ETL Certification Benefits

ETL Certification Benefits Falconer Electronics

Obtaining an ETL Certification benefits all parties involved. The list includes the manufacturer, distributors, retailers as well as the end user or consumer. An ETL certification provides the stamp of approval representing high quality and…

UL- Underwriters Laboratories

History of UL In 1894 William Henry Merrill founded Underwriters Laboratories. Otherwise known as UL for short. “Underwriters’ Electrical Bureau” was its original name. Then, in 1903 they published their first literature on safety.…
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Certification: An Important Priority For Electronic Safety

Certification of Electrical products is crucial. Certification results in a guarantee of superior quality. Therefore, the regulation of electrical products is to ensure safety. Additionally, certification offers compliance with environmental…
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15 Important Safety Tips for Outlet Strips

Safety for Outlet Strips             Outlet strips have many different uses in everyday life. They have many safety features as well. These features keep everyone safe. Extension cord, power strip or surge protector devices provide…

Wire Harness Safety Plays a Critical Role with Electronics Manufacturing

Welcome to National Electrical Safety Month. Yes, May serves as the month to promote National Electrical Safety. Of course, we all should adhere to electrical safety each and every day. As a Wire Harness Manufacturer, we can certainly attest…
UL Standards

UL Listings at Falconer Electronics

As we continue our series on New Product Development, a key component with the process includes obtaining certification at UL Standards. In the last post we discussed "The Importance of UL, CSA, and ETL Safety Certifications". Earning UL listings…
safety certifications

The Importance of UL, CSA, and ETL Safety Certifications

Safety and Certifications Importance As we continue our series on New Product Development, the next stage includes obtaining certifications for product safety. Safety and Certifications are an important aspect of any business. Not only to the…

Grounding: Electrical Safety or Teenage Angst

Grounding? You mean I'm grounded?! The word "grounding" is certainly never one you want to hear as a teenager. Especially from your parents. Grounding means no car. No smartphones, tablets or other devices. No sleepovers. You are basically…

Surge Protectors, Why Are They Important?

What is a Surge? A surge is an increase in voltage significantly above the design level in a flow of electricity. Any household product can also cause a power surge in homes. The main causes can be from a storm or single lightning strike near…

Staying Grounded on Groundhog Day: No Toasters in the Tub Please

Groundhog Day! A wonderful time of year. Ski and snowboarding season is still at full throttle. Yet, the whispers of spring are just around the corner. Not to mention, a reminder of one of our favorite movies of all time, Groundhog Day. A classic…

Falconer Electronics Maintains SHARP Certification

From left, Tim Songin, Safety Compliance account manager; Gary Baumann, Falconer Electronics; Cheryl Stanford, Falconer Electronics; Jan Jackson, Falconer Electronics; and Roger Hall, Falconer Electronics founder and president; outside of…

Holiday Decorating Safety Tips

The Holiday Tree   Everyone knows Christmas isn't the same without a tree. There are things you can do this holiday to ensure that your tree stays a beautiful decoration and does not become the subject of your disaster holiday stories.…