Obtaining Electronic Safety Certification with your electrical power strip project is crucial. Delivering superior quality electrical products while meeting stringent regulations is an absolute top priority at Falconer Electronics, Inc (FEI). Especially since contractors, developers and industrial designers are faced with increasing regulatory pressures to satisfy compliance and environmental requirements. FEI brings decades of experience with helping our customers manage the risk with new electrical displays and commercial power strips.

Electronic Safety Certification 

We work closely with independent electronic safety certification agencies such as ETL, UL, and CSA. Our close relationship with these agencies ensures that your products and projects comply with the rigorous testing requirements for electrical assemblies. Falconer Electronics has extensive experience and expertise with electrical assemblies such as electrical-mechanical products as well as custom multi-outlet strips. Furthermore, we have the capability to walk you seamlessly through this daunting and challenging process.

Our team has had the privilege of working with a diverse customer base with acquiring electrical testing standards. Projects include government agencies (Pentagon) as well as several of the largest retailers in the U.S.

Consequently, experience and reputation bring you the peace of mind and insurance that your project is met with accuracy, diligence, and timeliness. Also, FEI Facilities and staff are equipped and prepared to handle small to large custom commercial power strip projects under tight deadlines. As a result, outsourcing your electrical power strip projects to a domestic manufacturer brings many benefits.

Electronic Safety Certification Agencies  

UL (Underwriters Laboratory): http://www.ul.com/

  •  Began in 1894
  • Standard for testing electrical products
  •  Standard for inspecting electrical products
  •  Educates and guides businesses in required safety requirements
  •  Global certification possibilities

CSA ( Canadian Standards Association): http://www.csagroup.org/

  •  Established in 1919
  •  Official certification for all electronic products in Canada
  •  Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) for the US
  • Authorized in energy efficiency testing
  • Global certification possibilities

ETL (Electrical Testing Laboratories): http://www.intertek.com/marks/etl/

  • Established in 1896 by Thomas Edison
  • Provider of testing and assurance services
  • Highly regarded for their knowledge and expertise
  • Reduce cost while minimizing health, safety, and security risks
  • Globally accredited and recognized