Temple University SBDC Offers eCommerce Workshop Featuring Falconer Electronics


The Temple University SBDC kicks off a 5 part eCommerce webinar series exclusively for manufacturers. The first webinar of the series, eCommerce 101 for Manufacturers, features Falconer Electronics.

This exciting program takes place on Wednesday, January 12, at 12:00 EST.

Click here for registration: eCommerce 101 for Manufacturers

Sense of Urgency for Manufacturers

With a new sense of urgency for entrepreneurs as well as manufacturers to create a strong digital presence, please join us for a discussion on the necessary steps to implement a highly effective eCommerce strategy for your business. In particular, we tackle how custom manufacturers can join the exploding eCommerce market.

  • Receive an eCommerce Checklist for manufacturers
  • Capturing 1st page rankings on Google
  • Creating effective landing pages that convert into RFQ’s as well as sales
  • Targeting customers with Google Ads as well as Google Shopping
  • Taking advantage of online marketplaces including Amazon as well as Alibaba
  • Explore a step by step eCommerce success story with Falconer Electronics as well as Voice Express 

First, topics discussed during the eCommerce workshop include:

  1. Make a Great First Webpression
  2. Dominate Search
  3. Get on the Offensive

In addition topics covered:

Other topics covered as well include:

  • Let that dream customer – Soulmates make a buying decision on Friday night at midnight
  • Scale Your Proprietary Process
  • Configurator – Quotebuilder
  • New customized product populates into the eCommerce store

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