Smart Homes and Their Advanced Technology: The Future is Now

Everyone has been hearing for a few years now how technology is advancing. Especially where Smart Homes are involved. Everyone wants to be able to do everything on their phone. This includes banking, checking emails, even video calls. However, now there are even more advancements in technology. You can now control your home with the click of your finger. Furthermore, Smart Homes are becoming less movie magic and more reality. How does this technology work? Also, why does Hollywood always make smart homes out to be a bad thing?

Smart Homes and Their Electric Advancements

Advanced Wiring

Smart Homes consist of more technology then original houses. While all modern houses are full of wire harnesses, Smart Houses have even more than usual. Wire harnesses are in near everything that has electricity. Also, for each electrical connection, there needs to be a wire harness. Therefore, when connecting all your appliances, locks, and security systems to each other this all takes some types of electrical connections.

While some Smart House technology uses the existing electrical connection within the home there is still a need for more products. Most objects that are going to be part of the Smart House need to have some type of control panel or transmitter. Also, Non-Smart locks are not electrical, they take keys. Therefore, with a Smart House, these same locks are not compatible.

Securing Your Valuables and Family

When you lock your doors and windows you assume your house is secure. Also, you trust that all of your belongings will be there when you return. However, without Smart Home technology you can never be sure until you arrive back home.

The goal of a Smart House is to have your house security available to you at any given moment. You can check your locks and electronics no matter where you are. The days of trying to remember if the coffee maker is off are over. Locking yourself out of the house can be a thing of the past as well. Also, if there is a security issue you can check on it yourself before calling the police. This can prevent a lot of kids and friends getting into trouble.

How do we Keep Away from the Horror Movie Scenario

Technology can make life easier. However, what happens when the technology of a Smart Home becomes too Smart? We have all seen the movies and T.V. shows where the house takes over and holds its residences hostage. From the Disney movie Smart House to episodes of The Simpsons, X-Files, and Eureka the dangers of a Smart House have been shown in entertaining ways. However, are these dangers actually possible? Could our everyday lives turn into a horror movie where our homes take over and we are hostages?

The fear of a Smart House take over could be real. However, not for the reasons, you think. The biggest threat to a Smart House is not the technology itself but rather a previous owner or a hacker of that technology. A Smart House is full of gadgets that are all controllable. From a refrigerator to an oven. Even lighting can use smart technology. So, what happens when a Smart Home is sold to a new owner or is hacked by a criminal mastermind? That is the danger of Smart Houses.

Old Owners Controlling Smart Houses

If you buy a home that is has smart technology who is to say the old owners won’t still have control? Unfortunately, that is unchartered territory. Due to the expenses, most homeowners who put the time and money in this technology are not selling their homes. Does that mean that it will never happen? Of course not. Eventually, a Smart House will have to change hands whether due to loss of a family member or the family moving on to newer technology. With the use of passwords and new advancements, this type of threat will no longer be a fear.

Hackers Taking Over

What about hackers? When dealing with technology there is always the threat of hackers. When you use a personal computer or even cell phone there is a chance that a criminal is getting the same information as you. However, we cannot live in fear that everything we own will someday be attacked by hackers. Just like with computers and cell phones Smart Home technology has safety features. The use of passwords and codes are put in place to help protects residence. Also, security cameras that come with systems can track any unwanted physical attention.

Is a Smart Home Right for You

Is Smart House technology right for everyone? Just like everything, there will always be people who don’t buy into the new technology. There will always be people who don’t trust the internet for example. Generations went through their entire lives with banking in person, going to grocery stores with paper lists, and having to call people on a phone attached to their wall. So, does that mean that we all need to throw away our computers and cell phones? No.

However, utilizing all of the safety precautions that are offered is always a good idea. Are Smart Houses going to be taking over the world? Will all of us be held hostage by our own automatic door locks? Let’s hope not. In the meantime, though we should use passwords and codes as much as possible. Also, we should be aware of who has access to our electronics. Information is out in the world, all we can do is protect it the best we know how.

As far as Smart House living is concerned only you and your family can make that decision.

Wrapping It Up

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