Purdue MEP Offers eCommerce Webinar Featuring Falconer Electronics

The Purdue MEP is offering an exciting eCommerce webinar program that features Falconer Electronics.

Join us on Thursday – Sept 16 at 12:00 EST – to catch this fun-filled & action packed eCommerce workshop for manufacturers.

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Sense of Urgency for Manufacturers

With a new sense of urgency for entrepreneurs as well as manufacturers to create a strong digital presence, please join us for a discussion on the necessary steps to implement a highly effective eCommerce strategy for your business. In particular, we tackle how custom manufacturers can join the exploding eCommerce market. Explore a step by step eCommerce success story with Falconer Electronics as well as Voice Express. 

First, topics discussed during the eCommerce workshop include:

  1. Make a Great First Webpression
  2. Dominate Search
  3. Get on the Offensive

In addition topics covered:

We also explore eCommerce Opportunities with Online Marketplaces including:

In addition, the program features B2B Experts such as…

Purdue MEP Delivers High Level Results

Purdue MEP, Purdue MEP Offers eCommerce Webinar Featuring Falconer Electronics

The Purdue Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) provides high value as well as affordable solutions to help businesses increase profitability. As advocates for Indiana’s thousands of manufacturers, our staff leverages resources in both the public and private sectors to help identify areas of improvement, streamline processes, as well as ultimately increase competitiveness.

Providing high value, affordable solutions for manufacturing challenges, Purdue MEP offers the following services through on-site training/analysis projects as well as workshops:

  • Energy Efficiency & Sustainability
  • Faculty Projects
  • Leadership Development
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Lean Office
  • Quality Improvement
  • Quality Systems (ISO)
  • Six Sigma
  • Supply Chain Services
  • Top Line Business Growth Solutions
  • Training Within Industry (TWI)