The Beginning of FEI’s Industrial Power Strips

Thirty years ago, Falconer Electronics Inc. (FEI) began work with Industrial Power Strips. During that time, we were commissioned to assemble 48” long power strips. This was for Bell South. Today, we know Bell South as AT&T. Over the next several years, FEI produced thousands of these power strips. As well as, sold them, to Bell South. Consequently, we still make variations of these Industrial Power Strips. However, now we are able to customize them for different uses.

Changing Technology

Throughout the past thirty years, the basic structures of these Industrial Power Strips have stayed the same. However, there have been some minor changes. Especially, to the receptacle styles.

Changes to the Receptacles

  • Integration to the standard outlets to include USB receptacles.
  • As well as, HDMI receptacles.
  • This is along side the traditional three pronged design.
    • Some of the places that you can find these designs are: 
      • Some cabinet designs use these types of outlets.
      • As well as, retail store displays.
      • This is in addition to store kiosks .

New Designs Featuring Smart Outlets

  • These “smart outlets” can sense when other outlets are in use.
  • Also, they are capable of preventing other outlets from turning on.

Inclusion of Different Components in Our Industrial Power Strips

  • In the past, these integrated components would include audio video.
  • This is in addition to HDMI hook ups.
  • However, the current need is for USB port capabilities.

Custom Designs

Most noteworthy, is the addition of these new types of outlets. We add these new outlets, while integrating custom designs for our customers. Therefore, our designs are set apart from other companies.

Industrial Power Strips

Different Designs of Industrial Power Strips

Holiday Display Designs

During a past holiday season we were under commission to design an Industrial Power Strip for Lowe’s Home Improvement Store. Lowe’s had a need for custom outlets. They were looking for a specific design. This was due to having to power their Christmas tree display. Therefore, we set out to design a custom configured multi outlet strip. It was one that would serve the stores needs.

Electrical Drop Boxes

Another custom composition FEI manufacturers, is their Electrical drop boxes. These drop boxes provide interface wiring between buildings. As well as, outlet strips. Also, there is an added convenience with these drop boxes. They can be easily hidden into ceilings when they are not in use. The drop box design saves on space. Furthermore, it is convenient for temporary display aisles.

Wrapping It Up

All of our Industrial Power Strips are UL or ETL listed. Also, they go through thorough rigorous testing. This testing is to insure they meet safety requirements. Each of our outlet strips are open to customization. Especially, to satisfy any customer need. Furthermore, we have always taken pride in producing them for our customers.

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Outlet Strips

Outlet strips come in many different shapes and sizes. We here at Falconer Electronics sell two types. These two types include, Relocatable Power Strips as well as Custom Multi-Outlet Power Strip.

Relocatable Outlet Strips

Outlet Strips

  • Relocatable Outlet Strips have regular cords.
  • Outlets are combined into color coated U.S. steel.
  • Strips are available in a wide variety of colors. Gray is the most common color of use.
  • The design of these power strips is so they are movable.
  • Also, they are for indoor use:
    • Retail
    • Commercial 
    • Industrial
    • Home use
  • As well as for a temporary power supply.
  • Available in sizes from six inches to four feet long.
  • Custom sizes available. 
  • The rating for these power strips is 15-20 amps of power.
  • Power cords come in lengths six inches to twenty-five feet.

Custom Multi Outlet Strip Assembly

  • Custom Configured Multi Outlet Strip Assembly are mounts for semi-permanent hard wiring. 
  • They also include mounting options.
  • Also, they come in a variety of colors.
  • They come in sizes from six inches to ten feet. Furthermore, custom sizes are available made to order.
  • Another feature is they have a rating of 15-20 amps.
  • They also include power cords in any size for hard-wiring.

Wrapping It Up

Both of these power strips come with custom many features. Features that include, on/off switches, circuit breakers and surge protectors. Also, we make them with 12 gauge wiring. As well as, a duplex receptacle outlet design. However, a custom made power strip is available. Furthermore, our power strips are UL or ETL certified. Also, they have been made here at Falconer Electronics for over 30 years.

Outlet Strips

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Commercial Outlet Strips: The Do’s and Don’ts

Commercial Outlet Strips

Commercial Outlet Strips were originally for connecting computers. This was in addition to their accessories and at relatively low power. Due to this, outlet strips or power strips are most commonly used in offices. These strips provide multiple outlets. As a result, they have an on/off switch. Also they have an internal circuit breaker. This circuit breaker will trip at either 15 or 20 amps. Consequently, this will shut off the power strip. This is a safety feature to prevent fires. 

