Wire Harness Department Top 20 Playlist


Last week, we discussed creating a positive work environment. Music certainly helps the cause. Whistling while you work keeps the day humming along.

What do you listen to while you work? We have compiled the top 20 songs that the Wire Harness Department listens to while building wire harnesses.

It is this collection of songs that keep our workers focused while they work.

Check out our variety of songs and you may just find a new favorite for yourself!


20: White and Nerdy- Weird Al Yankovic

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19: YMCA- Village People

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18: Drift Away- Dobie Gray

 Image result for dobie gray drift away

17: Hand Clap- Fitz and the Tantrums

 Image result for fitz and the tantrums handclap

16: Wanted Dead or Alive- Bon Jovi

 Image result for wanted dead or alive bon jovi

15: Love Boat- Jack Jones

 Image result for who sings the love boat theme'

14: Purple People Eater- Sheb Wooley

 Image result for purple people eater

13: Amish Paradise-  Weird Al Yankovic

 Image result for amish paradise

12: Jumping Jack Flash- The Rolling Stones

 Image result for rolling stones jumpin jack flash

11: Carry On My Wayward Son- Kansas

 Image result for carry on my wayward son kansas

10: Love Shack- B-52s

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9: I’m Gonna Be (500 miles)- The Proclaimers

 Image result for 500 miles

8: Sweet Caroline- Neil Diamond

 Image result for sweet caroline

7: Fight For Your Right- Beastie Boys

 Image result for fight for your right to party

6: Eye of the Tiger- Survivor

 Image result for eye of the tiger

5: Hey Jude- The Beatles

 Image result for hey jude

4: Me and Bobby McGee- Janis Joplin

 Image result for me and bobby mcgee

3: One Week- Barenaked Ladies

 Image result for 1 week barenaked ladies

2: Simple Man- Lynyrd Skynyrd

 Image result for simple man lynyrd skynyrd

1: Bohemian Rhapsody- Queen

  Image result for bohemian rhapsody

Now that you have checked out our Wire Harness Department’s favorite songs you may be interested to do some wire work of your own! Check out our Custom Wire Harness Estimator for a fast quote to get you started on your next project!

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Retail Display

The Do’s and Don’ts of Retail Display

Do’s of Retail Display

1. Do change your displays: In order to keep interest in the products that are being sold, retailers need to change what they are displaying in a timely manner. Products can be out of date and need to be updated.

retail display

2. Do give enough space: retail displays should have enough space to move freely around. Consumers should be able to have access to the whole display. 

Retail display

3. Do create eye-catching window displays that will pull customers into the store: A retail display is the first thing a consumer sees when walking up to a store. They need to be intrigued to come in and buy the product that is being sold. 

retail display


4. Do stay on top of maintenance: Even the best-designed displays will lose their appeal if they look dusty or worn out. Displays should be checked regularly, throughout the day, so they never appear picked through or messy. Retail Display

Don’ts of Retail Display

1. Don’t sacrifice functionality: An eye catching display is only good until it gets in the way of consumers. A retail display should never be so big that it stops the functionality of the store. This can become a fire hazard if exists are blocked. 

retail Display

2. Don’t Set it and forget it: Consumers need to be drawn to the display. If the display is forgotten then a consumer is less likely to buy the product that your advertising. Retail Display

3. Don’t have a messy entrance: Messy entrances will be a turnoff to consumers looking in. The more cluttered an entrance display is the less likely a consumer can find what they are looking for. 

Retail Display


4. Don’t show a product on display that isn’t in the inventory: This is a huge turnoff for consumers. Products on display should be the ones that are sold in the store. Your retail display shouldn’t be false advertisement. 

retail display


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10 Things Not To Do With Multi-Outlet Power Strips


10. Don’t Overload Your Power Strips

When you overload your power strips there is potential for a lot of danger. Not only can it cause fires but if you get too close to this mess you may never be seen again by loved ones.                   

Image result for overloading power strips

9. Don’t Use A Power Strip With A Damaged Power Cord Or Receptacles

Damaged power strips can cause a lot problems. They can start themselves or whatever appliance you have plugged into them on fire.  Check all of your outlet strips before you use them or you could be wishing for the days when burnt toast when your late for work was the worst of your issues. 

