Wire Harness Accuracy: Mechanical Integrity and Electrical Requirements

The team at Falconer Electronics has a keen eye for wire harness accuracy. This is due to our creation of literally millions of wire harness assemblies.

Assembling of a wire harness needs to include complying with the manufacturer’s requirements.

These requirements for Wire Harness Accuracy include:

  • Wire length
  • Proper wire and terminal gauges
  • Pull testing
  • Furthermore, each assembly must meet industry standards, such as IPC, UL or ETL 

Therefore, it is crucial that the mechanical integrity and electrical requirements are both met when crimping wires. The same is true when creating a wire harness. 

There are various challenges with assembling cables and wires for customers.

Yet, some wire harness assemblies can be quite basic and fundamental.

Basic harnesses often include one wire capped with two terminals. 

However, there are more complicated harnesses that require additional accessories.

Accessories include:

  • Heat shrink
  • Hard to find connectors
  • Labels
  • The addition of wire housings
  • Wire ties

Wire Harness Accuracy, Wire Harness Accuracy: Mechanical Integrity and Electrical Requirements

Wire Harness Accuracy

Every customer project requires the highest level of Wire Harness Accuracy.

If a wire harness is not working properly, there are several issues that can be causing the problem.

For example, there could be damage or contact deformation. 

Therefore, pinpointing the culprit causing the failure is the first step.

Some failures reveal easily and immediately. However, others may take some time to figure out.

For example, damaged wires beneath insulation can be difficult to detect.

Stress on the wires may cause damage without actually breaking the insulation.

Even worse, damaged or broken wires underneath a circuit board can be extremely frustrating to locate.

Furthermore, wires cannot withstand a pull beyond their weight limitations.

Consequently, wires pulled at an excessive weight will cause breaks in the wires without damaging the insulation.

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