Do’s of Commercial Outlet Strip Usage

  1. Do use a power cord that is rated for the capacity you need.
  2. Also, use outlet strips to reduce electricity consumption.
  3. Do use commercial outlet strips for computers. Also, use them for other house hold equipment.
  4. For safety reasons, buy power strips with internal circuit breakers.
  5.  Sparingly use power strips throughout your home and office.
  6. Do look for outlet strips that are UL and ETL certified.

Don’ts of Outlet Strip Use

  1. Don’t knot the cord. Also, dont twist the cord attached to the outlet strip.
  2. Do not place a surge protector in a moist environment.
  3. Also, don’t place a power strip in an area where carpet will cover it. This is also true for furniture. This will limit or prevent air circulation.
  4. Never use an outlet strip that feels hot to the touch. Also, do not use if it has any visible damage. This is also true for power cords.
  5. The use of nails, staples, or tape may damage the power cord. Using any of these to secure power strips to walls is dangerous. This is in addition to securing them to any other objects.
  6. Do not use indoor power strips outdoors. Only use exterior rated strips outside. 
  7. Do not plug too many items into a power strip. Multiple devices in one strip can cause damage.
  8. Do not extend extension cords by plugging into another cord. Consequently, overloading can occur.
  9. Don’t use extension cords as substitutes for permanent wiring. They are for temporary use only.
  10. Furthermore, do not leave unused extension cords plugged in. This can result in a waste of energy and electricity.

Causes of Power Strip Overloading Are:

  1. One wall receptacle serves multiple high-use power strips.
  2. The power strip serves an excessive number of appliances.
  3. Items such as refrigerators, microwaves or space heaters are high voltage. Plugging them into power strips can cause overloading. 

Wrapping It Up 

In conclusion, extension cords and outlet strips are helpful. Also, so are power taps. This is in addition to surge protectors. However, using them properly is just as important. Proper use will keep everyone safe. It will also, protect your electronics. 

We here at Falconer Electronics sell many different types of outlet strips! We specialize in customizing outlet strips for consumer’s needs! Check out our blog on Outlet Strips We Sell for more information!

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Falconer Electronics, Inc (FEI) has been producing high quality Custom Commercial Power Strips since 1985.

Time sure flies when you’re having fun. 

Of course, plenty of our staff members were not alive in 1985. 

Therefore, us “older folks” shared a few exciting things that took place in 1985. 

So what was going on WAY back in 1985?

Let’s take a look: 

Coke launched the disastrous New Coke:


“Back to the Future” ruled the box office: 


Aerobics was the fitness craze – (for a good chuckle, watch this video):

Custom Commercial Power Strips at Falconer Electronics

Who knew back in 1985 that the future looked incredibly bright for Falconer Electronics, Inc.

Roger Hall, founder and President of Falconer Electronics, Inc says he could have never predicted the wild success of his company. Especially from the humble beginning 34 years ago. “Hard work, a deep commitment to producing superior products as well as a dedication to customer satisfaction each play a critical role to the long term success at FEI”, says Hall.

Over that three decade span, FEI acquired an impressive customer base. As a result, this list includes numerous prominent businesses including several Fortune 500 companies. For example, AT&T, Best Buy, Walmart, Sony as well as Lowe’s are just a few companies that have trusted Falconer Electronics, Inc with producing superior custom commercial power strips.

Falconer Electronics, Inc has also tackled numerous projects with challenging demands. Most noteworthy,  a key project for over 15 years includes powering every TV set on display at Walmart throughout all of North America and South America. Additionally, FEI had the privilege of  providing a custom outlet strip for Lowe’s for their Christmas Tree display over the Holiday season. This was another exciting project with an extremely tight deadline that required a quick turnaround and an ETL listing.

Custom Commercial Power Strips



Competitive Advantages at Falconer Electronics 

Custom commercial outlet strips are a particular specialty at FEI. With this vast experience, Roger Hall and his team have created healthy competitive advantages with:

  • Close proximity to suppliers
  • Excellent relationships with these vendors that are eagerly willing to accommodate challenging projects with narrow deadlines
  • Years of experience with UL, ETL and CSA – This is invaluable when obtaining a listing for electrical products and custom commercial power strips. Especially when customers need product turned around quickly
  • A highly skilled and seasoned staff that deliver a high level of expertise
  • Continuous improvement 

Furthermore, additional valuable components to the long-term success at Falconer Electronics include: Equipment – Tools – Resources – Supply Chain – Logistics – Financial Viability – Determination – Product Knowledge.

