Printed Circuit Board Safety at Falconer Electronics


Printed Circuit Board Safety

Printed Circuit Board Safety has been a serious concern in our industry. Especially, with the vast growth and development over the years.

There are many safety issues when assembling and producing printed circuit boards.

In previous posts on safety, we addressed OSHA

We’ve also discussed, the safety steps of wire harness assemblies and commercial outlet strips.

However, this post will address printed circuit board safety.

SHARP Program

Safety at Falconer Electronics is our top priority.

Therefore, we have a commitment to participating in the SHARP program.

However, it can be extremely challenging to keep up with every new safety regulation. Especially, for a small manufacturer.

Therefore, Falconer Electronics has taken a proactive stand. 

We are doing everything to keep up with all new safety regulations.

The team at Falconer Electronics works closely with the consulting firm Safety Compliance, Inc on OSHA compliance and workplace safety.

Printed Circuit Board Safety, Printed Circuit Board Safety at Falconer Electronics

Soldering printed circuit boards requires a special skill set.

However, our soldering team has a combined experience that exceeds 100 years!

They are an impressive group. One that produces high-quality circuit boards.

Also, SHARP has been very helpful with our soldering process.

Due to SHARP’s involvement, we have implemented an extensive ventilation system. This system is used to dispose of fumes. These fumes are caused by the high heat of the metal.

Another safety precaution we take, is that of safety glasses. Safety glasses are required on the floor of our factory.

This is due to, the possibility of wire shavings or other material causing eye damage.

There have been situations where people have been clipping wire ends or leads and have had the piece fly off through the air.

Even, our circuit board pick and place machine offers safety features. These features are extremely beneficial. Especially since, this machine places 3000 parts per hour.

Some of the features include:

  • A safety lid and
  • Also, a safety switch

Printed Circuit Board Safety Tips

Below is a number of safety precautions we take when assembling printed circuit board:

  1. Wearing safety glasses – Protective eye wear is essential (and mandatory)!
  2. Handle solder diligently as well as with care
  3. Clutter free workstations
  4. Appropriate temperatures
  5. Utilize the ventilation system
  6. Acceptable lighting
  7. Do not put cookies or food through reflow oven (just checking if you are reading this)
  8. Always use proper tools
  9. Check all connections
  10. Testing
  11. Along with proper cleanup

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Wrapping It Up

Lastly, Thank you for taking the time to read this post.

Finally, to learn about Wire Harness Assemblies, please click below:


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