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Ben Baker

If you enjoy engaging business podcasts with a dynamic host, we strongly recommend checking out the Ben Baker podcast: The YourLIVINGBrand.live Show

The YourLIVINGBrand.live show is about what makes you unique as a brand. What you do, why you do it, who you do it for, and why you are valuable to them. Every brand has a story. Something that sets them apart and engages their audience in a positive way. Every week, we have another guest that tells us their story and how they find ways to interact with their particular audience.

Actually, it was my absolute privilege to serve as as guest on a recent episode: eCommerce Strategies with Curt Anderson.

On top of being an incredible podcast host, Ben is a Branding Expert, consultant, speaker, author and strong family man. 

Before we dig deeper, check out this outstanding video from Ben on developing “Powerful Personal Brands”:

Ben Baker Shares Strategies on Building Trust

Ben Baker


We first connected with Ben Baker after catching his interview on the Growth Experts Podcast with Dennis Brown: Trust…If you don’t have it, you have no BRAND with Ben Baker.

On the podcast, Ben shares outstanding tips on how he manufactured his successful career and business by Building Trust with his clients.

Do yourself a favor and click here to listen to this fantastic conversation with Ben and Dennis.

For a quick background, Ben Baker delivers a wealth of experience serving as:

Throughout conversations, Ben preaches that Building Trust requires:

  • Time
  • Consistency
  • Effort

Ben also recommends asking yourself and your team poignant questions while working on Building Trust with customers:

  • What do we do?
  • Why we do it?
  • How do we do it better?
  • What do we do differently?

What Problem Do You Solve?

Ben Baker

Another powerful suggestion from Ben, a dedicated team and organization should always be asking: “What problems do we solve”?

Ben says solving that problem consistently and better than anyone else, while demonstrating a deep understanding for your customer is critical with Building Trust.

Additionally, Ben makes an excellent point to not only understand your customer but also gain a clear understanding of your customer’s customer.

Another takeaway, Ben Baker focuses on being authentic rather than attempting to define yourself against your competition.

As Ben points out, we all have competitors. Even great companies such as Coke and Apple face fierce competition.

Therefore, striving to deliver the best products and services results in Building Trust.

Lastly, Ben recommends delivering a strong and consistent message. Stay in your lane.

After developing a relationship through LinkedIn, Ben graciously and generously shared a few additional quotes on Building Trust:

  • “Be the person who does what they say and says what they do”.
  • “Great leaders make safe space for others to learn how to succeed.”
  • “Take time to understand how you can help others….then go out and do it.”
  • Lastly, ask yourself, “How do you want to be thought of when you are not in the room?”

Thank you for sharing these incredibly valuable tips Ben!

Ben Baker: Author of “Powerful Personal Brands”

In his book “Powerful Personal Brands: A Hands-on Guide to Understanding Yours”, Ben does an amazing job describing extremely helpful strategies on building a personal brand.  

Ben shares interesting stories of his youth as well as conducts several interviews with thought leaders on building a “Powerful Personal Brand”.

A particular comment on Building Trust that stood out from one of Ben’s interviews: “Be genuine with your outreach”.

Lastly, Ben truly asks compelling questions. Once again, a powerful question that Ben asks in his book: “Who are the Top Three People You Admire….And Why?”.

This is an outstanding question that makes you reflect on individuals who have helped shape the person that you are today.

You will have to buy the book to find out Ben’s top 3.

Wrapping It Up

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Building Trust


Building Trust

As an eager student of life, I long for the knowledge and tools to further myself in the Art of Building Trust.

Building Trust plays a critical role with any relationship.

Trust is based on truth.

It is human nature that we all hunger for trust and truth.

However, in some cases you just can’t handle the truth.

Well, sometimes handling the truth includes dealing with a betrayal of trust.

Ever have someone violate your trust?

Most likely we have all experienced a violation of trust at some point in time.

In other cases, intentional or not, we may have been the culprit who broke the trust of another.

Either way, recovering broken trust can be a long and painful process.

For this particular conversation, let’s discuss Building Trust with business relationships.

It is so incredibly inspiring when you find an individual or business devoted to high integrity.

Surrounding yourself with people that you trust while conducting business is truly a gift. Why? Because money is involved.

Isn’t it interesting that the cliche states “never mix money with friends and family”?