Falconer Electronics, Inc continues powering through its fourth decade with producing high quality custom commercial power strips. Above all, it is a privilege to serve customers of any size. 

Wrapping It Up 

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Safety for Outlet Strips

Safety            Outlet strips have many different uses in everyday life. They have many safety features as well. These features keep everyone safe. Extension cord, power strip or surge protector devices provide temporary power to electrical devices. Especially those that need to be used in areas not located near a wall outlet. Therefore, these are a temporary fix. They shouldn’t be in use for more than 90 days in a single spot.

Most light duty extension cords have a rating for a maximum of 10 amps or 1200 watts. Whereas most strip cord, power strip, and surge protectors have a 15 amps (1875 watts) rating. All Outlet strips contain surge protectors. A surge protector is a device who’s purpose is to protect electrical devices. This protection is from voltage spikes. Also a surge protector attempts to limit the voltage supplied to an electric device. This is done by either blocking or shorting to ground any unwanted voltages above a safe limit. In conclusion, all outlet strips also include an on/off switch and are made to be as safe as possible.

15 Important Safety TipsSafety

  1. The total watts should not exceed the rated capacity of the extension cord. This is also true for power strips as well as power tap or surge protectors.
  2. Power cords are designed for computers as well as audio and video equipment. They are also for use with musical instruments and home movie lighting. They are also designed for home workshops and laboratory equipment.
  3. Ensure that you purchase power strips with an internal circuit breaker.
  4. Use power strips sparingly.
  5. Look for Outlet strips that are UL or ETL Certified.
  6. Do not knot or twist the cord.
  7. High voltage items can cause an overload to outlet strips. Objects such as refrigerators, microwaves or space heaters. 
  8. Do not locate a surge protector in a moist or wet environment.
  9. Also, don’t locate a power strip in any area where carpet, furniture, or any other item will cover it. These items will limit or prevent air circulation.
  10. Never use a cord that feels hot.
  11. Additionally, do not use a cord that is showing signs of damage in any way.
  12. Never nail, staple, or tape power cords. This includes to desks, walls, ceilings, or another object.
  13. Furthermore, use exterior rated cords for outside use.
  14. Also do not use indoor extension cords outdoors.
  15. Do not extend extension cords by plugging into another. Overloading can occur when multiple devices are plugged into one cord.

Wrapping Up

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What is a Surge?

A surge is an increase in voltage significantly above the design level in a flow of electricity. Any household product can also cause a power surge in homes. The main causes can be from a storm or single lightning strike near your home.  Also, power lines and utility poles that are not working properly due to damage by animals, tree limbs, and car accidents. The burst of electricity can enter your home by telephone or power lines. This can cause an overload of power that needs to escape somehow.

Why Use a Protector?

Surge Protectors are extremely important in the home. They can be found almost everywhere, especially in outlet strips. Outlet strips can be for anything you can imagine in the home. Without proper protection, they can also harm your electronics if an electrical storm were to come about. Current electronics are much smaller and more delicate than older machines and are therefore more sensitive to current increases. It’s a good idea to use surge protectors for high-end electronic equipment, such as entertainment center components. By using this protection, generally, you can extend the life of a device.

Key Tips and Tricks!

Here are some tips and tricks to keep in mind when choosing your protection!

  1. Always look for outlet strips that are properly tested to the standards of a UL certification.
  2. Don’t overload your outlet strip, this can cause too much electricity to run through the outlet strip at one time. This can cause fires, electric shock, and many more dangerous situations.
  3. Make sure to check your outlet strips on a regular basis. A strong enough electrical current could have broken the protection without your knowledge.
  4.  Pay attention to how many joule ratings your outlet strip has. The higher the rating the better!
  5. Make sure you have an indicator light. This is for proper grounding in your strip.


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There are multiple reasons to need commercial power strips. The most important of these have to do with their uses and their reliability.

Power Strips are Rigorously Tested to UL Standards

 UL Power Strips CSA ETL

Safety is the number one concern, especially when interacting with electricity. Therefore, when using a power strip, it is important to know that it can perform its intended duties safely. The testing laboratories conduct on products are rigorous to guarantee that there are no safety concerns. Each of the tests that these labs perform on a commercial power strip ensures its reliability.

