Do You Need a Sherpa to Climb The Mountain of Entrepreneurship?

Do you have a Sherpa in your life?

In other words, a trusted guide to help you conquer the extreme challenges of life.

Especially for business owners and entrepreneurs.

In a recent blog post, we discussed the outstanding book authored by Alison Levine, “On the Edge: Leadership Lessons from Mount Everest and Other Extreme Environments“.

Alison survived climbing Mount Everest. Twice!

To survive climbing Mount Everest, climbers commonly find success by teaming up with a Sherpa.

This fascinating article from the NY Times, Deliverance From 27,000 Feet, piqued (or should I say peaked) my interest on the courage and fearlessness of a Sherpa.

Also, the shear danger that they face assisting those on a quest to conquer Mt. Everest.

Check out this video below:

Need a Sherpa to Climb the Entrepreneurial Mountain?

What was the tallest mountain before Mount Everest was discovered? The answer: Mount Everest. It just wasn’t discovered yet. My daughter loves to tell that joke.

Is climbing Mount Everest comparable to running a business? Or vice versa? Both are thrilling adventures. Each offers a strong sense of accomplishment. Once you reach the summit, you can celebrate. A life’s dream accomplished. Jubilation!

Yet, once you reach the top, how the heck do you get back to the bottom? Oh, boy.

It takes skill, determination, a lot of money, guts, courage, as well as a bit of insanity. Actually, lots of insanity.

So yes, running a business must be just like climbing Mount Everest. Of coarse, this is coming from a guy who has never climbed an actual mountain. Ever.

Anyway, for some, climbing Mount Everest is a major “bucket list” accomplishment. A chance of a lifetime. Huge bragging rights. Thrill seekers reaching for the ultimate high.

It doesn’t get any higher than Mount Everest. Can a westerner accomplish this massive feat on their own?

A crucial component for the western adventurer to successfully reach the Mount Everest Summit is partnering with a highly experienced Sherpa.

Sherpa’s are commonly referenced as mountain guides who help westerners navigate the brutal terrain while reaching their goal.

However, you might find this interesting, the definition of a Sherpa according to

It’s worth noting that the term “Sherpa” does not actually mean “mountain guide,” as many people believe, but instead refers to an ancient ethnic community of some 154,000 members.

Who Is Your Sherpa?

So, who helps you navigate the treacherous terrain with running your business?

Do you have a Sherpa in your life? Someone who has climbed the path prior to you? A person who knows and understands the dangers ahead?

Westerners may want or try to rush to the top. A good Sherpa just wants them to reach the top while returning safely. An expedition up Mount Everest can turn deadly in a moments notice. Even for the most experienced and trained Sherpa.

The Sherpa culture is synonymous with mountain guides due to living in the mountains of Nepal and the Everest region.

A  Sherpa helps carry necessary equipment, fix ropes. Despite hazards and risks, a Sherpa provides guidance to ensure a safe climb and descent.

Check out this cool article: The World’s Most Renowned Sherpa Talks Mt. Everest

A successful climb involves years of preparation and planning. Plotting out a route. Studying weather patterns.

Who has played a critical role in your success? In other words, who provides the necessary guidance for you to reach your summit?

A coach. Teacher. Mentor. Business partner. A boss. An ex-colleague. A vendor?

Do you rely on a key employee? Your accountant? Attorney? Business consultant?

Sources to Connect with Your Next Business Guide

Below includes a list of helpful suggestions if you find yourself seeking additional business guidance:

Wrapping It Up

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