Top Five Wire Harness Mistakes That are Made Too Often

A wire harness can be a very useful part of many different projects. You want to make sure that you can properly use the materials that you have. You also want to make sure that you have the correct materials for the project at hand. This list of top five mistakes can help you with the basics of working with wire harnesses.

Awareness of Wire Harness Uses

One of the most common mistakes is not being aware of a project that can use a wire harness. At times a project can be assembled easier using a wire harness over other wiring options. Due to being unaware of the possibilities you won’t be able to use a more convenient and possibly better functioning product for your project. Therefore, your project may suffer in functionality.

Improper Length Needed

The old saying about measuring twice while working on construction projects can apply just as well to wire harness usage. It is always better to measure the length you need of wire more than once. Consequently, if your measurements are not correct you may end up with a wire harness that is much too short for what you need. If your connections cannot reach their destination that wire harness will become useless to your project.

Incorrect Type of Connector on Wire Harness

You want to be sure of the connectors that you need for your project. If your project requires a female connector and the wire harness that you have has a male connector it will not do you any good. Knowing the different types of connections when working a project is very important. It is important to know what products you are working with, due to the many different types of connectors and wires that can be used in projects.

Incorrect Wire Harness

Along with using incorrect connectors a major mistake when working is using the wrong harness all together. You need to be aware of what type of harness you need for your project. While some projects require larger gauged wires, others will require smaller gauged wires. You want to be sure of what types of wire harness that your project needs in order to function properly.

Using a Cracked or Cut Wire

A lot of people think that if you cover a gash in a wire with electrical tape that wire is good to go forever. While electrical tape is a great thing to have in a pinch, it is not a permanent solution. Broken, cut, or cracked wires within harnesses should be replaced or not used. Unfortunately, replacement is the only surefire way to ensure that a wire’s integrity is intact and that it will hold up to its tasks.

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