Our Power Strips are Durable and Reliable

Our Commercial Power Strips power product displays in some major brick and mortar retailers. These retailers include businesses such as Walmart and Lowe’s. These retailers have worked with us for years because our products are reliable. Every time that you enter one of these retailers you see electronic displays showing working products. Many displays need to have power running to them. Without reliable power strips, those displays would still hold these products. But really, who wants to see a display sitting there doing nothing?

We Offer a Lifetime Warranty

Today there are a lot of disposable items. Customers expect to have to replace their home electronics within a range of five to ten years.  Therefore, seeing warranties on products have become a rare and surprising thing.  A lifetime warranty has especially become the unicorn of the electronic industry. That’s what sets our products apart from others. Not only have our products been through safety testing as previously stated but they also have a lifetime warranty.

There are Many Versatile Uses

Many times, when we see power strips in retail stores there is one standard option for how many outlets are available. This limits how many electronics you can safely plug into them. As an alternative, we offer four different options for power outlets. A small four outlet line can be used for living room gadgets like a television, disc player, computer, and lamp. Alternatively, a larger power line of twenty outlets can be useful in a workshop or craft room where you need multiple tools, lighting, and fans plugged in at the same time safely. Also, we give the customer the option of custom designing their own power strip.

Keep In Touch

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An interesting and unexpected phone call arrived. The caller asked, “Can I purchase one of your Metal Power Strips?” Hmmm, that was odd. This was a consumer who inspected one of our power strips powering a display at a major retailer.

We have been producing killer Metal Power Strips for over 30 years. Strictly as product display units. Not for resale or consumer sales.

Then another call came in. Then another.

Shoppers began taking notice of our Metal Power Strips powering retail product displays. Primarily in use at major retailers. Consumers were contacting our office to purchase these high-quality Metal Power Strips direct.

4 Outlet Commercial Power Strip 8 Outlet Commercial Power Strip

Heavy Duty Metal Power Strips for Consumers

Major retailers trust the Falconer Electronics brand for the ruggedness, durability, and reliability. Since 1985, our customers have included Walmart, Lowe’s and many more. These Metal Power Strips work relentlessly powering product displays all throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Due to high demand, these Heavy Duty Metal Power Strips are now available for sale at

As an American Manufacturer, we take tremendous pride in delivering a quality product. On time. Every time.

All metal power strips are produced and assembled in the USA at our facility in Falconer New York. Available in a line of four sizes.

In addition, we keep our costs as competitive as possible. This is done by sourcing products domestically and globally. We start with local vendors first. For example, each Power Strip is manufactured with U.S. fabricated steel from a local steel fabricator. This relationship offers incredible flexibility and speed to tackle any project.

Also, all power strips are tested to rigorous UL standards.

Need a Custom Size? 

Do you have a unique project that requires a custom made heavy duty power strip?

If so, let’s chat! We pride ourselves on offering product solutions. Customers face tough challenges. We strive to work closely with you to solve those problems.

As a custom manufacturer, our team, infrastructure, and experience offer the flexibility to conquer nearly any project to fit your needs.

No job is too big. No job is too small.

Call us today to discuss your project requiring a Metal Power Strip. Since our humble beginnings in 1985, we always consider it a sincere privilege to serve our customers.

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Metal Power Strip

What do the College Football Playoffs and the Heavy Duty Metal Power Strip product line at Falconer Electronics have in common? Lots! But we will get to that in a minute…..

For all college football fans, the College Football Selection Committee faces tremendous pressure and several big decisions this weekend. Who will make the final four for the College Football Playoffs? Many deserving teams with only four spots available.

How does your team or alma mater look? After the conference championship games, the picture becomes much clearer, hopefully! Some teams will definitely be left out. Their fans and alumni will be upset.

Oh well. Debate and what-ifs are part of the history and culture of college football.

“Ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.” – Legendary Coach Lou Holtz

Heavy Duty Metal Power Strip Selection

While we wait to see what happens this weekend in college football, Falconer Electronics recently launched our top four Metal Power Strip selection that we consider champions. Dependable for any tough project.

What do they have in common with the top college football programs? Plenty! Rugged. Durable. Built to last. Let’s see what else….

American Made 

College football is a wonderful American tradition. We take great pride creating products based on American traditions and values as well. The team at Falconer Electronics assembles each Metal Power Strip at our facility in New York.

Practice and Work Hard 

Each team that makes the playoffs worked incredibly hard to earn a spot. Teams start preparing for the following season, the day after their last game of the previous season. Each player makes a year-round commitment to excellence and success. Our team brings the same commitment. We practice hard year round to deliver the best products in our field.

