Humble Beginnings at Falconer Electronics

About Us Falconer Electronics, About Us

We are not able to say that our humble beginnings started in my garage in 1985. Truth be told….I had to launch Falconer Electronics, Inc (FEI) in my neighbor’s garage (main reason being he had a garage).

The beginning stages of producing product in a borrowed garage laid the foundation to always delivering incredible value. From working on the earliest LED heavy duty automotive lamps to producing multi outlet/audio video panels for major retail store fixtures, FEI takes great pride in producing high-quality electrical products and serving our customer’s needs.

Hard work, determination, a deep commitment to producing superior products and dedication to customer satisfaction have been the keys to the long-term success at FEI. Serving customers of any size is a true honor and privilege.

Falconer Electronics Team


The backbone of success at FEI was built by putting together an All-Star team. The incredible staff at Falconer Electronics achieve amazing accomplishments on a daily basis. A majority of our seasoned staff have been employed here for 10 to 20 years. Several employees have exceeded the 25 year mark (with a few others not far behind).

So what do we do, you ask? Let’s find out……………

Braided Ground StrapsAbout Us Falconer Electronics, About Us

Ground Straps Galore! The team at Falconer Electronics produces thousands upon thousands of ground straps throughout the year.

Need Ground Straps ASAP? No problem. Click here for our In-Stock Selection of Braided Ground Straps.

Looking for a Custom Size? We have you covered there as well. Please go to our Instant Ground Strap QuoteBuilder page where you can either submit a drawing or an inquiry. Also, feel free to give us call. We love to help our customers tackle their projects.

Wire Harness Manufacturer

About Us Falconer Electronics, About Us

New news at Falconer Electronics as a Wire Harness Manufacturer! Our brand new Instant Wire Harness Estimator brings a great deal of excitement for our customers and staff.

What is a Wire Harness Estimator you ask?

Well, are you tired of waiting days or weeks for an estimate on a wire harness assembly or prototype?

You can now run through our Wire Harness Estimator in just a few moments to instantly receive an estimate. Click here to learn more.

Producing high-quality wire harnesses is a core competency and strength at Falconer Electronics as we enter our fourth decade. Testing and Quality Control of every product are an absolute top priority. Customers consistently rank our services at near perfect levels.

Commercial Grade Power Strips

About Us Falconer Electronics, About Us

Over our 30+ year span, FEI has acquired an impressive customer base. This list consists of numerous prominent businesses including several Fortune 500 companies such as AT&T, Best Buy, Sony, Walmart and Lowe’s. Our assemblies can also be found in use at the Pentagon. These are just a few of our current customers that have trusted Falconer Electronics, Inc with producing superior custom commercial power strips.

We have just recently launched our own private line of Commercial Outlet Strips that are available at our eCommerce store. Rugged, durable, dependable and long-lasting. These high quality Commercial Power Strips are assembled in the USA.

Falconer Electronics, Inc has tackled numerous projects with challenging demands. Projects have included powering every TV set on display at Walmart throughout all of North America and South America.

Also, FEI had the privilege of providing a custom outlet strip for Lowe’s for their Christmas Tree display over the Holiday season. This was a challenging project with an extremely tight deadline that required a quick design turnaround and a new ETL listing.



Long-Term Commitment

Our team of seasoned and expert staff, at Falconer Electronics, has been on a crusade to deliver the highest quality electrical products for over 35 years. With outstanding vendor relationships and manufacturing awesome products in the U.S. keeps our customers coming back. Many customers have partnered with us for decades.

Additional valuable components to the long-term success of Falconer Electronics include: Equipment – Tools – Resources – Supply Chain – Logistics – Financial Viability – Determination – Product Knowledge.

UL Listings 

Falconer Electronics, Inc has years of experience with UL, ETL, and CSA – This is invaluable when obtaining a listing for electrical products and custom commercial power strips. Especially when customers need product turned around quickly.

FEI produces multi-outlet strips as well as power distribution to the following UL Standards:

  • UL 111 Multioutlet Assemblies
  • UL 183 Standard for Manufactured Wiring Systems
  • UL 1363  Standard for Relocatable Power Taps
  • UL 48 Standard for Electric Signs
  • UL 5  Standard for Surface Metal Raceways and Fittings


Falconer Electronics, Inc is powering into its fourth decade with producing the highest quality custom Wire Harness Assemblies, Braided Ground StrapsCommercial Power StripsPrinted Circuit Boards and Magnetic Work Lights.

It continues to be our privilege here at Falconer Electronics, Inc to serve our customers and community.

Roger Hall 

Founder and President 

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