Ribbon Cables

Ribbon Cables and Where You Can Find Them Being Used

What are Ribbon Cables Ribbon Cables consist of multiple wires attached to each other in the form of a flexible ribbon. Due to their flexibility Ribbon Cables have many different functions. Also, they are a vital part of multiple electronics. …
Custom Cable Harness Estimator Picture - Custom Wire Harness Estimator Ribbon

The History of Ribbon Cables

The History of Ribbon Cables   The Early Years The Ribbon Cable was first discovered in 1956 by Cicoil Corporation. Its original design was to be flat to fit into computers. They were to replace the large and inflexible cables. Engineers…

Cables and Wires: The Similarities Between Them

Do you know the similarities between cables and wires? Wires and cables are very similar in nature and they can have similar purposes. The Main Similarities The main similarities between cables and wires are that they both conduct electrical currents.…