Wiring in Outdoor Stadiums

Safety is a big priority when It comes to all outdoor sports. This is especially important when it comes to an outdoor stadium. There are many different factors to consider when starting to plan. The first thing to consider is power lines. How is the field going to be lit? Overhead and underground power lines need to be identified and included when making a system decision. This is needed in order to power everything for the field. The second thing to consider is the layout of the field. This includes if there is easy accessibility for heavy equipment for installation and future maintenance or repairs, enough room for seating, and room for lighting poles. The final thing to consider is the availability of equipment. This is important because all the necessary equipment should be put together before even starting the project.  

New considerations to factor when starting to build

The first consideration is the type of field that you are building. This is important when considering layout, drainage, and wiring. The second thing to consider is to look at the wiring being used. If using Underground wires there are many considerations that need to be taken. There can be three types: direct buried, trough, or tunnel. The first is direct buried. There are three conductors are buried in a trench in the ground with cooling pipes as well.  Once this is finished, the ground is reinstated and there is no visible sign of the cable along most of its length.

The second kind is tough. There are three conductors closer together and contained in a concrete trough flush with the ground surfaces. The final kind is a tunnel. Cables can be placed in a tunnel bored for the purpose deep beneath the ground. Various designs have been used, with the conductors often bundled together. The next thing to take into consideration is overhead powerlines. There are two major types of overhead power lines. The first is Electrical cables. This includes high and low voltage cables, Supervisory and Signaling Cables, and Cathodic protection. The second type is Communication cables. This includes Phone lines, Coaxial cables, and Broadband cables. These are very important when it comes to getting power to your field.  

After the Stadium is built brings new factors

There are many new considerations to factor in once the stadium is built. Safety is the biggest priority. Lightning is something to be aware of when it comes to outdoor sports. Taking the precautions needed, lightning poles will keep everyone safe. A well lit field also needs to be taken into consideration especially in an emergency.  These are just some of the safety features in order to keep everyone safe at your sporting events.  

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