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At Falconer Electronics, Inc. (FEI) our primary objective is to provide to our customers with assemblies built to their specifications at the most economical cost while maintaining the highest quality of workmanship and on-time delivery.

This statement says it all – quality custom manufacturing, on-time delivery, economically priced. However, without the assurance of quality, any product produced could potentially be useless. That’s why “quality workmanship” is a critical component in every manufactured good we fabricate.

At Falconer Electronics, we utilize in-process inspections and testing to meet quality specifications and standards, including stringent UL specifications. From inspecting the raw materials to testing the finished product, FEI strives to maintain the highest level of manufacturing standards.

Quantifiable quality workmanship is a primary mission and the chief objective of each and every project.

Quality custom manufacturing is our focus; customer satisfaction is the outcome

  • Quality Control is a Core Essential
  • Inspections on all Raw Materials
  • Testing on all Finished Products
  • Performance Standards that must be Maintained
  • Dependable Products in Production Quantities
  • In-process Inspections and Testing
  • Meeting Quality Specifications and Standards


Properly conducted testing brings about a sense of security, ensuring that every product produced at Falconer Electronics, Inc. (FEI) is a quality component or assembly. Rigorous quality control measures from beginning to end make this a seamless process.

Documentation is critical as the physical evidence for quality workmanship. Documenting every aspect of a manufacturing project makes repeating the process much easier, eliminating costly mistakes.

Falconer Electronics prides itself on doing the job right the first time, every time.

  • Design and Documentation
  • Testing
  • Assemble to UL approved specifications
  • Assist in obtaining UL or equivalent approvals