Partnering with Electrical Engineer Steve French at Volt Vision

Volt Vision President Steve French has been designing electronics for over 25 years. Along with his vast experience and expertise, Steve also brings a deep passion for electronics with every project.

According to the Volt Vision website:

“Volt Vision masters modern Electronic Design with a specialty in LED lighting and intelligent control systems.  We design products and systems for many businesses.  From defining new intelligent products to improving existing products. Volt Vision leverages today’s technologies which are more efficient, more intelligent and make the world a better place.”

Volt Vision & Galileo University

As a circuit board designer as well as an LED expert, Steve keeps current with cutting edge technology in electronics. Steve is also an outstanding teacher as well.

For example, every year Steve travels to Guatemala to share new techniques in electronics at the Galileo University (check out here Steve cherishes his visit each year with the amazing students and professors at Galileo University.

In addition, Steve says even though he goes to Galileo University annually to share his knowledge, he definitely brings back more than he could ever expect with each visit. Click here to learn more about FIT 2018 at Galileo University.

Volt Vision, Partnering with Electrical Engineer Steve French at Volt Vision

Volt Vision & LED Lighting

As an electronics custom manufacturer for since 1985,  our team at Falconer Electronics finds partnering with experts such as Volt Vision pays big dividends for our company.

Successful new product development requires time, patience, persistence, determination and skill. Sometimes a little luck and a few prayers help as well.

However, teaming up with a seasoned professional to walk you through the journey of new product development is critical.

Having the privilege of working with Steve on numerous projects provides a front row seat with the challenges during the birth of a new product.

Steve is tenacious. He designs, develops, creates, as well as tests each product to meet his high standards.

Volt Vision works tirelessly on a number of different companies in various industries. Steve’s projects include LED truck lighting, LED concert lighting, handicap accessible vehicles, and LED horticulture lighting.

Above all, we deeply value our conversations and collaboration with Steve. To sum up, we strongly recommend working with Steve French on your next project.

Wrapping It Up

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