Instant Wire Harness Estimate: Your Step By Step Guide

When it comes to gathering a wire harness estimate and quote from various suppliers, the process can cause a lot of frustration. Slow response times from vendors negatively impact your deadlines. Furthermore, it can impact your credibility with customers. Delays also hurt profits.

Therefore, our goal is to save our customers as much time and money as possible. As a Wire Harness Manufacturer, many of our customers commented that they would love a tool where they could capture a Wire Harness Estimate immediately. Right Now!

We all have the same 24 hours in a day. There are no competitive advantages over time. Time is money. Especially since you have thousands of tasks to conquer during each work day. Maximizing efficiency is crucial to your success.

So we went to work with our programmer to create a solution. In particular, a solution that would provide a Wire Harness Estimate as quickly as possible.

The result:

The FEI Wire Harness Estimator 

Receive Your Wire Harness Estimate Instantly 

The FEI Wire Harness Estimator offers an instant Wire Harness Estimate. Perfect when seeking a Wire Harness Estimate or when you just need a ballpark price, pronto.

The brand new online FEI Wire Harness Estimator allows buyers, product designers, and engineers the ability to enter the specs of a wire harness assembly quickly and easily. This straightforward approach eliminates the need to wait days or even weeks for pricing out your estimate.

This tool also works perfectly for companies building a prototype or new product design. As discussed in our New Product Development Series, gathering product information and pricing is critical to moving your project forward.

Fast & Easy to Use 

The FEI Wire Harness Estimator delivers an estimated cost of your wire harness assembly within seconds of submission. It arrives directly to your email. Therefore, you can utilize the simplistic step by step process down below to select each item you require for your wire harness.

First, you can select:

Additionally, are you looking for connectors or other items, not on the list? No problem! All you need to do is enter the manufacturer part number. The FEI Wire Harness Estimator adds that item to the Wire Harness Estimate.

Lastly, you can finalize your estimate with any add-ons you need. Extras such as a spiral wrap, expandable sleeving, wire ties, heat shrink, labels, and flags can all be added.

No Commitments & No Obligation 

There is no commitments or obligations for you to purchase your harnesses from us.

The only requirement is your name and email address. After you fill out all of the required steps you will instantly receive an email with your estimate.

However, the Wire Harness Estimate does NOT represent a formal quote. Yet, this is an outstanding opportunity to provide a shortcut for you to capture a Wire Harness Estimate or a ballpark price for your new Wire Harness Assembly.

Also, for detailed pricing on quantity breaks or a formal quote, you are welcome to submit a drawing and a request for proposal. Afterward, a team member from Falconer Electronics will contact you with an actual quote fitting your timeline and quantity.

You can also call 716-665-4176 or email with any questions. We have specialists to walk you through the process.

Furthermore, there is NO MINIMUM requirement and we welcome customers of all sizes. Therefore, you do not have to be part of a large company or even plan on making a large order. We encourage orders of any size.

Step by Step Guide to the FEI Wire Harness Estimator

Below offers a step by step process when using the FEI Wire Harness Estimator:

Step 1) Select Wire Type 

Wire Harness Estimate, Instant Wire Harness Estimate: Your Step By Step Guide


You may select multiple wires – Click “Add to Estimate” after each selection.

Options include:

Wire Stranded

  • Available Colors – Black, White, Green, Red, Blue, Yellow, Brown
  • Available Gauges – 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22

Flexible Ground Braid 

  • Uninsulated
  • 1/4″ and 1/2″

Ribbon Cable – Gray

  • Available Color – Gray or Color-coded
  • Conductor – 10, 14, 16, 20, 26, 40

THHN – Solid 

  • Available Color – Black, White, Green, Red, Gray, Orange
  • Available Gauge – 12 Gauge Only

THHN – Strand

  • Available Colors – Black, White, Green
  • Available Gauge – 12 Gauge Only

Select Length – The TOTAL length of wire required for a single assembly – This also applies for multiple wires. Select the length of each wire.


The Estimator allows you to Add multiple wires.

Review your selection – if ready to proceed – click “NEXT STEP”.


STEP 2) Select the Number of Individual Wires 

Wire Harness Estimate, Instant Wire Harness Estimate: Your Step By Step Guide

This section will include the TOTAL number of Individual Wires in your Wire Harness Estimate.


STEP 3) Select Your Terminal 

Wire Harness Estimate, Instant Wire Harness Estimate: Your Step By Step Guide

This section allows you the opportunity to select a specific manufacturer part number. Therefore, enter the manufacturer part number in the space provided and hit SEARCH. Furthermore, the product will populate into the Wire Harness Estimate.

Therefore, if your specific part number is not available, you may select from the list of “house” parts below:

  • Ring Terminal
  • Fork Terminal
  • Quick Connect/Disconnect Terminals
  • Also, Ferrules Terminal

Select Quantity (for a Single Wire Harness)


In addition, you may add multiple terminals and hit “ADD TO ESTIMATE” each time



STEP 4) Select Add-ons 

Wire Harness Estimate, Instant Wire Harness Estimate: Your Step By Step Guide

  • Spiral Wrap
  • Expandable Sleeving
  • Wire Ties
  • Heat Shrink
  • Wire Labels
  • Wire Flags

Enter Length in inches or Quantity for all of the above as is applicable.


Also, you may add multiple Add-ons in this section. Also, please remember to hit “ADD TO ESTIMATE” after each selection.



STEP 5) Component Request 

Wire Harness Estimate, Instant Wire Harness Estimate: Your Step By Step Guide

Furthermore, this section allows you the opportunity to add any other components or helpful notes that will help determine your Wire Harness Estimate.

Also, any items added to the “Components Request” section will NOT be added to the initial estimate. Therefore you will receive a separate email including the additional components to your Wire Harness Estimate.


STEP 6) Review and Submit 

Wire Harness Estimate, Instant Wire Harness Estimate: Your Step By Step Guide


Lastly, the Summary page allows you the opportunity to review your entries and make sure that everything looks accurate.

Additionally, once you are satisfied with your selection simply enter your name and email address. You may also enter a project number to help keep track of each Wire Harness Estimate.

Finally, enter the correct number for the captcha and hit SUBMIT. Finished!

Finally, you will receive your Wire Harness Estimate within seconds in your email box.

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