Start With Inspiration: Did You See Katelyn Ohashi Perform?

When building a company culture, where do you start? Do you start with inspiration? A purpose? Can you get behind a cause and give everything you’ve got? More importantly, can you inspire your team as well as your customers to feel your passion? Share a belief in your cause? 

In our last post, we provided a book review on the New York Times bestseller, “Start With Why“. The amazing book authored by Simon Sinek reveals stories of companies and individuals who truly inspire.

This led to the question, does your WHY = Inspiration?

In other words, should our inspiration define our WHY?

If so, then we need to “Start With Inspiration”. Start With Passion. Start with an undying belief in a cause. 

The book “Start With Why” describes companies that inspire by revealing a strong purpose and belief. 

Simon Sinek also offers examples of historical individuals that inspire such as Ronald Reagan, Martin Luther King and John F. Kennedy. 

However, we don’t necessarily need to look back in the deep past for sources of inspiration. 

So far for 2019, what individuals do you feel “Start With Inspiration”? 

To Start With Inspiration = Katelyn Ohashi

To “Start With Inspiration”, look no further than college athletics. 

Though Clemson’s shellacking of Alabama was impressive in the NCAA Football National Championship , they did not win our vote for first place. 

UCLA gymnast, Katelyn Ohashi earned our first place vote. 

Katelyn kicked off 2019 with an amazing floor performance. By the way, she scored a PERFECT 10. 

To prove our theory on “Start With Inspiration”, feast your eyes on this masterpiece: 

Katelyn Captured the Hearts of Millions of Americans

Katelyn absolutely crushes it! 

What came to your mind watching her perform? 

  • Playful
  • Confident 
  • Style
  • Grace
  • Determination 
  • Relentless
  • Moxie 
  • Fun 
  • Contagious enthusiasm
  • Perfection!

Tina Turner, Earth, Wind and Fire, the Jackson 5 and Janet Jackson for her song selection. Awesome playlist! 

Wall Street Journal sports journalist, Jason Gay sums up Katelyn’s perfect performance with this outstanding article: 

A Must-See Gymnast, and the Meaning of Joy

“I think Ohashi’s routine is a radiant expression of what it means for a human being to be very, very good at something—and to want to share that with everyone. She projects a confidence that only great performers project, whether Olympic champions or concert pianists, that every eye is upon them. Instead of shirking from that, instead of getting rattled, Ohashi rushes toward the moment. The moment becomes her.”  Jason Gay – Wall Street Journal 

Likewise, check out all of the articles about Katelyn’s performance from the numerous major publications below: 

In addition, she even made an appearance on Good Morning America

Applying Katelyn’s Enthusiasm to Your Company  

As entrepreneurs is it possible to score a perfect 10 performance like Katelyn? 

Inspire customers.

Motivate employees.

Also, build a team with enthusiasm like Katelyn’s teammates at UCLA. 

Did you notice her teammates in the background?

They are dancing, singing and cheering her on. Doing her moves with her while sharing her energy and enthusiasm.

Even though gymnastics is an individual performance, the UCLA Bruins demonstrate what it means to be a team.

Furthermore, Katelyn has overcome great odds to lay out that magical performance. 

“Katelyn Ohashi Was the Best Gymnast in the World, Until She Wasn’t” is a video that describes her troubled career as a gymnast. 

An amazing story! 

Additionally in the video, legendary UCLA gymnastics coach,Valorie Kondos Field, talks about building a team based on passion and trust (at the 3:42 mark on this video below):

To close, we extend a big THANK YOU to Katelyn for her poise, grace, determination and PERFECTION. 

Katelyn defined how to “Start With Inspiration”.

Most of all, we thank her for being her best self while having an absolute blast doing so. 

Well Done Katelyn! 

Wrapping It Up

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