As we continue our blog series on New Product Development, this post covers creating a proprietary product line. In particular, creating a proprietary product line from the perspective of a custom manufacturer.

Our team at Falconer Electronics takes deep pride in helping our clients to create, produce and deliver new products. We work closely and relentlessly with our clients to manufacture products as close to perfect as possible.

The prototype and test phase are both so critical to strive for perfection during early stages when developing a new product. Critical factors include quality and safety as well as producing your product at a competitive price.

Many custom manufacturers make products for other companies but do not possess a proprietary product line themselves. Typically it is not a priority. Custom manufacturers are just too busy serving existing customers.

Over time, a small custom manufacturer develops the skills and expertise at a proprietary process. Yet, they lack either engineering or a product design team to develop a proprietary product line of their own.

Another challenge faced includes not only developing the product but also possessing the ability to aggressively market the product as well. Creating a steady sales channel makes or breaks a product. The greatest product without revenue is simply nothing more than well-kept secret.

Proprietary Product Line at Falconer Electronics 

Well, we found it necessary to not just talk the talk with developing a new product for our customers. We also have to walk the walk. So we created our own proprietary product line.

Falconer Electronics offers a variety of proprietary products.

The list includes:

Creating our own proprietary line of products delivers tremendous benefits to our customers. Especially when working with clients developing their own proprietary product line.

For example, we use our own Wire Harness Assemblies and Printed Circuit Boards in our products.

This simply strengthens our company on many levels. This creates deeper experience with our staff, increases buying power with our vendors and helps maximize capacity with our equipment and machinery.

Since launching our e-commerce store with our proprietary product line, we have engaged with new customers in exciting industries that were completely new to us.

Let’s take a look at the proprietary product line that we developed over the years.

 Ground Straps 

Our team produces thousands upon thousands of high quality Braided Ground Straps for OEM’s.  Way too many to count since our humble beginnings in 1985. In hindsight, we should have kept track similar to McDonald’s tracking the number of burgers served.

Anyway, we decided to convert this proprietary process into a proprietary product line of ground straps.

To broaden the line, we also offer the opportunity to create an Instant Ground Strap for customers looking for a custom size. We call it the Ground Strap Express (CLICK HERE). This allows a customer to build a Ground Strap to the exact dimensions necessary to complete a project.

Commercial Power Strips 

Our proprietary product line of commercial power strips developed out of a need for one of our largest customers. Lowe’s approached Falconer Electronics two years ago to manufacturer a Heavy Duty Industrial Power Strip for artificial Christmas tree displays. The project required a tight deadline along with safety certification from ETL.

The project was such a success for our company that we now offer these Commercial Power Strips on our e-commerce store. Since launching this new proprietary line of power strips in January, we have engaged with numerous new customers in completely new markets for our company.Proprietary Product Line

Magnetic Work Lights

We would also like to introduce you to our exciting lineup of Magnetic Work Lights. You can now purchase Magnetic Based Work Lights manufacturer direct as well as Industrial Magnets on our brand new e-commerce store.

Magnetic Trouble Lights 

Heavy Duty Magnetic Trouble Lights produced at Falconer Electronics offer a sturdy magnetic base. Therefore, allowing you to work hands-free. Tackling challenging projects is easier due to the lights flexibility and reliability. Also, these lights are equipped with Falconer Electronics’s “Swing-open” Guard that permits immediate bulb replacement. Each Magnetic Trouble Light is assembled in the U.S. with components that are purchased domestically and globally.

Click here to view our selection of Magnetic Trouble Lights

Magnetic Spotlights

Durable Magnetic Spotlights produced at Falconer Electronics offer a sturdy magnetic base allowing you to work hands-free. Also, lights provide the flexibility and reliability to tackle challenging projects. Maximum reflection occurs due to the aluminum reflector. Therefore, providing ideal lighting wherever maximum illumination is required.

Furthermore, each magnetic spotlight is assembled in the U.S. with components that are purchased domestically and globally. They are perfect for industrial and warehouse settings as well as projects around your office or home.

Click here to view our selection of Magnetic Spotlights

LED Flashing Lights 

We produce the circuit board inside these LED Flashing Lights. Also, the sturdy plastic base is produced right around the corner from us at a local plastic fabrication company. Therefore, we exhaust every effort to Buy American first.

Click here to check out our Magnetic LED Flashing Lights

Wrapping It Up 

Thanks for reading our post. Check out the excellent article building a proprietary product line from – “How To: Grow a Product-Based Business“.

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