Soldering with SMD Stencil Printer

One particular piece of equipment that certainly elevated our game with soldering printed circuit boards this year: The Dual Squeegee SMD Stencil Printer from Mancorp

SMD Stencil Printer, Soldering with SMD Stencil Printer

 SMD Stencil Printer at Falconer Electronics

Easy and Efficient Soldering 

The main tip for soldering with a stencil printer: PULL! Simply pull the lever and sweep the solder across the board and Voila! It is easy, efficient, fast and furious. 

This SMD Stencil Printer fits our formula perfectly targeting prototyping and low-to-medium PCB production. 

The printer provides the necessary versatility and reliability that our customers expect. Especially since the printer handles individual boards all the way up to large panels, both single and double-sided. 

In addition, the ease of use and efficiency rocks! Pneumatically controlled dual floating squeegees provide constant and even pressure throughout the print stroke. This ensures consistency with each and every board which minimizes the risk of solder bridging as well as bleeding of the solder paste. 

The squeegee moves bi-directional (swings both ways) making it possible to print while pulling the lever forward and on the return. This greatly improves efficiency to cover all solder points. 

Upon the completion of the print (which literally takes a few seconds), the risk of solder paste being smeared is eliminated by the vertical lift lever. The stencil lifts upwards off of the PCB as the lid opens away from the printer. This ensures well-defined print edges. 

The SMD Stencil Printer is Fast and Furious

Like we said, fast and furious yet delicate and precise. (Did that last sentence even make sense?) Anyway, our team and customers love the improved efficiency gained by Soldering with the new SMD Stencil Printer. 

SMD Stencil Printer, Soldering with SMD Stencil Printer

      SMD Stencil Printer at Falconer Electronics

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