Wire Harness Estimator

Meet the Wire Harness Estimator


Determining the cost of a new Wire Harness Assembly just became a whole lot easier thanks to some hard work and innovation. Falconer Electronics, Inc., (FEI) a wire harness manufacturer since 1985, proudly announces the new online FEI Wire Harness Estimator (https://falconerelectronics.com/custom-wire-harness-estimator/). 

Introducing the FEI Wire Harness Estimator

What is a Wire Harness Estimator? 

The brand new online FEI Wire Harness Estimator allows buyers, product designers, and engineers the ability to enter the specs of a wire harness assembly quickly and easily.  This straightforward approach eliminates the need to wait days or weeks for pricing out your wire harness. 

Fast & Easy to Use 

The Wire Harness Estimator delivers an estimated cost of your wire harness assembly within seconds of submission directly to your email. Utilize the simplistic step by step process as you select each item required in your assembly.

You can select your wire type, wire gauge, wire color, wire length, the number of individual wires, and wire terminals. 

Looking for additional connectors or other items not on the list? No problem! All you need to do is enter the manufacturer part number and the estimator adds that item to the estimate. 

Lastly, you can finalize your estimate with any add ons such as a spiral wrap, expandable sleeving, wire ties, and heat shrink. Wire labels and label flags can also be added. 

No Commitments – No Obligation 

The only requirement is entering your name and email address. You will instantly receive an email with the estimate. 

No commitments – no obligation. 

The estimate does NOT represent a formal quote. This is an outstanding opportunity to provide a short cut for you to capture an estimate or a ball park price for your new wire harness assembly. 

For detailed pricing on quantity breaks or a formal quote, you are welcome to submit a drawing and a request for proposal. A team member from Falconer Electronics will contact you with an actual quote fitting your timeline and quantity needed. 

You can call 716-665-4176 or email info@falconer-electronics.com with any questions to walk through the process. 

No minimums required and we welcome customers of all sizes. 

Thank you so much for reading this post. We invite your constructive feedback on how the Wire Harness Estimator can help your business. 

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