Mining Safety: MSHA Certification and Mining Acts

Mining Safety, MSHA Certification   Mining safety has been looked upon with growing concern for over a hundred years. This is due to, it's dangerous working conditions. In addition to its highly unstable ground. Consequently, the introduction…
LED Emergency Flashing Light

5 Reasons You Need an LED Emergency Flashing Light

Here at Falconer Electronics, we are committed to solving our customers' problems.  By developing and designing products that are responsible, reliable, and industry strong, we are creating products that meet the needs of our consumer.  In…
J100-03M Magnetic Amber LED Mining Light

MSHA Approval for LED Mining Lights

Here at Falconer Electronics, providing our customers with quality products that can get the job done is paramount. That’s why we are so proud to announce that all of our LED Flashing Signal Lamps are MSHA Approved.  The purpose…