Instant Ground Strap QuoteBuilder Step by Step Video Tour

Let’s go on a little tour. A quick video tour of the Falconer Electronics Instant Ground Strap QuoteBuilder

Excitedly, the team at Falconer Electronics, Inc. produced our very own software tool for customers (we are so proud of ourselves :)

Especially since, this resourceful tool allows customers to custom build their own ground strap which then provides an instant quote. 

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In addition, the entire process is incredibly simple and takes 60 seconds or less.

The quick and easy process includes the following steps: 

  1. RoHS Compliance: Lead or Lead-Free. A simple click indicates your choice.
  2. Width and Length: Select widths for the braided wire, either one-fourth, one-half inch or three-quarters, then select a custom length.
  3. A and B-Side Terminal Selection: Side A and B are both offered in five sizes. Simply choose the correct size needed for the job.
  4. Terminal Orientation: Select from a range of seven pictures that clearly delineate the orientations available.
  5. Quantity: The final question allows customers to pick the specific quantity needed.
  6. Fill in your name and email.  Hit Submit. 
  7. You also have the option to place your order immediately. 

However, we promised a tour so let’s start our video tutorial of the Instant Ground Strap QuoteBuilder. 

Step By Step Video Tutorial 



Ground Straps manufactured at Falconer Electronics are heavy duty, corrosion resistant and Made in the USA.

The tinned copper flat braided wire offers durability, flexibility and maximum conductivity. 

Falconer Electronics solder dips every terminal offering superior performance and strength.

With the Instant Ground Strap Quotebuilder you have the option to select either Lead or Lead-Free solder. 

Click video below to follow this step: 



Falconer Electronics recently expanded the options for Braided Ground Straps. 

At this step, you may also select from widths which include 1/4″, 1/2″ or the newly added 3/4″. 

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You also enter your length. 

Click video below to follow this step: 



Another great benefit of utilizing the Instant Ground Strap QuoteBuilder, you can match any connector with any connector. 

Falconer Electronics also expanded its offering of connectors. 

  • #6 
  • #8 
  • #10 
  • .250 (1/4″) 
  • .375 
  • .500 
  • .625 

Click video below to follow this step: 



This step is where you select your terminal orientation. 

If you need the terminals bent at 90 degrees or even facing opposite directions. No problem. 

Click video below to follow this step: 



You can place any quantity up to 500 pcs to receive your quote. 

Click video below to follow this step: 



After providing contact information, other customized quotes may be added on as necessary before the process is completed.

Based on the answers provided, an exact quote is then immediately sent to your email address. 

Click video below to follow this step: 



Lastly, once your Ground Strap is complete, you also have the option to immediately place your order.

Your newly customized ground strap sits within the Falconer Electronics shopping cart.

Simply press the buy button, enter all of your shipping as well as credit card information and you are all set with your new Ground Strap on the way. 



Wrapping It Up 

Thanks for taking the time to read this post.

For more information on Falconer Electronics, please click these helpful links: 

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