Outsource Your Wire Harness Assembly Process – Part 1


Is it Time to Outsource Your Wire Harness Assembly Process? 

“Should we begin outsourcing our Wire Harness Assembly Process?”

This is a common question that our new customers typically ask themselves before reaching out to us.

Many times in life, if the question crosses your mind, then odds are it is time to act.

For example, is it time to discard those old ratty sneakers that offend everyone around you? Most likely it is time to let go (a common piece of advice from my wife).

Do you eat the leftover seafood from Monday night – on Saturday? Probably not a good idea.

You question if you are too old or if it is still cool to wear your KC and the Sunshine Band t-shirt – Duran Duran – New Kids on the Block – or whatever generation fall in. Then it might be time to hang it up.  Actually, that is a bad example. It is never time to grow up.


If you have been asking yourself if it is time to outsource your Wire Harness Assembly Process, odds are the time has arrived. At the very least, it certainly doesn’t hurt to investigate further.

Start by identifying what event occurred or how this question arrived. Understanding when, how and why this became an internal burden is an important step.

What hold ups, hang ups, pull downs, drag downs, hiccups, throw ups, headaches, heartaches, belly aches, or pain in the “you know what” has occurred.

Think about the moment where you thought to yourself, “there must be a better way”.

Start With Performing an Internal SWOT 

Wire Harness Assembly Process, Outsource Your Wire Harness Assembly Process – Part 1

Start with a SWOT on your internal Wire Harness Assembly process. What are the company strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats? Especially if you keep this process in-house.

Do the same procedure and create a SWOT if you were to outsource your Wire Harness Assembly Process.

The next question becomes, “Who can solve this problem so we can focus on our core business”?

A key to building a successful business is partnering with experts in a given field. Successful companies exist by solving a problem. Solving a problem requires developing an area of expertise. A proficiency that stands above the competition.

Partnering with Seasoned Professionals 

You need to partner with a company that thrives and works relentlessly to gain a competitive advantage. Also, one that creates economies of scale for you. Most importantly, a solution so tremendous that it just doesn’t make sense to perform these tasks on your own anymore.

Can you change the oil in your car in less than 30 minutes? Is your time worth more than the price to have a quick stop oil change shop (Ex: JiffyLube) perform the task?

As a business owner or manager, you hire professionals to strengthen your business and protect your assets.

This list includes hiring an accountant, attorney, or insurance broker who have invested the time and energy to educate themselves on business law, tax codes or proper insurance policies. You rely heavily on these individuals to help you make critical business decisions. Surrounding yourself with highly trained and qualified professionals has the potential to pay huge dividends.

Outsourcing certain tasks within the manufacturing process offer similar benefits. Teaming up with an all-star team creates a winning formula allowing you to maximize profits while minimizing risks.

This post kicks off an eight part series on Outsourcing Your Wire Harness Assembly Process. We will weigh in on the due diligence and selection process as well as many other strategies and helpful tips.

Wrapping It Up 

Lastly, Thank you for taking the time to read this post. 

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