Selecting a Wire Harness Manufacturer – Part 2


Last week we discussed, when is the right time to consider Outsourcing Your Wire Harness Assembly Process. We have found several scenarios where a customer approaches us for the first time when they are Selecting a Wire Harness Manufacturer. So, let’s role play. Below are a few examples where a new customer finds themselves seeking a new supplier…….

New Product Design and Prototypes

Congratulations! You have just completed a brand new electrical product design. Therefore, you and your team (or maybe you are a team of one) just exhausted weeks and even months designing your new product that is going to be a home run! Now what? You need a completed prototype. Also, an estimate to see if your new design can be produced at a competitive price.

You can go to the Falconer Electronics Wire Harness Estimator for an estimate on your prototype. You will find the Wire Harness Estimator easy to use and works extremely fast. A quick estimate allows you to determine the potential cost as well as the competitiveness of your new product.

Jumping Into Electronics 

Another scenario, you are in the purchasing department of a company expanding into electrical products for the first time. Management has challenged you to seek out and find the company who best demonstrates the ability to tackle this project.

For example, let’s say a mid-sized manufacturer is expanding into electrical wiring.  We recently began working with a company that specializes in handicap transportation. They produced a new proprietary product line requiring wire harnesses and printed circuit boards. It was a significant savings for the company to outsource the wire harness assembly and printed circuit boards rather than to attempt to conquer the project themselves.

Vendor Divorce 

Unfortunately, you and your current supplier are no longer compatible. Who changed? It is like a marriage deteriorating quickly where “living like this” is no longer an option. Either quality has deteriorated, deadlines are no longer met, or prices continue to increase. Whatever the case may be, it is time for a change.  Losing a customer is deeply disappointing as well as discouraging. Our team works eagerly to maintain rock solid marriages with our customers. We also love working with new customers on the rebound.

In-House No Longer Working Out 

Your company no longer finds it efficient or profitable to produce wire harness assemblies in-house. The task falls on your lap to find a highly qualified Wire Harness Manufacturer. Selecting a company that you trust is essential! This recently happened with a large customer. They found it much more cost effective and profitable to outsource their wire harness assemblies. Our team went on full throttle to make this a smooth transition.

Selecting a Wire Harness Manufacturer

Selecting a Wire Harness Manufacturer, Selecting a Wire Harness Manufacturer – Part 2

Selecting a Wire Harness Manufacturer does not need to be a stressful process. Outsourcing Your Wire Harness Assembly to an experienced company with a seasoned staff lends a tremendous competitive advantage for your company. A company that completes projects with the highest quality, effective pricing, and on-time delivery adds tremendously to your bottom line. Teaming up with a company dedicated to your success is critical.


This post continues our series on the process of Outsourcing and Selecting a Wire Harness Manufacturer. Please continue reading each week as we explore the entire buyer’s journey and due diligence process when determining which Wire Harness Manufacturer will best satisfy your needs.

Wrapping It Up 

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