Wire Harness Estimate

Need a price on a Wire Harness Assembly, like RIGHT NOW?! Traditionally, receiving Wire Harness Estimates could take hours or even days. Well, thanks to some hard work and innovation that problem is now solved. Therefore, you can now receive a Wire Harness Estimate within minutes (or even seconds depending on how fast you type). Furthermore, you should stop by and check out the brand new Falconer Electronics Wire Harness Estimator.

Wire Harness Estimate in 6 Simple Steps 

The Wire Harness Estimator offers you a simple 6 step process. Therefore, with each step, you can easily enter product information. Once complete, you hit submit. Also, within seconds your Wire Harness Estimate will be waiting for you. We send it straight to your email box.

Wire Harness Estimate

  1. Select your wire
  2. Enter the number of wires
  3. Select your terminals
  4. Choose add-ons – such as sleeving, heat shrink, labels, or wire ties
  5. Don’t see an item you need –
  6. you can type in a request
  7. Finally, submit

At any time you are also free to submit a drawing.

Are you creating a prototype?

Do you need to test a new product?

Also, do you need a Wire Harness Estimate quick? No problem. You can breeze through the Wire Harness Estimator completely free of charge and no obligations.

Do you have questions on Wire Harness Components? Click here.

Custom Wire Harness Assembly 

What type of industries do we serve? Our wire harnesses can be found in the healthcare industry, auto and truck lighting, heating systems, locomotive products and much more.  

Commercial Power Strips

Commercial Power Strips manufactured by Falconer Electronics can be found working relentlessly at numerous major brick and mortar retail stores at product displays. Also, we produce our own wire harnesses for all of our power strips.

Portable Work Lights 

We even produce wire harnesses for our own proprietary product line. We have portable work lights. This line includes magnetic trouble lights as well as magnetic spotlights.

MLC-50-C3 Trouble Light


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