Social Media: Utilizing Facebook in a Business Setting

There are many advantages to using Facebook for business. We briefly touched on some of these advantages in our blog “Social Media Marketing for Manufacturers“. Previously, we discussed all of the social media platforms that we take advantage of at Falconer Electronics. Furthermore, we will continue to expand on each of these outlets. As a refresher, these are the advantages of Facebook that we introduced in our previous blog:

  • Free (our favorite word)
  • Easy to use
  • Ability to schedule and edit posts
  • Multiple people can create posts
  • People can like, react, comment, and share posts

Facebook, Social Media: Utilizing Facebook in a Business Setting

Facebook the Free Advertiser

The word “free” is always a draw to business owners. Especially when it is used in connection with advertising. Businesses utilize free advertising as much as possible. This is exactly why products have their logo as large as possible on their packaging. Therefore, if someone is using their product in public everyone will know what it is and what company it is from.

In addition, is the way that people influence others by their decisions. If you are out with friends and the majority of them are ordering milkshakes, the idea to order a milkshake is now in your head. Yes, you can choose to ignore that idea. However, you want to fit in with your friends. Also, chances are you now want a milkshake.

Social Media Influencers

Just like with that meal with friends, Facebook is an entire social media platform based on influences. Not only are advertisements on a sidebar. They are also found within newsfeeds. Therefore, advertising is creeping into everyday interactions. Everyone that uses social media has found a GIF or Meme that they wanted to share with someone else. By sharing those with your friends you are also sharing the name of whoever posted it originally. Therefore, advertising for that person or business. Yes, it happens that easily. Every time we share someone else’s post it is like saying to all of our friends ‘I like this person. I like what they are saying. You should definitely check them out’.

Due to this influence of others, businesses that post personable and relatable things will gain followers and customers. Also, the more traffic you can gain on your social media the more likely you are to gain traffic to your website. Also, by showing that your company is in touch with local activities you are showing that you are in touch with what your potential customers are interested in.

Facebook is Easy for Everyone to Use

One of the main issues that businesses have with websites and social media is time. Most business owners feel they don’t have time to devote to designing and running their own sites. However, Facebook is very simple to use. Also, it is not very time-consuming.

Pets Have Their Own Pages

One of the trends in social media is creating a social media presence for pets. Everyone has at least one friend that has created a profile for their dog or cat. If pets can become famous by their owners posting pictures and videos of them being silly and cute anyone can have an internet presence. For example, the internet sensation Grumpy Cat became famous because a family member of her owners posted a picture of her online. One picture set this cats future in motion.

If people can create profiles for their pets anyone can create a profile. It is this availability that draws in users. Facebook makes it easy to set up a profile upon the initial sign in. Also, once you have an account it is easy to add personal touches like pictures and personal information. Furthermore, over time you can continue to add photos and videos while updating your information.

Saving Time

Business owners have the option of being very involved in their Facebook postings. However, they also have the option of posting when it is convenient. Facebook gives businesses the ability to schedule posts up to six months in advance. Also, there is the added bonus of being able to edit a post even after it has been posted. This feature is helpful in case there is a change in a product. Therefore, a business owner can set up a reserve of posts during any free time they have. Also, they have the ability to go back into these posts and edit any information that needs to be changed or updated.

Sharing Responsibility

Facebook has a feature for selecting Administrators to a specific page. Therefore, a single company can assign multiple people to write posts and run their page. By sharing this responsibility with others, a business owner doesn’t have to worry about scheduling all of the posts themselves.

Page Interactions

Likes, Shares, and Comments are what posting is for. These positive interactions are what make a page worthwhile. The more comments and shares a post gets the more interaction that a company has with potential customers. Therefore, the more posts a business has the more comments and shares they also have. Without being on social media businesses do not get that direct contact with their customers. Furthermore, an increase in connections will lead to an increase in profits.

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