Set High Standards 

The coaches of the four playoff teams set extremely high standards for their players. Coaches including Urban Meyer, Nick Saban, and Dabo Sweeney demand the best. Their track records support this claim. Especially with these coaches respectively winning the last three national championships.

At Falconer Electronics, we demand the same high standards. Each Metal Power Strip is produced to rigorous UL standards. This provides you the confidence that your electrical products are powered by a durable and reliable product.

Metal Power Strip Lineup

Below includes our exciting lineup. Each Metal Power Strip is now available at our e-commerce store:

4 Outlet Commercial Power Strip – 6′ Cord 


4 Outlet Commercial Power Strip

8 Outlet Commercial Power Strip – 6′ Cord


8 Outlet Commercial Power Strip

 10 Outlet Commercial Power Strip – 6′ Cord


10 Outlet Commercial Power Strip

20 Outlet Commercial Power Strip – 6′ Cord


20 Outlet Commercial Power Strip

Certifications: cETLusUL1363 Relocatable Power Tap

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Heavy Duty Outlet Strips

Falconer Electronics has been producing high-quality Heavy Duty Outlet Strips since 1985. Rugged, tough and tested by rigorous UL standards. In particular, you can find our outlets powering product displays at major brick and mortar retailers. From popular demand, our team created a new line of outlet strips to sell to the public. These reliable power strips can be purchased directly from our new e-commerce store (click here).


When you purchase a Commercial Power Strip from Falconer Electronics, you have the confidence that your project is powered by a durable and reliable product. All Heavy Duty Outlet Strips are manufactured with U.S. Fabricated Steel and assembled in the USA. Power Strips at Falconer Electronics come with a Lifetime Manufacturer Product Warranty.

Buy Direct and Save! 

Buy Direct! No Middleman! No Additional Markups! These dependable and long-lasting commercial outlet strips are only available on Take advantage of the tremendous savings when you buy directly from the manufacturer at Falconer Electronics.

Major Retailers Trust Falconer Electronics 

Since 1985, many of the biggest names in retail have put their trust in Falconer Electronics for Commercial Power Strips. Our Heavy Duty Outlet Strips power literally thousands of product displays in major brick and mortar retailers across the U.S. at Walmart and Lowe’s. You can now purchase the same high-quality Commercial Power Strips that major retailers have relied on for over 30 years.

High Quality and Efficient 

The F0216 Series Power Strip offers an efficient method of power distribution for workbenches, wall mount or other applications. Includes 5-15R output receptacles arranged to accept equipment plugs with minimal outlet blockage. Power strips include a 6 foot AC line cord with adjustable mounting brackets for a variety of temporary mounting applications. Corded, multi-outlet strip reduces cabling chaos and enables the connection of multiple electrical devices to a single AC wall outlet. Features rugged USA fabricated steel housing, 15 amp resettable circuit breaker/switch and industrial gray powder coat.


cETLusUL1363 Relocatable Power Tap

Thank you for reading our announcement on our new line of Heavy Duty Outlet Strips. Also, for more info on electronics manufacturing, please connect with us on FacebookTwitterGoogle+, and LinkedIn.


10. Don’t Overload Your Power Strips

When you overload your power strips there is potential for a lot of danger. Not only can it cause fires. Also, if you get too close to this mess you may never see those you love again.

overloaded power strips

9. Don’t Use A Power Strip With A Damaged Power Cord Or Receptacles

Damaged power strips can cause a lot of problems. They can start themselves or whatever appliance you have plugged into them on fire.  Check all of your outlet strips before you use them or you could be wishing for the days when burnt toast when you’re late for work was the worst of your issues.

Burning plug in outlet Burnt and melted power strip

8. Don’t Use Power Strips If There Is Water On Or Near Them

Electricity and water do not mix. Water can cause a power strip to short out which can cause electrocutions or fire. Real life electrocutions are not like the funny cartoons of Tom and Jerry and they aren’t as easy to recover from either.

When power strip are streaming water

7. Don’t Place Power Cords Or Outlet Strips Of Any Kind Under Carpets Or Rugs

If cords are under rugs or carpets they are easily out of view. People often think that if it is only temporary nothing bad will happen. If it is only for Christmas decorations then that cord will be there such a short time it will be alright. Cords can receive damage from being walked on. This is especially true around holidays. This is due to the extra people in the home. Also, if a cord is hidden under a rug that means you can easily forget that it is there and trip over it causing injury. No one wants to be the star of the next commercial with the famous line “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up”.

