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Competitive Edge: Partnering with a U.S. Custom Electronics Manufacturer

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Custom Electronics Manufacturer in the U.S. Since 1985 Falconer Electronics, Inc (FEI) has proudly served its community as a U.S. Custom Electronics Manufacturer since 1985. Our customers love the convenience as well as the flexibility of working…

Offshoring: How it Affects Our Country’s Economy

Offshoring occurs when a company chooses to have their production outsourced to a country outside the United States. This is due to the hope that their labor costs will be lower. However, there's something these companies don’t realize. Their…
onshoring custom manufacturing

Onshoring Custom Manufacturing in the U.S. is on the Rise

  Falconer Electronics Inc. is seeing a strong upward trend in onshoring custom manufacturing. As a United States based contract manufacturer for over 30 years, we have witnessed many ups and downs in manufacturing. Recently, it seems…
Made in USA Commercial Power Strip

The Importance of UL, CSA, and ETL Safety Certifications

Safety and Certifications Importance As we continue our posts on New Product Development, the next stage includes obtaining certifications for product safety. Safety and Certifications are an important aspect of any business. Not only to the…

Relatable Manufacturers: Movie Manufacturers that Could be Your Best Friend

As we continue our blog series on American Manufacturers in the Movies, today we discuss "Movie Manufacturers That Could Be Your Best Friend." You know the type. Characters who are outrageously funny, lovable and a bit on the crazy side. Those…

Accidental Manufacturers: Our Favorite Movie Heroes Who Weren’t Heroes

As we continue our blog series on American Manufacturers in the Movies, today we take a look at movie characters who became "Accidental Manufacturers".What do we mean by "Accidental Manufacturers"? Those who stumbled into manufacturing by…

Millionaire Manufacturers in the Movies: Our Favorite Lovable Movie Millionaires

Ever take note of the number of movies with characters in American Manufacturing? In particular, highly successful entrepreneurs. There are lots! Due to this interesting observation, we have compiled our favorite movies that include America…