Wire Genre: Our Top Five Songs with “Wire” in the Title

Have you ever been in the mood for a specific genre of songs? Most people would think of Rock, Country, or Classical as their favorite. However, there is a specific genre out there that people don’t usually focus on. The Wire Genre.

You are probably shocked that you forgot about this genre.

That’s alright, we forgive you.

To make up for this forgetfulness we have put together our top Wire Titles for you to reconnect with your favorite genre.

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Motley Crue- Live Wire

Motley Crue is an American rock band. They have been gracing everyone with their musical talents for over thirty years. The band has had world wide success. This success includes platinum and multi-platinum records. Also, they have reached top status on many music charts and lists. Especially noteworthy, is their inclusion on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Due to all of this success, Motley Crue’s music can be heard and recognized on numerous commercials.

HAIM- The Wire

HAIM is also an American band. The band consists of three sisters. The band is less known in America then Motley Crue. However, they have been on shows such as Saturday Night Live. Also, HAIM has performed with well known artists such as, Kesha and Kid Cudi. Most of their recognition is in Europe. Consequently, that is where most of their tours occur. Their latest work as been on the album Women music, Pt. III.

Men at Work- High Wire

Men at Work was an Australian band who was first recognized in the early 1980’s. They were well known for their creativity and unique sound. Unfortunately, the band did not last in the spotlight. In the late 1980’s they broke up. However, you will still recognize and enjoy many of their songs today.

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U2- Wire

Most everyone has heard of U2. In the late 1970’s the band started with a response to an ad for wanted musicians to join a drummer. They began in Artane Ireland. However, what people may not know is U2 was not always called U2. When they first began they called themselves Feedback. After being known as Feedback they later changed their name to The Hype before becoming known as U2. During their time as Feedback, they were rehearsing in a band member’s kitchen. From humble beginnings in a kitchen to world tours U2 continues to gain fans.

The Who- Endless Wire

Our last selection for the Wire Genre includes “Endless Wire” by the Who.

The members of The Who formed the band in the 1960’s after they had all attended the same school. However, the band was originally called The Detours. In September of 1964 Pete Townshend makes the iconic move of smashing his first guitar on stage. This action continues by many guitarists, in many venues. Townshend’s actions even inspired other musicians such as drummers to smash their instruments in solidarity. The Who continues to release albums and tour. Check out the Top 50 Who Songs according to Rolling Stone.

Wrapping It Up

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