15 Important Safety Tips for Outlet Strips

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Safety for Outlet Strips             Outlet strips have many different uses in everyday life. They have many safety features as well. These features keep everyone safe. Extension cord, power strip or surge protector devices provide…

Surge Protectors, Why Are They Important?

What is a Surge? A surge is an increase in voltage significantly above the design level in a flow of electricity. Any household product can also cause a power surge in homes. The main causes can be from a storm or single lightning strike near…

Commercial Power Strips: Top Four Reasons You Need Them

There are multiple reasons to need commercial power strips. The most important of these have to do with their uses and their reliability. Power Strips are Rigorously Tested to UL Standards   Safety is the number one concern, especially when…

How We Started Selling Metal Power Strips Directly to Consumers

An interesting and unexpected phone call arrived. The caller asked, "Can I purchase one of your Metal Power Strips?" Hmmm, that was odd. This was a consumer who inspected one of our power strips powering a display at a major retailer. We…
Heavy Duty Outlet Strips


Falconer Electronics has been producing high-quality Heavy Duty Outlet Strips since 1985. Rugged, tough and tested by rigorous UL standards. In particular, you can find our outlets powering product displays at major brick and mortar retailers.…

10 Things Not To Do With Multi-Outlet Power Strips

10. Don't Overload Your Power Strips When you overload your power strips there is potential for a lot of danger. Not only can it cause fires. Also, if you get too close to this mess you may never see those you love again. 9. Don't Use A…