Blog Topics for Manufacturers

Blog topics? What blog topics do customers actually want to read? 

If you are considering blogging, where do you actually start?

How do you select content and ideas to blog about? 

In addition, does blogging really help a business? 

More importantly, who has time to actually blog?

Will blogging connect with new customers? Drive new leads? 

In particular, as a manufacturer or small business owner, what the heck do you blog about anyway?

How does a manufacturer determine not only relevant content but also engaging blog topics?

Does a business actually benefit from blogging? (Check out this post: Blogging Benefits for Manufacturers)

B2B online marketing plays a critical role for long established manufacturers as well as new start ups. 

Let’s dig deeper on blog topics to consider for your business. 

Why Blog?
Blog Topics, Blog Topics for Manufacturers

Actually there are tons of blog topics to consider for your customers.

Yet, taking the time and energy to actually sit at a computer and type these thoughts out sounds overwhelming. Daunting. A waste of time.

I fully agree. You are BUSY. Constant fires to put out. A list of issues that need addressing.

Stopping to type out a blog post typically does not make the priority list for most small business owners.

Especially those who lack a desire, interest or experience in creating content.

A common response to blogging, “if I wanted to be a blogger, I would have gone to journalism school”.

However, the great thing about blogging, anyone with a computer, laptop, cellphone or device of choice, can now create a voice.

For example, find a topic that you are an expert in or where you exude a deep passion, sit down and just start typing.

So, ready to start?

Still questioning what blog topics would create the most impact for your business?

Our goal here is to help you achieve business goals.

Where to Start? Blog Topics, Blog Topics for Manufacturers

For starters, simply begin blogging about your business. Your product line. Your area of expertise. 

No one knows your products better than you.

If someone was sitting across from you and you needed to describe what you do, type that.

For example, pretend you are in front of a classroom of 6th graders. It’s Mom or Dad comes to school for career day.

You are in front of the classroom expressing what you do. You better be on your “A game” because 6th graders are a tough crowd. They can smell fear or weakness a mile away.

Also, you have the pressure that you MUST be the “cool” parent. You don’t want the other kids telling your child how boring you are.

Years from now these kids will say “I never wanted to become a _______, because this parent came in our classroom and did such a pathetic job explaining what they do that I vowed to NEVER do what they do.”

How is that for pressure or incentive to share what you do with a passion?

Blog About What You Know Best Blog Topics, Blog Topics for Manufacturers

Another option when determining blog topics, pretend your dream customer is standing in front of you. It could be at a trade show. Otherwise, a scenario where they are taking a tour of your facility.

What would you say? How would you describe your business? Can you paint a clear picture of how you can solve their problem?

Can you demonstrate that you are the BEST option at that moment to provide the product or service that this particular customer seeks?

Well, it is unrealistic to stand in front of every prospect.

The internet makes everyone’s lives more efficient.

When you are seeking a new vendor, where do you turn?

In the past, you had to go to trade shows to find the best vendors.

Back in the 1990’s, I recall going to trade shows to find new vendors. In January. The dead middle of winter. It was expensive. Time away from running my business.

Just to find new products. New vendors.

It was expensive and inefficient. Sure it is great meeting vendors face to face. 

However, conducting a Google search or connecting with new vendors on social media works so much more efficiently and affordably. 

Blogging helps you make those valuable connections. 

Blog Topics for Your Business Blog Topics, Blog Topics for Manufacturers

Below includes a list of topics to consider when starting your blogging career.

Start once a month. Every other week. Once a week.

Just start.

It takes time. Be patient. Yet, give everything you got.

Just start. 

Below includes a list of helpful suggestions for blog topics: 

  • Book Reviews
  • How you started the company
  • Why you chose entrepreneurship
  • Outsourcing Benefits
  • Information about your community
  • Start a series on your proprietary process
  • Reviews on the equipment and tools that you use
  • Meet the Team
  • Case studies
  • Customer Service Questions – FAQ
  • Benefits of Made in USA
  • Recycling
  • Safety concerns in your industry
  • New equipment purchases
  • Updates on your website and progress with internet marketing
  • Engineers in your industry
  • Influencers in your industry
  • Vendor Testimonials
  • Historical figures in your industry
  • What is (Blank)? — describe the parts and services that go into your products
  • Explain how your products are made
  • Industries that use your products

Blogging Resources

Lastly, below includes several blogging resources to help you get started: 

Wrapping It Up

Thank you for reading our post. To learn more about Falconer Electronics, check out these helpful links below:

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