Falconer Electronics Recertified for Safety By SHARP

FALCONER — Falconer Electronics has been recertified into the Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program, also known as SHARP, for maintaining a workplace safety and health program among the most-effective in the nation. The recertification…
Ground Straps

Not Using Ground Straps Can Be a Shocking Experience

Ground Straps literally serve as life savers. Especially since not using Ground Straps can be a Shocking Experience. Staying grounded means keeping level headed with your feet on the ground (as well as above ground).  However, not being ground…
American National Standards Institute

Feeling Less Antsy with ANSI: The American National Standards Institute

What comes to mind when you hear the word ANSI? Sounds like antsy, right? Consequently, the ANSI for today's discussion is based on the American National Standards Institute?  However if you are in manufacturing, odds are you find yourself…