Wire Harness Accuracy

Can you believe that today is already the last day of May? 2017 is flying by! Well, we hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day celebrating with friends and family. As we have been posting each week, May is National Electrical Safety Month. Today is “Wire Harness Wednesday”, so we would like to address wire harness accuracy as well as problem areas to look for when wires are not working properly. 

Having created literally millions of wire harness assemblies over our 30+ year history, the team at Falconer Electronics has a keen eye for identifying trouble areas. Assembling a wire harness needs to comply with the manufacturer’s requirements such as height, length, gauge and pull test. Also, each assembly must meet industry standards such as UL or ETL. It is critical that the mechanical integrity and electrical requirements are both met when crimping wires and creating a wire harness. 

There are various challenges faced with assembling cables and wires for customers. Some wire harness assemblies can be quite basic with one wire capped with two terminals. 

Other wire harnesses bring complications with multiple wires, terminals, connectors, housing and twist ties. 

Wire Harness Accuracy


 Wire Harness Challenges 

Every customer project requires Wire Harness accuracy. If you are working with a wire harness that is not working properly, there are several issues that can be causing the problem. However, there can be no damage or contact deformation. 

Pinpointing the culprit causing the failure is the first step. Some failures reveal easily and immediate while others may take some time to figure out. For example, damaged wires beneath insulation can be difficult to detect. Stress on the wires may cause damage without actually breaking the insulation. Wires carry electricity and cannot withstand a pull beyond weight limitations. Wires pulled at an excessive weight will cause breaks in the wires without damaging the insulation. Even worse, damaged or broken wires underneath a circuit board can be an extremely frustrating find. 

May is Electrical Safety Month!  Check out our Facebook page for “Electrical Fail Fridays” and “What not to do” this past month. You can also find us on Twitter and Google+.  June blog posts will include LED lighting as well as continue our series on “Wire Harness Wednesdays”.

See you then & have a Great day!!


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