Surface Mount Soldering, Surface Mount Soldering

 Surface Mount Soldering is another area of expertise at Falconer Electronics. Falconer Electronics has been producing Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) for customers since 1985. Producing high-quality circuit boards has been a major contributor to our longevity and sustainability. Partnering with a seasoned company is critical when selecting a supplier to produce your Printed Circuit Boards. Contributing to your profitability and the bottom line is an absolute top priority at Falconer Electronics. Low runs, high volume, fast turnaround, experienced staff and consistency are among the many benefits of selecting our team.

Diligence and precision are used by our expert staff while producing circuit boards at Falconer Electronics.  Every circuit board must pass inspection before it leaves our facility. Having produced millions upon millions of circuit boards spanning three decades, exceeding our customer’s expectations is our goal with every order. Customer ratings consistently exceed 99% when evaluating our services. Executing a laser focus on delivering a superior product and building customer trust has been a winning formula.

Through-hole soldering was the primary method of creating printed circuit boards in our early days. Since that time, Surface Mount Soldering has grown dramatically over the years as an advanced replacement for through-hole printed circuit boards. Surface mount soldering allows components to be soldered directly on the circuit board for constructing electronic circuits.

Surface Mount Soldering Advantages

There are many advantages with utilizing surface-mount soldering:

  • Surface-Mount Soldering offers a much higher component density
  • Drastically reduced time and labor for production set up
  • Higher density of connection
  • Both sides of the circuit board
  • Higher frequency performance due to lower resistance and inductance at the connection
  • Overall lower cost is another significant benefit
  • Fast and simple automated assembly process 
  • Better performance 

Surface Mount Soldering, Surface Mount Soldering

We welcome the opportunity to work with your staff and consider it a privilege to participate in projects requiring surface mount soldering.