History of Electric Motors

The History of Electric Motors: Dating Back to the 1830’s

The History of Electric Motors While we know that electricity is a natural phenomenon and that the history of electricity shows us ancient civilizations were aware of it, for more than 400 years humans have been researching, documenting, and…
Amazon's Choice Ground Straps

Amazon’s Choice: Five Star Ground Straps Manufactured in the U.S. at Falconer Electronics

Amazon's Choice! Wow!! Falconer Electronics earning the Amazon's Choice for Ground Straps banner certainly hit our team on high note.  Especially since nearly 40% of retail eCommerce dollars are spent on Amazon.  They are not only the leader…
Grounding Straps

Grounding Straps Play a Critical Role with Safety & Protection

Did you know grounding straps save lives? Wait, what is a grounding strap? So glad you asked... When’s the last time you picked up an electrical device and worried, “is this thing going to shock me?”  Many of us never think about being…