Another Incredible eCommerce Benefit: No Major Capital Expenditures

Another incredible benefit that comes with embracing eCommerce for manufacturers: No major capital expenditures.  For the record, I am CHEAP. Extremely cheap.  Feel free to ask my wife, friends, family or even my 140 LB Rottweiler.  Actually,…
Power Strips on Amazon

Falconer Electronics Commercial Power Strips on Amazon * Made in USA

Falconer Electronics now offers its line of Commercial Power Strips for purchase on Amazon. Falconer Electronics has been producing high-quality Heavy Duty Outlet Strips since 1985. Additionally, all commercial power strips now available from…
Metal Power Strip

Metal Power Strip Lineup

What do the College Football Playoffs and the Heavy Duty Metal Power Strip product line at Falconer Electronics have in common? Lots! But we will get to that in a minute..... For all college football fans, the College Football Selection…