Yet, as we build business relationships, don’t we strive to develop healthy relationships in the same manner as friends and family?

Have you ever walked out of a meeting where you felt the need to take a shower immediately after? Why? Because money was involved and you felt others at the meeting were fixed on taking yours.

So let’s add, “never mix money with friends and family AS WELL AS those who you feel the need to take a shower after meeting”.

The Art of Building Trust

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In the early stages of a business relationship does someone trust you immediately? Most likely not.

It takes time.

The same goes with developing a skill or an art.

When watching an amazing performance of a top athlete, musician, or artist, most spectators have no idea of the hours upon hours required with rehearsing and practicing that goes on behind the scenes.

To develop that art it takes lots heart and passion. Hard work. Commitment. Determination. Commitment. Persistence. Overcoming mistakes. Practice. Routine. Healthy habits.

The same goes with healthy business relationships. It takes weeks, months or even years with……

  • Building Trust.
  • Establishing Trust.
  • Earning Trust.
  • Nurturing Trust.

However, it only takes moments to completely destroy that trust.

Yet, trust doesn’t necessarily mean that you like someone.

An interesting question popped up while discussing this topic with a colleague:

Would you rather do business with someone you like but do not trust as opposed to someone that you don’t like but fully trust?

So how is trust created?

Let’s dig further……

Definition of Trust

Building Trust

Is building trust truly an art form?

How do you define building trust?

Webster’s defines trust as:

1 a assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something

one in which confidence is placed

2a dependence on something future or contingent  HOPE

reliance on future payment for property (such as merchandise) delivered  :CREDIT bought furniture on trust

3a a property interest held by one person for the benefit of another

a combination of firms or corporations formed by a legal agreement especially  one that reduces or threatens to reduce competition

4a  CARE,  CUSTODY the child committed to her trust

b(1) a charge or duty imposed in faith or confidence or as a condition of some relationship

(2) something committed or entrusted to one to be used or cared for in the interest of another

LinkedIn is an amazing platform loaded with professionals who deliver invaluable messages and helpful pieces of advice on Building Trust.

For example, Edward Zia Founder of Excellence Above Coaching in Australia (Marketing Mentor, Business Commentator, Blogger and 4Networking Leader) shared his thoughts on the Art of Building Trust:

“At the end of the day you can say what you want, people will measure trust by your consistent actions and behaviors on a daily basis. So watch out and make sure that you are doing the RIGHT thing.”

Who Do You Trust AND Who Trusts You?

Building Trust

Who is the first person that comes to your mind regarding Building Trust?

  • Your significant other
  • Parent
  • Coach
  • Teacher
  • Mentor
  • Boss
  • Friend
  • Relative
  • Religious leader

When conducting business, who do you trust? More importantly, who trusts you?

  • Employees
  • Vendors
  • Customers
  • Service providers

That is what makes referrals such a powerful tool. When a TRUSTED acquaintance recommends your product or service, immediate credibility takes place.

19 Tips for Building Trust (Plus a Bonus Tip from Warren Buffet)

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Well I certainly do not claim to be an expert or guru on Building Trust.

My goal is to simply continue earning trust by working relentlessly with an authentic and genuine passion to help others.

So without any research or academic accolades on Building Trust, below includes “Trust Builders” that have developed over the years in my world:

  1. Choose integrity first
  2. Healthy communication
  3. Always be helping
  4. Say “I’m sorry” quickly
  5. Take accountability
  6. Be open to constructive feedback (yes, accept criticism)
  7. Confront the brutal facts (Thank you Jim Collins in “Good to Great”)
  8. Challenge others on your team to be the best
  9. LISTEN intently
  10. Be present
  11. Strive to ask really good questions
  12. Empathy
  13. Authenticity
  14. Eagerly give credit to others
  15. Know what you are talking about
  16. Ability to say when you do NOT know what you are talking about
  17. Know when to Keep. Your. Mouth. Shut. (K.Y.M.S)
  18. Strive for radical humility (Thank you Wayne Dyer for that one)
  19. Uncompromising commitment to the success of others

Lastly, a bonus tip on building trust from Warren Buffet.

No alt text provided for this image

Live by the Warren Buffet’s Newspaper Test:

Act as if every decision made winds up on a front page article “written by a smart but pretty unfriendly reporter” that will be read by your family, friends and neighbors.”

Wrapping It Up

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