Electrical Bands That You May Have Never Heard Of

Electrical Bands That You May Have Never Heard Of

There are so many bands out there. Many have names that help them fall into a category all of their own. Electrical Bands. Bands with a name that references something electrical falls into this category. At least in our minds. Therefore, we choose our top 10 electrical bands. Hopefully, you will find something new. On the other hand,  you may even remember something old that you forgot about.  


Tesla is a band from Sacramento California. The peak of their popularity was in the mid 1980’s. Tesla was originally known as City Kidd. However, they did not feel that this name suited their vision. Tesla writes their own music. Therefore, they got the suggestion to change their name to credit the inventor Nikola Tesla.

Tesla reached their true high when they became a part of the Top 40 of the Album Charts. This was due to, their debut album, Mechanical Resonance in 1986. Most notable, this album reached Platinum. Furthermore, Tesla was apart of musical tours with David Lee Roth, Def Leppard, and Aerosmith. This of course, was in their early years.  

You can check out Tesla’s album list here! You may even find a new favorite song!


AC/DC is a band out of Sydney Australia. It was formed by the brothers Malcolm and Angus Young in the year 1973. AC/DC has been described as many different musical genres. However, they self identify as Rock and Roll.

Throughout the years the band has had many changes with its members. Some of which, due to death.

AC/DC has had many records that are well known, as well as albums that have reached number 1 on the top lists.

They have sold millions of albums worldwide. Therefore, they are one of the highest selling artists in the United States as well as one of the highest selling artists in the world. 

Also, AC/DC has made top ranking in numerous top 10 list. Including “100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock” by VH1. As well as, “100 Greatest Artists of All Time” by Rolling Stone

Electric Light Orchestra

Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) is a band from the 1970’s. They came from Birmingham England. Originally the members of ELO were apart of another band, The Move.

ELO has a unique sound. Most people hear The Beatles style of music with an addition of classical instruments. Therefore, people see their music as being a continuation of The Beatles legacy. 

They had a release of multi-platinum records as well as selling millions of records worldwide.

You can check out their full album list here.  

Furthermore, Electric Light Orchestra was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

The Electric Elves

The Electric Elves (also known as Elf) is a rock band from America. They were formed in the late 1960’s. The Electric Elves went through two name changes throughout their musical run. Originally they were The Electric Elves, as previously stated. However, they shortened their name within a year to The Elves. After a few short years of being The Elves the band cut their name down again to just Elf.

The name may not have lasted long but the band manged to continue on until the late 1970’s. However, during their time of still working together on albums some of the members struck out on their own. Some of them had solo work. Meanwhile, others began working with other musicians.

One of the collaborations was for a band including numerous band members. Some from Elf, others from other bands. Unfortunately, when Elf members joined the band Rainbow and released an album that was the end of Elf. 

During the late 1980’s into the early 1990’s, there were rumors of Elf returning to the stage. However, there was the death of one of their members in 1987. There were two more deaths in the 2000’s.   

Five Man Electrical Band

Five Man Electrical Band was a band out of Ottawa Canada. Their song “Signs” is their most recognized. The release of Signs was in 1971. It was all about society and it’s views on other people. 

The majority of the band members were in a band together called The Staccatos. They were a hit in Canada and had songs on the Canadian top 20 music lists. However, they were not as well received in The United States. After some member changes they released an album titled Five Man Electrical Band. They later made the choice to change their name to the same as their album title. 

With the name change they began to travel more with in the states. Their song “Signs” was a B-Side track. People were not in favor of it. However, with a label change, Five Man Electric Band chose to re-release Signs. This was as a way to re-introduce the band. This time Signs made the top three on the American music charts.

Unfortunately, after a few hit singles Five Man Electrical Band lost their musical steam in the states. In 1973 the original members disbanded. They have come back to the stage together a few times for charity events. Also, Les Emmerson continued to use the band name for some time as well as obtaining the rights to their songs. Due to this, Emmerson released a best-of album in 1995

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Wire Harness Safety

Welcome to National Electrical Safety Month. Yes, May serves as the month to promote National Electrical Safety. Of course, we all should adhere to electrical safety each and every day. As a Wire Harness Manufacturer, we can certainly attest to the importance of Electrical Safety. Especially when it comes to Wire Harness Safety which plays a critical role with electronics. 

First, let’s look a little deeper at Electrical Safety. For companies in electronics manufacturing, contributing to consumer safety is paramount. Numerous agencies and organizations exist that are dedicated to electrical and workplace safety.

For example, the Electrical Safety Foundation International (EFSI) is the premier non-profit organization dedicated exclusively to promoting electrical safety for home, school and the workplace. EFSI founded National Electrical Safety Month. As an organization, EFSI promotes electrical safety in the spirit of bringing awareness and education for businesses as well as all consumers.

Below includes the National Electrical Safety Month Safety Advocate Guide which can be downloaded by clicking here

SHARP Program

Participating in the SHARP program also supports our company policy on safety. The acronym SHARP stands for Safety & Health Achievement Recognition Program. The SHARP program works with small businesses who have made a commitment to operate an exemplary injury and illness prevention program. There are many benefits with belonging to the SHARP program:

  • Protect employees from workplace safety and health hazards
  • Follow OSHA guidelines on safety best practices to protect workers
  • Boosting morale by creating a safe and dynamic work environment for employees
  • Reduce workplace injuries 

Wire Harness Safety

Wire Harness Safety

Let’s dig specifically into wire harness safety. Many companies find tremendous profit potential by outsourcing wire harness assembly services to custom Wire Harness Manufacturers.

Factors include efficiency, price, experience, as well as possessing the proper tools and resources. 

Another important factor that plays a role with a company deciding to outsource their wire assemblies includes safety as well. 

At Falconer Electronics, we are dedicated to ensuring the safety of our employees as well as all products that we produce.

Serving the electronics industry since 1985, our team has developed the experience and expertise to deliver products in the safest manner possible. 

In addition, Falconer Electronics exhausts every effort for accuracy and reliability.

For example, this includes instituting wire harness safety during the assembly process.

Furthermore using the proper equipment and tools to tackle each project is another significant benefit with creating a safe work environment. 

Over the past three decades, Falconer Electronics has teamed up with the top electrical vendors based on durability and reliability to provide safe products.

 Wire Harness Safety: IPC/WHMA-A-620 Standard 

Falconer Electronics also strictly follows industry guidelines and regulations for wire harness safety.

IPC/WHMA-A-620 serves as an industry standard that provides criteria for commonly used wire harness assemblies.

The standard is a “collection of visual Quality Acceptability Requirements for Cable, Wire and Harness Assemblies.”

Additionally, to learn more about the IPC/WHMA-A-620, click here:

Let’s look at a few defects that hamper wire harness safety. For example, loose cables and wires can prove to be extremely dangerous. Yet, wire harness assemblies provide the necessary protection to contain loose wires. Also, handling the proper energy load is crucial. Otherwise a short can occur causing serious damage to the wire or even cause an electrical fire. 

A few other possible causes of defects:

  • Short circuiting of wires & cables
  • Damaged insulation
  • Overloading of electrical accessories
  • Conductor deformation
  • Wire separation 

Above all, any of these culprits can create an unwelcome or hazardous event.

Wire Harness Safety

Wrapping It Up

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