A Century of Experience Soldering Circuit Boards at Falconer Electronics

The team at Falconer Electronics, Inc (FEI) produces hundreds of thousands of circuit boards annually. This comes as no surprise since our soldering department includes an all-star lineup of a seasoned staff surpassing 100 years of experience Soldering Circuit Boards.

We are frequently asked, “Do you solder by hand?” Our answer is, “Absolutely!”

There are certain jobs that still require the precision hand soldering offers. Especially since our specialty is producing low to mid level volume PCB runs as well as prototypes.

Our services work perfectly for customers that are in a hurry. Particularly for a customer that cannot wait to outsource their order overseas due to the huge volume and lengthy turnaround time required for importing. Maintaining domestic operations lends a tremendous competitive advantage. Being located near suppliers reduces the supply chain. This greatly improves lead times and vastly helps control inventory levels.

With over 30 years of printed circuit board expertise, our customers cherish the reliability and dependability that our team delivers. Even our through-hole department at Falconer Electronics brings more than 50 years combined experience soldering circuit boards. 

Soldering Circuit Boards, A Century of Experience Soldering Circuit Boards at Falconer Electronics

Soldering Circuit Boards at Falconer Electronics

Tools (and Traits) Needed When Soldering Circuit Boards by Hand:

  1. A steady hand
  2. Excellent eyesight (of course a magnifying glass certainly helps)
  3. Good Tweezers
  4. Sturdy Solder Iron
  5. High-Quality Solder Paste (Lead-free)
  6. Ventilation
  7. Concentration
  8. Safety glasses
  9. Precision
  10. Lots of patience

Let’s reiterate, patience is paramount when soldering circuit boards. One of our seasoned veterans at Falconer Electronics likes to say, “Without patience, you can kill a circuit board.”

Soldering by hand takes a special skill when soldering wires or components.  Several FEI team members also state, “a healthy solder joint looks like a Hershey Kiss”.

Finally, when partnering with a custom manufacturer for soldering circuit boards, selecting a company that you can trust is essential. A manufacturer with a seasoned staff and decades of experience also lends tremendous value to your business. Our team welcomes the opportunity to work with you. As a bonus, we’ll throw in lots of Hersey Kisses!

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