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Welcome to the Falconer Electronics Wire Harness Estimator. 

The Wire Harness Estimator allows you the opportunity to configure your own Wire Harness to your specifications as well as provides you with an estimate within seconds. 

We know that your time is extremely valuable. That is why we created this powerful software tool to help you speed up the pricing process. 

Instead of waiting days or even weeks for a response to your RFQ – take advantage of the Falconer Electronics Wire Harness Estimator. 

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Wire Harness Estimator: Receive a Wire Harness Estimate Immediately 

Wire Harness Assembly

The Falconer Electronics Wire Harness Estimator provides you with an instant Wire Harness Estimate.

Perfect when seeking an estimate on your Wire Harness Assembly or in case you just need a ballpark price, pronto.

The Wire Harness Estimator allows buyers, product designers, and engineers the ability to enter the specs of a wire harness assembly quickly and easily. This straightforward approach eliminates the need to wait days or even weeks for pricing out your estimate.

This tool also works perfectly for companies building a prototype or new product design.

As discussed in our New Product Development Series, gathering product information and pricing is critical to moving your project forward.

Fast & Easy to Use 

The Falconer Electronics Wire Harness Estimator delivers an estimated cost of your wire harness assembly within seconds of submission.

It arrives directly to your email. Therefore, you can utilize this simplistic step by step process to select each item required for your wire harness assembly.

The Estimator even allows you to enter a specific manufacturer part number. 

Let’s get started. 

Wire Harness Estimator: PAGE 1 

Wire Harness Estimator

1st Step 

Select your Wire Type. 

Options include: 

  • Wire-stranded
  • Ribbon cable
  • THHN – Solid
  • THHN – Strand


Step 2 

Select you Wire Gauge.

Gauge sizes available on the Wire Harness Estimator include 6 – 22 ga. 


Step 3 

Select your Wire Color 


Step 4 

Select the Wire Length 


Step 5 

Click “Add to Estimate”.

You will see your selection populated below. 

Repeat this process for each wire in your Wire Assembly

After you have selected each wire that makes up your wire assembly – select “Next Step”.

We will move on to select the necessary terminals and connectors. 

Wire Harness Estimator: PAGE 2 


Wire Harness Estimator

You will find this page extremely helpful and efficient. 

If you have a specific manufacturer part number such as terminals and connectors – this is the place to enter those products. 

In the gray box – enter the exact manufacturer part number. 

For example, type in 60900-4 for a female connector from TE Connectivity. 

You can search these electronic components distributors below for manufacturers part numbers: 

The Wire Harness Estimator will populate that exact part into the estimate. 

Type in the quantity and then select “Add to Estimate”. 

Also, you may add multiple parts and components. 

If you do not have a specific part number or do not have a preference of manufacturer – select from our in-stock options below: 

  • Ring Terminal
  • Fork Terminal
  • QC terminals / Disconnect
  • Ferrules Terminals


Once you select one of these options – each terminal will allow you to select the exact specs for that part. 

For example – if you select a ring terminal – select the following options: 

  • Insulation 
  • Wire size 
  • Stud size 

Select your quantity and then hit “Add to Estimate”.

Once you have selected all of your terminals – select “Next Step”. 

Wire Harness Estimator: PAGE 3 

Would you like to add additional items such as:

  • Spiral wrap
  • Expandable Sleeving
  • Wire ties
  • Heat shrink
  • Wire Labels
  • Wire Label Flags

Select each item necessary to complete your wire harness assembly

After each item select “Add to Estimate”.

Once complete, hit “Next Step”.

Wire Harness Estimator: PAGE 4 

This step offers the opportunity to add any additional information. 

Hit “Next Step”.


Wire Harness Estimator: PAGE 5 



Prior to submitting your Wire Harness Assembly, this last page provides a complete summary of your configuration. 

At any time through the estimating process, you may hit the tabs above to go back to make changes.

Also, you have the option to submit a drawing of your assembly here as well. 


When you are satisfied that your Wire Harness is complete – simply type your name – if helpful you can enter the project name & your email. 

Fill out the Captcha math equation and Hit Submit. 


Your Wire Harness Estimate is sent directly to your email box with an estimated price for your Wire Harness 

Due to the nearly infinite number of assemblies or configurations – the price is strictly an estimate and the price is based on a quantity of 1. 

Once you complete the Estimator and you are ready to move forward with an actual quote, you may Submit a Drawing and Bill of Materials – our team will start working on a quote based on your timeline and quantities. 


Instant Ground Strap QuoteBuilder 

Lastly, looking for a Braided Ground Strap? 

Falconer Electronics also offers an incredibly efficient software tool that allows you to create and configure your own Ground Strap – Immediately! 

  • Build Your Own Custom Ground Strap
  • Powerful and Resourceful Software Tool 
  • Takes Only 60 Seconds or Less 
  • Buy Manufacturer Direct & Save 
  • No RFQ Wait Time * No Frustration * No Obligation 
  • Made in USA 


Wrapping It Up 

Thanks for checking out this post. 

For more information on Falconer Electronics, please click these helpful links: 

Finally, to learn about Wire Harness Assemblies, please click below: 


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