A dangerous fall A broken cable

6. Don’t Put Metal Wear Into Receptacles

Metal conducts electricity. Your body can easily be electrocuted by electricity. Do the math here and don’t put anything that isn’t a plug into any kind of outlet.


5. Don’t Pull Cords Out Of Power Strips Except By Their Plugs

When you pull on a cord you have the potential of breaking that cord. You can short out the wires internally or you can even break apart the outer insulation of the cord leaving wires exposed to the elements and loved ones. We all know unplugging something from across the room takes that extra effort and that it’s so much easier at the moment to just yank the cord free. However, the few seconds of movement you saved will not be worth more than the potential cost of replacing whatever that power cord was attached to before you just pulled it apart.

Broken power cord  Broken and charred power cord

4. Don’t Plug A Power Strip Into Another Power Strip

Power strips are not made to be hooked together in series. There is the potential of overloading one or both of the strips and then causing a fire or electrocution. Just move your appliances around to other wall outlets and save yourself the hazard of damages.

Multiple power strips plugged into each other

3. Don’t Force Plugs Into None Compatible Receptacles

Everyone who has ever traveled to another country has experienced this dilemma. They sell adapters so you don’t have to go without your precious hair dryer or curling iron while you travel the world. Everyone knows while traveling you take more pictures, those pictures will last a lifetime. If you try to plug in that hair drier without an adapter your dryer won’t make it through that first day.

Wrong plug for the wrong outlet Another wrong plug for the wrong outlet

2. Don’t Use Power Strips Or Their Cords As A Rope To Tow Objects Or Yourself

Power strips are not made to hold or tow any type of weight. Even in desperation using a power strip or its cord could result in serious injury or damage. If you’re really desperate to move something literally choose anything else besides electrical devices. The cords will break and you will just end up looking like a fool for not using the rope that you have in the basement.

 Always use proper equipment for towing or recreation

1. Don’t Use Indoor Power Strips Outdoors

Indoor power strips are not meant to be in the elements. Therefore, rain, snow, or high winds could cause damage to your power strip. Damage could affect anything that is plugged into to that power strip. Furthermore, anything that the strip is plugged into could be damaged as well, like your house. As we said before water and electricity DO NOT MIX! You could get electrocuted, short out your power strip and devices, or even start a fire. High winds blow things all around like cows and trees. Debris could be blown into the outlets causing dangerous conditions as well.

Power cord and strip in a pool Burnt and melted power strip

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Custom Electronics Manufacturer in the U.S. Since 1985

Falconer Electronics, Inc (FEI) has proudly served its community as a U.S. Custom Electronics Manufacturer since 1985. Our customers love the convenience and flexibility of working with a domestic manufacturer.

There are tremendous benefits gained when working with a domestic manufacturer. Especially since partnering with a U.S. Custom Electronics Manufacturer drastically reduces costs and lead time.

The three areas that FEI specializes in include:

  1. Wire Harness Assembly
  2. Commercial Outlet Strips
  3. Printed Circuit Boards

Benefits of Partnering with a Custom Electronics Manufacturer in the U.S.

Outsourcing your Wire Harnesses, Commercial Outlet Strips or Printed Circuit Boards to a U.S. Custom Electronics Manufacturer provides a list of competitive advantages for your company:

  • Time zone challenges do not exist – We get up super early and start our day at 6:00 am est.
  • Quick and easy communication where language barriers do not exist (except for our goofy accents).
  • Shipping charges are much cheaper.
  • QUICK turnaround time – we work fast!
  • Over 30 years of experience.
  • We lobby all of our tools, resources, and expertise to provide an outstanding customer experience.
  • “Made in the USA” is a symbol of pride and high quality. Hard working Americans at work producing incredible products.
  • Fast and convenient shipping options
  • Inventory management and control
  • Our purchasing power lowers your costs
  • Long-term relationship with vendors
  • Keeping our overhead costs as low as possible to pass savings on to our customers.  We are frugal! We consider ourselves part of your team and work relentlessly to keep prices down and dirty.
  • Accessibility – many of our customers visit our facility and we consider it a privilege to go on tour to visit our customers as well.
  • Supply chain efficiencies


Our experience, expertise, tools, knowledge, and resources become an extension of your business allowing you to do what you do best – Make your outstanding products and produce profits. One of the keys to the long-term success at FEI is our deep commitment to driving profits for our customers. The greater the ROI each customer enjoys from our products the better.


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