Buffalo SBA LinkedIn Workshop 

Falconer Electronics Featured in Buffalo SBA LinkedIn Workshop

On Wednesday, July 14th, check out the Buffalo SBA LinkedIn Workshop for small business. Falconer Electronics is super excited to be featured in this valuable program.  Buffalo SBA LinkedIn Workshop  Click this link to register for the Buffalo…
History of Electric Motors

The History of Electric Motors: Dating Back to the 1830’s

The History of Electric Motors While we know that electricity is a natural phenomenon and that the history of electricity shows us ancient civilizations were aware of it, for more than 400 years humans have been researching, documenting, and…
ground wire

How to Select the Right Ground Wire

A ground wire provides a way to safely discharge excess electricity. Some have a bare conductor, but many are sheathed or jacketed in electrical insulation. The ends of a grounding wire terminate in bare metal rings and the entire device can…
History of Electricity

The History of Electricity: How Was Electricity Discovered?

The History of Electricity Electricity is a foundational energy that powers our entire world. Today, many people take it for granted—that is, until their power goes out and they realize just how much of their home depends on electricity.…
Ground Wire QuoteBuilder

Falconer Electronics Strikes Again! Instant Ground Wire QuoteBuilder

Welcome to the Falconer Electronics Instant Ground Wire QuoteBuilder.  Due to the overwhelming popular Ground Strap QuoteBuilder, the time arrived to offer Custom Ground Wires to engineers, manufacturers, prototype makers, weekend warriors…
Braided ground strap vs. ground wires

Braided Ground Strap vs. Ground Wire: Make the Right Choice

Ground straps and ground wires both provide a way to safely discharge excess electricity. These electrical protective devices are similar, but they’re not the same. A ground strap consists of small strands of metal wires that are braided together…