Falconer Electronics, Inc (FEI) specializes in electrical mechanical products for commercial and retail electronic displays. Heavy duty industrial power strips provide customers durability and flexibility when selecting an electrical source. FEI has the staff, expertise and resources to complete your project from beginning to end. Design, prototype, certification, assembly and delivering the final product on-time is a all available when you partner with Falconer Electronics, Inc. Over the years, many Fortune 500 companies have placed their trust in our team for electrical mechanical products. This list includes large retail chain stores, department stores, a major coffee shop retailer and government agencies. 

Electrical Mechanical Products with Certification

Timeliness, quality and safety are typically the top concerns when selecting a partner to manufacturer your electrical mechanical products. Extensive experience at Falconer Electronics, Inc delivers tremendous value to your project. Also, our team works diligently on functionality along with making safety a top priority. Another benefit teaming with Falconer Electronics is having your products listed with a certification body such as CSA, ETL or UL. Our knowledgeable staff handles the entire process of obtaining the proper certification for your new product or project.

For example, the team at FEI rallied together to pull off a time sensitive project in-time for the holiday season. A Fortune 500 retail chain needed to complete a electrical mechanical project in a manner of weeks. The design, prototype, ETL certification and final delivery was all complete on time for the busy Christmas season. Please read more here: https://falconerelectronics.com/2016/12/etl-certification-commercial-power-strips/

Electrical Mechanical Products from Falconer Electronics can be seen on a daily basis at several of the largest retailers in North America. Electrical mechanical products and assemblies include items such as power Audio Visual distribution panels for retail fixtures and displays. It was also our honor and privilege to power wall outlet strips for the Pentagon.


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