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15 Important Safety Tips for Outlet Strips

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Safety for Outlet Strips Outlet strips have many different uses in everyday life. They have many safety features as well. These features keep everyone safe. Extension cord, power strip or surge protector devices provide temporary power to electrical…
Grounding Wires Work

Grounding: Electrical Safety or Teenage Angst

Grounding? You mean I'm grounded?! The word "grounding" is certainly never one you want to hear as a teenager. Especially from your parents. Grounding means no car. No smartphones, tablets or other devices. No sleepovers. You are basically under…

Staying Grounded on Groundhog Day: No Toasters in the Tub Please

Groundhog Day! A wonderful time of year. Ski and snowboarding season is still at full throttle. Yet, the whispers of spring are just around the corner. Not to mention, a reminder of one of our favorite movies of all time, Groundhog Day. A classic…
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Canadian Standards Association (C.S.A.)

History of Canadian Standards Association (CSA)Sir John Kennedy, founded the Canadian Standards Association, in 1919. He was Chairman of the Civil Engineers’ Canadian Advisory Committee. C.S.A. was first established as the Canadian Engineering…

10 Things NOT To Do While Holding a Soldering Iron

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Avoiding Grief and Pain When Using Your Soldering Iron In a previous blog post, we discussed soldering safety tips. Our team brings over 100 years of experience with soldering circuit boards. Over the years, we have learned the best practices…

SHARP Program: Safety & Health Achievement Recognition Program

The acronym SHARP stands for Safety & Health Achievement Recognition Program. The SHARP program works with small businesses who have made a commitment to operate an exemplary injury as well as illness prevention program. There are many benefits…
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Wiring Harness UL Traceability Program

Wiring Harness UL Traceability Program The Wiring Harness UL Traceability Program allows manufacturers of finished goods to accept wiring harnesses manufactured off site or at a third party. Maintaining supply chain integrity while adhering…
Wire Harness Safety

Printed Circuit Board Safety at Falconer Electronics

Printed Circuit Board Safety Printed Circuit Board Safety has been a serious concern in our industry. Especially, with the vast growth and development over the years.There are many safety issues when assembling and producing printed circuit…
Sharp Program at Falconer Electronics

Falconer Electronics Earns SHARP Recertification

Completes 10 Years Without Days-Away-From-Work Accident Falconer Electronics was recently recertified into the Safety & Health Achievement Recognition Program for maintaining a Safety and Health Program among the most-effective in the nation.…