrical devices that connect all of the internal electrical components to each other. These boards contain electrical lines that conduct electricity, components, and solder. All of these things work together to make everyday items that we see and use run correctly.

5: PCBs in Digital Watches and Clocks

How many times a day do you check a clock or your watch to see the time? Think about the days that you look at a clock and think it must be lunch time only to discover it is only eight O’clock which is just five minutes after the last time you checked. On the days that you are checking your digital watch or clock multiple times do you think about what’s inside them to make them work? That watch you looked at at-least one hundred times today hoping it was lunch time has a tiny circuit board in it. The idea that inside a small sized watch is an entire circuit board with even smaller components is an incredible thought. With their smaller size, watches have even smaller components making them function the way that we have become accustomed to.

4: Washers and Dryers Using PCBs

If you didn’t have to wash your clothing by hand to have clean clothes for today you can thank a circuit board! Well, technically a few circuit boards because you used both a washer and dryer. Washers and Dryers are a convenience that very near everyone uses. They make our lives easier and take the hard work out of scrubbing those tough stains. Grandparents everywhere are forgetting the days of hand washing and having to scrub stains without fancy stain removers that we know and love. None of this would be possible without PCBs.  

3:  Fans, AC units, and Heaters 

                                        Related image  

Fans, AC units, and Heaters are very helpful with changing seasons. Who hasn’t gone to the movies on a hot summer day just to suck up some free air conditioning? Think of how different life would be without heaters in our homes and office. Furthermore, who hasn’t been grateful to hear the heating system kick on when temperatures drop to single digits.  No matter the temperature these helpful units of air adjustment keep us comfortable all year round and all because they have PCBs. 

2: Stereos

No one goes through an entire day without listening to music on some type of device. This includes home stereo systems, iPods, or CD players. Every day we set the tone for our mood by what we hear on the radio or what we plug our headphones into. All of these devices wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for PCBs. We would all be living in a very quiet place if it weren’t for the small circuit boards. These boards make them function the way we need them to.        

1:  Electronic Kid Toys


Kids love toys that make noise, the louder the better. Parents around the world have had to learn to tolerate listening to the same three versions of the wheels on the bus. The newer kids movies and shows circulate around songs. There is more chance of parents “misplacing” a child’s toy just to get some peace and quiet. These delightful moments of listening to the same song over and over again wouldn’t be possible without a PCB.

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Summer is in the air and so is grilling season. We have compiled the top 12 mistakes that people make while grilling.

12: Not Properly Cleaning Your Grill After Sporadic Uses

 Clean up After Grilling

Stuck on food doesn’t add flavor to your awesome BBQ sauce! It just adds a burnt old hotdog flavor to what would’ve been an amazing BBQ sauced burger. (If you use your grill consistently for cooking this is a different grill situation then the above and cleaning it every single time you use it can be a bit much).


11: The Bigger the Flames While Grilling do NOT Mean Bigger the Flavor

Bigger is not better! Contain your flames.

High flames can cause uneven cooking. You can have a perfectly cooked outside of that burger patty and the middle still can still be frozen. No one wants to bite into a nice looking burger with all of their favorite toppings only to chip a tooth on frozen meat that is hidden in the middle.

10: Having Bad Lighting Can Cause Negative Tastes

Lighting helps you cook your food to your liking

Make sure you can see what you are grilling. No one wants burnt veggies or raw chicken. Grilling late at night in the summer can be common due to other activities. Still enjoy the pool, but make sure you have proper lighting to see what you are cooking for all of your family and friends. A newer option to ensure great lighting is to check out grills that have LED lighting built into them, like Heston Outdoor Grills. With the lighting built in you can set up your grill anywhere you choose and still be sure to see what you are grilling.

9: Location, Location, Location

Pick a Prime Grilling Spot

Just because the grill fits in a space doesn’t mean that’s where you should let it reside. You don’t want to grill too close to trees or on uneven land. You could potentially start fires or your grill could tip over or roll away. No one wants to see their dinner rolling down a hill to meet a dusty demise.

8: Not Properly Heating up Your Grill

Just because you feel the heat coming from your the grill doesn’t mean your grill rack is heated properly or enough for cooking. With an improperly heated grill rack food can get stuck to metal when trying to remove it. You also don’t get those nice grill marks when the rack is not properly heated. Without those markings to show the food was grilled what is the reason to grill over just using the oven anyway?

7: Constantly Checking on What You are Grilling

Ok burgers, hot dogs, chicken, etc. do taste better without being burnt to charcoaled bits. However, your food is not an infant who needs to be watched every second. Opening a grill constantly lets the heat escape. A grill needs heat to cook food; you can see where we’re going here.


6: Being Overzealous With Your Secret BBQ Sauce

Don’t let the secret to your sauce be that it is a burnt crust. You should NOT apply BBQ sauce in layers. These layers will burn. Furthermore, your next layer will cover up your burnt layers. Your guests will not enjoy your flavors. Also, the burnt charcoal that used to be chicken will cause your guests to not be able to enjoy your BBQ sauce.

5: You Didn’t Let Your Meat Rest

Meat is like a grumpy two-year-old it needs it’s rest before it can interact with guests. Almost everyone has had a steak that was dry and flavorless. You chewed it while chasing each bite with sips of cold soda in hopes of masking the flavor and adding moister. If you haven’t experienced this you are lucky. If you have, then you know that your steak didn’t get its resting period. Meat needs to rest. You shouldn’t cut meat too early. This will result in releasing all of its meaty juices and flavors. Resting will leave meat tender and full of flavor.

4: Being Too Anxious to eat

We get it; it’s been a long crazy day chasing kids. The dog jumped in the pool and you had to spend twenty minutes chasing him around the house to dry him off. That doesn’t mean that you should rush your meal. Undercooked chicken can make people very sick. Always keep track of your food’s temperature to ensure that meat is to a proper doneness.

3: Not Using a Thermometer

This goes along with our number four. Don’t just assume that it looks the right color so it’s what you want. Use a common tool to be sure, a thermometer. You can check the inside heat of meat by using thermometers which are specifically for meat. It is also easy enough to look up what temperatures different foods should be so they are safe to eat.

2: Not Properly Venting Your Grill

Charcoal grills need air to feed the coals. Too much oxygen can heat coals too much. The opposite can also happen with too little oxygen. Those little nuggets can have the heat suffocated right out of them. Adjust the vents on the grill to maintain a proper even heat of your coals. Or you can just go the non-coal route and you don’t have to worry about those nuggets and what they want.

1: Cross Contamination

We saved this for our number one because this is one of the most important grilling mistakes a person can make. Do NOT put raw meat with cooked meat! Consuming raw meat can lead to a lot of sicknesses and health effects. Those same sicknesses can occur from eating fully cooked meat that has been in contact with raw meat. Therefore, ALWAYS wash your utensils and hands after using them to move around raw meat or have two sets of utensils: one for raw and one for cooked meat. Do NOT let raw meat drip its juices on an already fully cooked piece of meat. Finally, ALWAYS make sure that you are using two different plates to transport your food: one for cooked and one for raw meat.

Hopefully, you can catch these grilling mistakes before there is any real damage done to a person or meal.

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