Purdue MEP Offers eCommerce Webinar Featuring Falconer Electronics

The Purdue MEP is offering an exciting eCommerce webinar program that features Falconer Electronics. Join us on Thursday - Sept 16 at 12:00 EST - to catch this fun-filled & action packed eCommerce workshop for manufacturers. CLICK…
Consumer Electronics

The History of Consumer Electronics & When Were They First Invented?

The History of Consumer Electronics Once scientists and researchers began discovering the powers of electricity hundreds of years ago, it was only a matter of time until devices for household use would emerge onto the scene. In today’s society,…
ground strap braid

Ground Strap Braid Basics for Electrical Protection

A ground strap braid contains small strands of braided metal wires and terminals or connectors. These electrical protection devices have more strands of wire than a standard electrical cable but the strands are smaller in diameter. This provides…