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Instant Wire Harness Estimates. 

Isn’t great when a company offers you the opportunity to capture critical product information that’s available 24/7?

No need to call. No need to speak with anyone. 

Just utilize their website that provides the necessary product information to help make a buying decision. 

Especially handy with product pricing which is challenging when it comes to customized products. 

Well that is exactly what Falconer Electronics achieved with the Wire Harness Estimator (click here). 

The latest version of the Wire Harness Estimator was just updated, making this valuable tool even faster and easier. 

The Wire Harness Estimator was received with great success serving Fortune 500 companies, engineers, new product designers as well as professionals in procurement looking for immediate Wire Harness Estimates. 

As a Wire Harness Manufacturer since 1985, Falconer Electronics knows their customers survive by receiving pricing and Wire Harness Estimates ASAP. 

Let’s take a look: 

Need Pricing Now 

Let’s paint a picture.

You are facing an extremely tight deadline. 

You are working around the clock. Relentlessly trying to complete your new product design.

The trials and tribulations of completing a prototype.

You are designing an extremely exciting new product and determined to change the world. 

This new product solves a major problem for your customers. A game changer! 

Launching a new product requires your undivided attention. 

Raising capital. Managing finances. Marketing. Sales. HR. Hiring. Operations. 

You probably find yourself playing janitor as well. 

Teaming up with the right partner is critical. 

However, right now you need pricing.

Yet, you simply cannot wait days upon days for a response to your RFQ. Now what? 

All you need is a ball park price to help determine what it takes to produce competitively.  

Most importantly, you need an estimate. Now. Not tomorrow. 

Well your problems are solved. 

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Receive Wire Harness Estimates Instantly 


The Falconer Electronics Wire Harness Estimator offers instant Wire Harness Estimates. Perfect when developing a prototype or when you just need a ballpark price. Pronto.

The latest version of the FEI Wire Harness Estimator allows buyers, product designers, and engineers the ability to enter the specs of a wire harness assembly fast & easy.

This straightforward approach eliminates the need to wait days or even weeks for a response to your RFQ. 

The Wire Harness Estimator serves as a valuable tool that works perfectly for companies building a prototype or new product design. 

Gathering pricing for your Wire Harness Assembly from various suppliers can cause plenty of frustration. Slow response times negatively impact your tight timelines.

Furthermore, it can impact your credibility with customers. Delays also hurt profits.

Therefore, our goal is to save our customers as much time and money as possible.

We all have the same 24 hours in a day. There are no competitive advantages over time.

Time is money. Especially since you have thousands of tasks to conquer during each work day. Maximizing efficiency is crucial to your success.

Fast & Easy Wire Harness Estimates 

The FEI Wire Harness Estimator delivers an estimated cost of your wire harness assembly within seconds of submission.

It arrives directly to your email. Therefore, you can utilize the simplistic step by step to select each item required for your wire harness assembly.

First, you can select:

Additionally, are you looking for connectors or other items, not on the list? No problem!

All you need to do is enter the manufacturer part number. The FEI Wire Harness Estimator adds that item to the Wire Harness Estimate.

Lastly, you can finalize your estimate with any add-ons you need. Extras such as a spiral wrap, expandable sleeving, wire ties, heat shrink, labels, and flags can all be added.


No Commitments & No Obligation 

The Wire Harness Estimator requires No commitments! No obligations!

The only requirement is your name and email address. After you fill out all of the required steps, Wire Harness Estimates are sent immediately.

Yet, this is an outstanding opportunity to provide a shortcut for you to capture Wire Harness Estimates.

Also, for detailed pricing on quantity breaks or a formal quote, you are welcome to submit a drawing and a request for proposal.

Afterward, a Wire Harness expert from Falconer Electronics will contact you with an actual quote fitting your timeline and quantity.

Furthermore, there are NO MINIMUMS and we welcome customers of all sizes. 

Wrapping It Up 

Thanks for reading this post. 

For more information on Falconer Electronics, please click these helpful links: 

Finally, to learn about Wire Harness Assemblies, please click below: 



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