Surface Mount Technology

Surface Mount Technology at Falconer Electronics

Surface Mount Technology

There have been vast improvements in Surface Mount Technology (SMT) over the years. Recently, Falconer Electronics Inc (FEI) made a new investment in surface mount. This was done by purchasing the DDM Novastar LE40V Benchtop Automated Pick and Place Machine.

SMT provides opportunities. Some of which include, state-of-the-art miniaturized electronic products.

Benefits of Surface Mount

Some of the benefits surface mount include, improving thermal performance. Also, the supply chain is benefactor. Furthermore, it benefits from utilizing SMT. Therefore, SMT dramatically lowers prices. As well as, increases speed. Along with, increasing availability. All of these work together to bring a tremendous competitive advantage for our customers. Especially, on low volume runs. A specialty for our team.

Printed Circuit Board Assembly

FEI has been specializing in producing Printed Circuit Boards for over 30 years. However, soldering and producing printed circuit boards takes a talented skill set. It requires precision. As well as, a steady hand. Both of these combine with a laser focus on the circuit board.

Furthermore, Falconer Electronics has been blessed to have a highly talented team. Surprisingly, this team brings over 100 years of soldering experience. The longevity of each staff member is a true testament of their commitment. Along with, their dedication to the craft. Also, exceeding customer expectations is a daily goal. Therefore, combining the vast experience of our seasoned staff with new technology brings a unique combination. One that has our customers excited.

Partnering with Volt Vision

FEI partners with LED lighting design and electronics consulting firm Volt Vision. This is for numerous lighting projects.

Volt Vision President, Steve French says: 

Surface Mount Technology offers faster time to market, higher density, lower cost all while vastly improving reliability. This is a game changer for customers at Falconer Electronics and Volt Vision. Surface Mount Technology provides an outstanding opportunity to dramatically increase the profitability for our customers.

Some of our current projects include commercial vehicle lighting and industrial portable lights. Along with, health care transportation and LED warning lights.

Lastly, weather they are working with a Fortune 500 company or a mid-size manufacturer, FEI takes tremendous pride in delivering every project accurately and on-time.

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