Wire Harness Manufacturing: Matchmaking Wires with Wire Terminals

Believe it or not wires get lonely! The solution? Wire terminals. Consequently, good-hearted wires simply need healthy companionship. Just like the rest of us (most of the time anyway). It is a proven fact that wires like to socialize and…

Cables and Wires: The Similarities Between Them

Do you know the similarities between cables and wires? Wires and cables are very similar in nature and they can have similar purposes. The Main Similarities The main similarities between cables and wires are that they both conduct electrical currents.…
Wire Harness Estimate

How to Use the FEI Wire Harness Estimator

Introducing the FEI Wire Harness Estimator Falconer Electronics, Inc (FEI) proudly announces launching the brand new FEI Wire Harness Estimator. Our team is extremely excited to share this new tool with customers: Especially…