Dr. Thomas Jeffrey, Senior Editor Emeritus of the Edison Papers at Rutgers

Dr. Thomas Jeffrey, Professor at Rutgers University, recently granted Falconer Electronics an incredible opportunity with a one-on-one interview. Professor Thomas Jeffrey also serves as Senior Editor Emeritus of the Thomas A. Edison Papers at Rutgers University.

This interview was made possible thanks to Jonathan Schmitz, archivist of Chautauqua Institution. Jonathan provided this excellent connection due to our interest to learn more about Mina Miller Edison, wife of Thomas Edison.

Connecting with Dr. Thomas Jeffrey was a thrill and tremendous honor. Especially since Dr. Jeffrey took time out of his busy schedule to share his thoughts, knowledge and expertise on the Edison Family.

In addition, click the link below to learn how the Edison Papers team made the Edison-Miller connection to Chautauqua Institution:

Dr. Thomas Jeffrey & The Edison Papers

Dr. Thomas Jeffrey earned his Doctorate in Philosophy from The Catholic University of America in 1974.

Following his doctorate, Dr. Jeffrey took on the role as Senior Editor of the Edison Project Papers at Rutgers University where he served from 1979 through 2017.

The Thomas A. Edison Papers Project at Rutgers University explored 5 million pages of documents that chronicled the amazing life and achievements of Thomas Edison as well as his family.

This decade’s long project ranks as one of the most ambitious projects taken on by an American university. The team of scholars including Dr. Thomas Jeffrey turned this wealth of previously hidden information into a premier educational resource. The Edison Project team made “Edison accessible – and comprehensible – to the countless number of young and lifetime learners”.

Dr. Thomas Jeffrey on Thomas Edison

Consequently, Dr. Thomas Jeffrey authored the book “From Phonographs to U-Boats: Edison and His “Insomnia Squad” in Peace and War, 1911-1919.”

In this book, Dr. Jeffrey reveals Edison’s deep involvement towards the war effort during World War I. However, this period of Thomas Edison’s life received little attention prior to Dr. Jeffrey’s book.

Furthermore, this book serves as a guide to Part V of the microfilm edition of the Rutgers University Thomas A. Edison Papers:

Thomas Jeffrey, Dr. Thomas Jeffrey, Senior Editor Emeritus of the Edison Papers at Rutgers

From Phonographs to U-Boats: Edison and His “Insomnia Squad” in Peace and War, 1911-1919 by Thomas E. Jeffrey is the guide to Part V of the microfilm edition of the Thomas A. Edison Papers. An important work of scholarship in its own right, this groundbreaking book probes an important period in Edison’s life that has received little attention in previous scholarly works. This book reveals a great deal about the inventor’s personality and methods and shows his deep personal involvement in the war effort. From Phonographs to U-Boats also includes two extended essays on how the war affected Edison’s experimental work, business enterprises, and family.

Interview with Professor Thomas Jeffrey

Lastly, please check out our next blog to learn more about the Edison Papers followed by a post to hear clips of my interview with Dr. Thomas Jeffrey. He is a world class expert on the life of Thomas Edison and his family. Above all, Dr. Thomas Jeffrey is a humble, funny and gracious man. It was a true privilege to interview him and I am excited to share my experience with you.

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