Related image Image result for damaged power strips

8. Don’t Use Power Strips If There Is Water On Or Near Them

Electricity and water do not mix. Water can cause a power strip to short out which can cause electrocutions or fire. Real life electrocutions are not like the funny cartoons of Tom and Jerry and they aren’t as easy to recover from either.

Related image

7. Don’t Place Power Cords Or Outlet Strips Of Any Kind Under Carpets Or Rugs

If cords are left under rugs or carpets they are easily hidden from view. People often think that if it is only temporary like for Christmas decorations then that cord will be there such a short time it will be alright. Cords can get damaged from being walked on especially around holidays when there are extra people in the home. Also, if a cord is hidden under a rug that means you can easily forget that it is there and trip over it causing injury. No one wants to be the star of the next commercial with the famous line “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up”.  

 Image result for broken power cords

6. Don’t Put Metal Wear Into Receptacles

Metal conducts electricity. Your body can easily be electrocuted by electricity. Do the math here and don’t put anything that isn’t a plug into any kind of outlet. 

Image result for people how were electrocuted by outlets


5. Don’t Pull Cords Out Of Power Strips Except By Their Plugs

When you pull on a cord you have the potential of breaking that cord. You can short out the wires internally or you can even break apart the outer insulation of the cord leaving wires exposed to the elements and loved ones. We all know unplugging something from across the room takes that extra effort and that its so much easier in the moment to just yank the cord free. However, the few seconds of movement you saved will not be worth more then the potential cost of replacing whatever that power cord was attached to before you just pulled it apart.

Image result for extension cords with broken strain reliefs  Image result for extension cords with broken strain reliefs

4. Don’t Plug A Power Strip Into Another Power Strip

Power strips are not made to be hooked together in series. There is potential of overloading one or both of the strips and then causing a fire or electrocution. Just move your appliances around to other wall outlets and save yourself the hazard of damages. 

Image result for multiple outlet strips plug into one another 

3. Don’t Force Plugs Into None Compatible Receptacles

Everyone who has ever traveled to another country has experienced this dilemma. They sell adapters so you don’t have to go without your precious hair dryer or curling iron while you travel the world. Everyone knows while traveling you take more pictures, those pictures will last a life time. If you try to plug in that hair drier without an adapter your dryer wont make it through that first day.

Image result for wrong plug wrong outlet  Image result for wrong plug wrong outlet

2. Don’t Use Power Strips Or Their Cords As A Rope To Tow Objects Or Yourself

Power strips are not made to hold or tow any type of weight. Even in desperation using a power strip or its cord could result in serious injury or damage. If you’re really desperate to move something literally choose anything else besides electrical devices. The cords will break and you will just end up looking like a fool for not using the rope that you have in the basement.

 Image result for power cord ropes 

1. Don’t Use Indoor Power Strips Outdoors

Indoor power strips are not made to be in the elements. Rain, snow, or high winds could cause damage to your power strip. Damage could effect anything that is plugged into to that power strip. Anything that the strip is plugged into could be damaged as well, like your house. As we said before water and electricity DO NOT MIX! You could get electrocuted, short out your power strip and devices, or even start a fire. High winds blow things all around like cows and trees. Debris could be blown into the outlets causing dangerous conditions as well. 

Image result for indoor power strips outside Image result for power strips and water


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When Importing Goes Wrong!

When Importing Goes Wrong!


#1 These chairs look like they might be for dolls!


#2 Uh oh! Always read the measurements!


#3 That cat looks great!! So stylish! Importing

#4 New doll house accessory!


#5 These pants don’t seem right!Importing

#6 Well the design is right…importing

#7 Apple might not be too happy with this one!Importing

#8 At least your toes are warm!Importing

#9 That cat is making a fashion statement! Importing

#10 All he wanted to do was lay down! Importing

Top Ten Retail Display Disasters



Top Ten Retail Display Disasters

      Retail displays are a must when trying to sell products. Retail Display disasters are more common than anything else! Here are the top ten disasters that are sure to make you laugh!

  #1 Is this really a special deal? Display

#2 This doesn’t seem right!Display

#3 I didn’t realize cats were made in factories? Display

#4 Should ice really be hot?Display

#5 The phone might be broken….?Display

#6 The bread prices must be really good! Someone had to fly in from out of town!Display

#7 You might stick the landing!Display

#8 Best sale I’ve seen in my life!!Display

#9 Isn’t there only 7 days in a week?Display

#10 What if I only want the left one?