Wire Genre

Wire Genre: Our Top Five Songs with “Wire” in the Title

Have you ever been in the mood for a specific genre of songs? Most people would think of Rock, Country, or Classical as their favorite. However, there is a specific genre out there that people don't usually focus on. The Wire Genre. You are…
Power in the Title

Our Top Five Songs with the Word “Power” in the Title

Today we discuss our Top 5 Songs with the word “Power” in the title.  Want a powerful kick in the current lockdown? Here is a list of some of the popular songs that contain the words “power”. These songs can put you in a great mood…
American Manufacturing

Reap the Benefits of Outsourcing Manufacturing in the U.S.

Outsourcing manufacturing in the U.S. continues to show many signs of steady growth. For example, according to the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), American manufacturing contributed $2.33 TRILLION to the U.S. economy during 1st…