Technology in Movies: Our Top Favorite 5 Technology Picks

If you love action movies you more then likely love movies that have technology in them as well. 

Being an electronics manufacturer, we love movies about technology. 

Below we have chosen our top 5 favorite movies with technology.

**Spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen them yet. Honestly, if you haven’t seen them yet, what are you waiting for?**

Top 5 Movies with the Best Technology

Tron– The Technology of Another World

Okay, so we may have fibbed just a little. We call this our Top 5 list. Well, its actually 6.

You see we couldn’t talk about the original Tron movie and then not mention Tron Legacy. However, we are putting them both together.

If you love a classic SiFi movie the original Tron will not disappoint. Also, if you are a fan of the classic Tron we highly suggest checking out 2010’s Tron Legacy. Both movies have amazing technology and effects. Also, the story lines go together.

Tron, is the story of Kevin Flynn. Kevin is a computer hacker who gets transported into the digital world of Tron. In this world, video game rules apply. There are many challenges. Also, there are many cool other worldly advantages. However, are these advantages enough to keep Kevin alive?

Tron Legacy, is the continuing story of Tron. However, Tron Legacy focus is not on Kevin Flynn. The focus is on his son, Sam. Sam follows in father’s footsteps and gets transported into the cyber world. However, Sam doesn’t know what really happened to his father all those years ago. Furthermore, the truth begins to reveal itself once he is transported. Can Sam discover what happened to his father? More so, can Sam survive this other world?

Wall-E– When Technology Takes Over

What happens when humans become too dependent on technology?

The story of Wall-E is the perfect cautionary tail to answer this question.

Wall-E is a trash compactor who’s purpose is to clean up what humans left behind. However, in his solace Wall-E develops a personality. This personality makes him curious. It also, makes him feel lonely.

What happens to this charming robot when he is introduced to another more advanced bot EVE? The adventure of a lifetime.

The story of this sweet, bright eyed robot can teach humans an important lesson. Stop living in a fantasy world and letting our real one become a literal trash heap. Therefore, start to embrace real life and the adventures that are in front of us.  

Iron Man– Skills in Technology Save the Day

What do you do when you are a technological genius? You save the world.

Who knew that being involved in a bombing and being kidnapped would make a spoiled rich inventor a superhero? Tony Stark didn’t.

It seemed that all hope was lost. It also, looked like he wouldn’t make it to the next stage in life. However, he did what he does best. He improvised.

Therefore, with his knowledge and skills he was able to save his own life. Also, he became a great asset to The Avengers in becoming Iron Man.

Short Circuit– When a Robot Gains a Conscience

What can happen when a military robot goes on the run? 

Johnny (Number) 5 was hit by lightning. This strike of electricity gives him a personality and a desire for knowledge. After befriending a young woman 5 increases his knowledge and verbal skills. The pair soon discover that 5’s creator is looking for him. Things take a turn when the military learns of 5’s new knowledge. To avoid being capture 5 hides. 

Will he be able to avoid the military forever? If he does get caught will they understand that he is different from their other robots? 

Avatar– Technological Advances Lead to Love

What would be the first thing you would do if you discovered life on a beautiful planet? 

Unfortunately, In Avatar the first thing that they wanted to do was destroy the inhabitants home so they could mine their land. 

Through some amazing technical advancements scientist were able to create a hybrid of humans and aliens. These hybrids made it possible for exploration in this foreign land. However, one of the participants, Jake Sully (who was sure that he could separate himself from the alien race) finds the true beauty in their world.

Jake changes his mission to try to help the aliens but will it be enough? Therefore, can they defend this beautiful planet from the humans that want to destroy it?  

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